Is bone marrow nutritional value high? How harmful is the mouthwatering new delicacy?

I don’t know when it started, the barbecue industry quietly emerged a unique delicacy-roasted bone marrow, with tin foil under the bread, sprinkled with various seasonings, the bone marrow is sizzling and the aroma is overflowing, I believe every one No one at the table can resist such a delicious taste. The dense taste melts in the mouth, and the aftertaste still has a light aroma. A silky mouthful and endless aftertaste. But when I think back to the bone marrow that I ate before, it seems to be very different from now. At that time, pork bones were stewed in a big pot and boiled for a few hours. The courtyard was fragrant. The bones and meat were loosened, and the bone marrow was loose. Shrinking it into one, at this time serving a bowl of bone broth, is the double satisfaction of spirit and taste buds. But why is the bone marrow now different from the previous one? The most popular barbecue stalls on the market now use beef leg bones. We all know that the price of beef is not cheap, and beef leg bones are scarce. Each barbecue restaurant sells at least dozens of beef leg bones a night. , Then where did such a large amount of beef leg bones come from? As we said earlier, the taste of bone marrow is different from before. This is the crux of the problem. Because bovine bones are scarce in quantity and expensive, many bovine bone marrows on the market are mostly artificial, and bovine bones are generally reused.” “Old play bone”, and the bone marrow inside is something called bone marrow cream, which is usually imitated with butter, blending agent and built-in tofu. That is to say, we spend a high price, but what we buy is actually just one The root of fake bone marrow is really paying IQ tax! In spite of the hype of the business promotion, we still need to study the nutritional value of bone marrow. Needless to say, the bone marrow outside is not nutritious except for the fat and additives in the stomach. Then the bone marrow nutrition from normal cooking at home How high is the value? In fact, bone marrow is divided into two types, namely red bone marrow and white bone marrow. Red bone marrow has hematopoietic function in the living body, so in theory, eating red bone marrow can supplement iron. But red bone marrow is not easy to eat, because they are hidden in the flat bone and long bone marrow. What we often eat should be white bone marrow, only fat can be consumed, and the cholesterol content is very high, so it is better to eat less! There are rumors on the Internet that big bone soup is nutritious and contains calcium to strengthen bones and muscles. However, science shows that this rumor is actually not reliable, because the calcium in bone soup does exist, but it is not easily absorbed by the body. It is more fat. These things will not only increase the resistance, but also cause a burden on the body. Especially people with three highs should stay away from the big bone soup!