There is no disease in the world, just bruises and blockages!

The human body is like a city. There are countless criss-cross roads to maintain traffic; if there is a critical road blocked, the traffic throughout the city will be affected. “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” has such a sentence “Hundreds of diseases stem from meridian blockage”. ① Blocked in the heart-called a stem ② Blocked in capillaries-called a tumor ③ Blocked in the uterus-called a fibroids ④ Blocked in the breast-called hyperplasia ⑤ Blocked in the thyroid-called a nodule ⑥ Blocked in the face- Called acne ⑦ plugged in the leg-called varicose ⑧ plugged in the neck-called cervical spondylosis. Chinese medicine says “one pass, one pass, one stop”. If the meridian has many air nodes blocked, it will be Dissolve the Qi nodes of the meridians, evacuate them and discharge them from the body. (Zhai Guanchao said health) [The following are the functions, dredging methods, and main points of the body’s meridians] 1. Tap the gallbladder and gallbladder to start from the midpoint of the hips, slide straight down the thighs, and end to the bottom of the ankles. When the secretion of bile is insufficient, the body cannot effectively decompose the fat in the food, and the hair will appear oily. Therefore, it is recommended to beat the gallbladder meridian slightly every day, 200 times to the left and right, to increase the speed of bile secretion, and make the hair healthy and black. In addition, knocking on the gallbladder can also help the thighs expel fat accumulated on the outside. 2. Beat the bladder meridian. The bladder meridian begins at the top Baihui point, extends to the back, buttocks, and stops at the heel. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the real position of the bladder meridian starts from the waist, so it is enough to just hit the lower body. Regularly tapping the bladder meridian can improve the quality of blood supply to the brain, stimulate the activity of brain nerve cells, and improve your memory! 15 to 17 pm is the running time of the bladder meridian. At that time, tapping can effectively reduce “noon fatigue” and let you The energy is extraordinarily energetic! 3. Beat the stomach meridian, starting from under the collarbone, running through the breasts, across the abdomen, to the front of the legs, and ending between the fourth toes. Facial blood supply mainly depends on the stomach meridian. The gloss of the face and the elasticity of the skin are all related to the blood supply of the stomach meridian. If your face suddenly wrinkles after you wake up, it is because your stomach is weakened by qi and blood. However, the best time for beating is before 9 a.m. If you keep on beating like this, you will find that your face will be white and rosy, even if you stay up late will not look very haggard. 4. Tap the large intestine meridian. The large intestine meridian starts from the Yingxiang point beside the nose, through the neck, through the arm, and stops at the tip of the index finger. Regularly tapping the large intestine can clear the intestines and moisten the stomach, smooth your metabolism, and have a strong detoxification effect, making your skin smooth and fresh! The action time of the large intestine meridian is from 5 to 7 in the morning. It is recommended that you tap the large intestine meridian before breakfast to help the body metabolize the toxins that are deposited in the body at night! Acupuncture point, between ring finger. San Jiao Jing in TCM meridian health is the chief commander of human health function. It can make various organs cooperate smoothly with the same pace. Some Chinese medical experts also equate it to the lymphatic system, which shows that its role is not ordinary. Beating the Sanjiao Jing regularly can improve the body’s immunity and keep you from getting sick again! The running time of the Sanjiao Jing is from 21:00 to 23:00. It is recommended that you drink as little water as possible before hitting. Too much water deposits in the body will make you feel swollen eyelids the next morning! 6. Tap the pericardium to teach Tianchi acupressure from the outside of your nipple with finger length. The end of the middle finger is the pericardium. In fact, the pericardium is a thin film outside the heart. When the outside world invades, the pericardium has a certain role. Beating the pericardium meridian often, in addition to improving heart function and making your breathing and blood flow more powerful, also has a certain fat-reducing effect. 19 to 21 pm is the running time of the pericardial meridian. If you beat the pericardial meridian after dinner, the cholesterol accumulated in the blood can be smoothly discharged from the body and the metabolism of food fat in the body can be accelerated. Even if you eat a lot, don’t worry Get fat! 7. Beat the heart meridian. The heart meridian begins at the armpit, ends at the tip of the little finger, and runs through the inside of the upper arm. Chinese medicine believes that the Heart Sutra can reveal the most accurate health indicators of the human body, and it is an indispensable health self-test method. The specific method is very simple: first stretch your hand forward, 15 seconds later, put it down at an angle of 45°, and after 10 seconds, raise your arm vertically. If your blood drains quickly and the veins disappear, it means that your indicators are normal and you don’t have to worry about your health. If the veins disappear slowly, it means that you are fatigued and need urgent decompression. It is recommended that you take the opportunity to sleep beautifully! 8. Beat the small intestine Start through the small intestine through the Qingming point half an inch inside the corner of the eye

What is the adjustment of the large intestine meridian? Pediatric massage does not ask for help-adjust the large intestine

The position of the large intestine meridian in children: the position of the large intestine meridian is located on the radial edge of the index finger, from the tip of the index finger to the tiger’s mouth, in a straight line. Specific operation method: the massager holds the left hand of the child with the left hand, puts the palm side, you can use the right index finger, middle finger two fingers to hold the child’s thumb, and then use the radial side of the thumb to push straight from the fingertip to the tiger’s mouth to make up. In order to make up the large intestine; on the contrary, it is called clearing the large intestine. If it is pushed back and forth, it is called clearing the large intestine. & nbsp. The main indications: the large intestine can be used to stop diarrhea, astringent intestinal solid prolapse, attending deficiency cold diarrhea, dysentery, prolapse and so on. Clearing the large intestine can clear the heat, dampness, stasis, and hepatic gallbladder. It is mainly used to treat the intestinal tract with dampness, heat, abdominal pain, red and white dysentery, and constipation. For more medical science knowledge, please focus on leaving a message! Continuously updated daily!