Drinking water is also poisoned?

Drinking too much water will be “poisoned”? In fact, the Shenzhen eldest sister drank the equivalent of six bottles of Nongfu Spring’s water at one time in order to do a B ultrasound, which caused the water poisoning. Drinking a lot of water in a short period of time makes the kidneys too late to drain the excess water out of the body, resulting in water retention in the body, leading to blood dilution, decreased plasma osmotic pressure and increased circulating blood volume, causing damage to human tissues and organs. This is water intoxication. The most vulnerable organ in the human body is the brain. Plasma has a low osmotic pressure and water enters the brain cells to cause brain edema. People will experience symptoms such as drowsiness, irritability, blurred vision, muscle twitching, seizures and even coma. Nurse Liang Xiaoxia, a Guangxi anti-epidemic hero, suddenly fell into a coma on the front line of the epidemic. Many medical experts suspected that it was caused by water poisoning caused by drinking a lot of water after sweating. Water poisoning seems to be very serious, but we don’t have to worry about it. Under normal circumstances, adult drinking water is far from causing water intoxication. There are two situations to pay attention to. One is that you should not drink a lot of fresh water suddenly after a lot of sweating under exercise or high temperature. The other is that infants who are exclusively breastfed do not need additional water under normal circumstances, while the eight glasses of water for kindergarten children cannot Too big.

Do you know you can drink tea for gout

The alkali in tea helps the excretion of blood uric acid and increases the water in the body. Drinking properly is good for gout. However, it is best for gout patients to drink light tea, because gout patients need a lot of water, light tea is conducive to more uric acid excretion.   Since you like to drink tea, try the western method of using apple cider vinegar and honey to soak in water to treat gout. Because the acidic components of apple cider vinegar are capable of sterilization and detoxification, it is rich in vitamins to enhance resistance and help treat gout. The method is to add apple cider vinegar to water after a meal and add a small spoonful of honey.   Need to pay attention to in life:    1. Drink plenty of water, keep 1500-3000 ml a day, drink a small amount several times to help excrete uric acid.   2. Alcohol is forbidden. Alcohol is easy to accumulate lactic acid in the body, inhibits the excretion of uric acid, and easily induces gout. Strictly abstain from alcohol, beer and seafood are absolutely forbidden. Beer itself contains alcohol, which will affect the excretion of uric acid. In addition, during the oxidation of alcohol, some substances will be produced to increase uric acid. Seafood contains purines and protein. A large intake of protein will make our body in a slightly acidic environment, which will promote the formation of uric acid crystals. In addition, if a large amount of seafood is consumed in a short-term, a large amount of purine will increase uric acid sharply. Although our dietary factors only account for 10% to 20% of uric acid, eating a large amount of seafood in a short period of time leads to a sharp increase in uric acid, and then drinking alcohol affects excretion.   3. Avoid eating a lot of high-purine foods, such as peanuts, beef, pork, seafood, such as animal offal, sardines, tuna, beans and fermented foods. Fish and shrimps, fresh meat, peas, spinach, wine, etc.! Avoid stewed or braised pork.  4. The amount of protein in the daily diet should be controlled at about 1 gram per kilogram of body weight. Animal internal organs, heart, liver, intestine, kidney, brain and broth, as well as sardines, shrimp, shellfish and other seafood should be eaten less. The main protein is milk and eggs.   5. There is no limit on vegetables, fruits, milk in the diet, and less salt should be limited to 2 grams to 5 grams per day.   6. In the daily diet, carbohydrates are the mainstay. Carbohydrates can promote the excretion of uric acid. You can choose white rice, rich flour, corn, steamed bread, noodles, etc.  7. Avoid overwork, tension, cold, joint damage and other predisposing factors.   8. Drugs that inhibit the excretion of uric acid should not be used.   9. Eat less fat, because fat can reduce uric acid excretion.  10. Drug therapy can lower blood uric acid levels, reduce acute attacks of gout, prevent the formation of tophi, and reduce kidney damage. The drug is usually given 25-100mg of benzbromarone (Lijialixian) once a day, and sometimes a small dose of allopurinol is also used in combination. At present, clinically, secondary patients are mostly treated with allopurinol, and primary patients can be treated with benzbromarone, while drinking a lot of water and oral sodium bicarbonate.

What happens to people who have a pound of liquor a day when they are young? This article analyzes the facts for you

One catty of liquor a day, this amount and frequency is indeed very high, it is definitely a case of excessive drinking. What happens to people who drink this way when they are young, after they turn 60? A prerequisite that should be clear is: such a person must first live to 60 years old. Although this is not good, I believe that many people have such examples around them. When they were young, they were in good health and had a lot of alcohol. They must drink every time they drink, and every time they drink, they must be drunk. At the age of ten or even younger, we died early because of serious illness problems. While sorrowing the wrist, we cannot ignore the fact that long-term heavy drinking is good for our health. The great harm caused by Li Yaoshi has such an example. A distant relative who loves to drink and drink alcohol on many occasions. He has been drinking since he was young. Generally, he must be drunk when he is in his forties. Liver cirrhosis eventually passed away in less than 50 years. If you didn’t control yourself, you would eventually become alcohol dependent. If you didn’t drink it, it would not work. What a pity and pity it would eventually affect your health and life span. Of course, there may also be such a situation. When I was young, I had a pound of liquor a day. When I was over 60 years old, my body was still relatively healthy. If you want to have such a situation, on the one hand, you have very good physical fitness and can tolerate alcohol well. , Alcohol has little effect on the health of such people. On the other hand, it is necessary to control drinking with age. For example, when you are young, you should drink a pound of liquor a day. With age, you will gradually drink more and more. The less, even because of certain health problems in the body, the bad habit of drinking is quit in time, so that people who correct this long-term heavy drinking practice as soon as possible may still live healthy and longevity, but if one day A pound of liquor persists until the age of 60. There may be very few exceptions, but it is usually impossible to maintain good health. Long-term heavy drinking is never advisable! People often talk about the health hazards of drinking, and what we should emphasize is the health hazards caused by long-term excessive drinking. Long-term excessive alcohol intake will affect the health of all aspects of the body, including the directly stimulated gastrointestinal tract, the liver where alcohol is metabolized, the brain where alcohol circulates into the blood, and the cardiovascular system, nervous system and other body organs. , Will be affected by long-term heavy alcohol intake. Long-term heavy drinking, in addition to direct irritation or damage to certain organs, the health hazards of long-term heavy drinking are also reflected in the effect of alcohol on the body’s nutrient absorption. Long-term alcohol intake will affect the body’s many nutrients For example, the most common folic acid, vitamin B12, and other vitamins, minerals and other nutrients may not be fully absorbed or utilized due to long-term alcohol abuse. The body lacks all necessary nutrients. What about good health? Can it be better? The risks of major diseases caused by long-term heavy drinking mainly include 4 kinds. One is the problem of liver health. From alcoholic fatty liver, drinking to alcoholic cirrhosis, and eventually leading to severe damage to liver function, and even life-threatening, they are closely related to long-term heavy drinking; in addition to liver health, Long-term heavy drinking is also an important risk factor for atherosclerosis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health problems, and major diseases such as myocardial infarction and hemorrhagic stroke. Heavy drinking is not only a risk factor, but sometimes also an incentive; the third point is worth noting The harm is that long-term heavy drinking will affect brain health and increase the risk of cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease. As a carcinogen, long-term heavy drinking will increase the risk of cancer, which cannot be ignored. , Gastric cancer, liver cancer, esophageal cancer, colon cancer and many other cancer problems are closely related to long-term alcohol abuse. One catty of liquor a day when young. In addition to directly affecting health, the harm of this drinking method is that it will gradually accumulate alcohol in the body, causing chronic alcoholism and becoming mentally dependent on alcohol. If you don’t drink it, you can drink more. The more you drink and the more you drink, the greater the impact on your health. After such a vicious circle is formed, even if you want to stop drinking, it becomes very difficult. Overcoming addiction without strong will and It is difficult to make firm determination. Therefore, even if you are young, even if you drink a lot, you will not get drunk if you drink 2 catties. It is not recommended

3 plates of cucumber and peanuts, 3 people drink 117 bottles of beer! Beware of 3 diseases when drinking

When I woke up early in the morning, I was attracted by a hot list news: It happened in our Da Jinan, Shandong. The checkout of a restaurant showed that it was printed at 13:00 on July 23, 2020. The bill showed that the number of people dining was 3 , The consumption content is 3 portions of cucumber, 3 portions of peanuts, and 117 bottles of beer, 39 bottles per capita…just drink 1404 yuan. To talk about saving money, 3 people ate 1,480 yuan, which really cost a lot. To talk about spending more money, these 3 people just drank and ordered 3 dishes of cucumbers and 3 dishes of peanuts. No wonder netizens couldn’t help but ridicule as soon as this news came out: As long as someone gets up to check out, they won’t drink so much. The joke is a joke, and the ridicule is a ridicule, but such a drink is also worth noting for its health hazards. At the same time of booze, you must also take care of your health. If an overdose causes physical health problems, it cannot be solved by a thousand dollars. When discussing the problem of drinking and hurting the body, Li Yaoshi never likes to kill with one pole. He thinks that alcohol must not be drunk. Friends gather together and have a few drinks to relieve stress, open your mind, and increase feelings. Sometimes this glass of things can help. It is not a small effect. If the body can bear it, drink moderately and in moderation. It is best to be happy and try not to harm your health. Although this drinking method is not recommended, it is at least more Good way of drinking. When discussing the topic of drinking, one point of view must also be clear, that is, excessive drinking in a large amount will definitely harm your health. The drinking method of these friends in the news is really undesirable. While admiring the alcohol of these three friends, I personally disagree with such a rapid and massive drinking. 39 bottles per capita. Although it is beer, the alcohol content is 3° to calculate. 39 bottles of beer are calculated as 500ml (it is said to drink It’s Qingdao Chunsheng), and the amount of pure alcohol consumed by each person is more than 1 catty. Drinking a large amount of alcohol quickly may cause various acute attacks. Try to talk about the three most common types. Acute illness. Acute gout attacks Many friends who love to drink beer have high uric acid problems. Of course, there is no inevitable connection between high uric acid and beer itself. High uric acid is a chronic metabolic disease that causes abnormal metabolism and excretion of uric acid in the body, which leads to an increase in the level of urate in the blood. The concentration of urate in the blood has exceeded the standard for many years. , Urate will precipitate crystals, these crystals form deposits in the joints, under the influence of certain inducements, it will cause acute gout problems. Drinking a lot of alcohol at one time is the primary predisposing factor for acute gout attacks. If like these 3 people, they drink a lot and drink quickly and quickly. A large amount of alcohol intake will promote the production of urate in the body and will competitively inhibit the excretion of uric acid. Beer also contains a certain amount of A large amount of purine will greatly increase the production of exogenous uric acid. Under the influence of these three aspects, if you are a person with high uric acid, drinking such “big wine” will induce acute gout, which is often inevitable. Stomach bleeding does not eat much food. Drinking only alcohol and excessive drinking are important factors leading to stomach bleeding. Drinking on an empty stomach, alcohol directly stimulates the gastric mucosa, and even beer with low alcohol content, drink a lot, plus the carbon dioxide bubbles in the beer can promote the penetration and absorption of alcohol. If it has gastric mucosal damage, especially Friends with gastrointestinal ulcers, under the impact of such a large amount of alcohol, if the body becomes intolerant and vomits severely after drinking, the risk of causing bleeding in the digestive tract will be great. Stomach bleeding does not necessarily result in vomiting blood, but usually symptoms of black stools and tarry stools. Some people also have symptoms of low-grade fever. At the same time, the body will suffer from palpitation, cold sweats, and blood pressure drop due to blood loss. In severe cases, treatment is not taken actively or even It is life-threatening and deserves special attention. Water intoxication and acute nephritis Drinking a lot of alcohol can cause water intoxication and acute nephritis? If it is this way of drinking in the news, it is really possible. 39 bottles of beer, not to mention the alcohol content inside, just say water, everyone also drank nearly 19.5 kg! Ordinary people who drink so much water in a short period of time are also easy to cause water intoxication. If a large amount of water is ingested in a short period of time and cannot be excreted in time, water will be retained in the body, which will affect the electrolyte balance in the body, resulting in The concentration of Na ions in the body decreases, which triggers various electrolyte imbalances

An insight into what foamy urine is all about

Foam urine is the inexplicable bubbles in urine. Many people equate foamy urine with proteinuria, and the result is white tension for a long time. Foamy urine of patients with kidney disease A large amount of proteinuria can show a large amount of foam in the urine of patients, often in different sizes. The foam in these urines cannot be washed by the toilet at a time. The foam can continue for more than 30 minutes if it is not continuously flushed. The cause of foamy urine is not directly caused by urine protein, but the protein in urine changes the structural composition of urine, causing the surface tension of the liquid to change, so a large amount of foam is generated. Therefore, a lot of protein urine can have many urine bubbles, but foam urine is not necessarily protein urine! Foam urine of normal people Normal people also have foam urine in the following cases, but this foam is small and can be quickly washed away by the toilet. 1. When the urine is concentrated (less drinking water, more sweating) 2. Urinary urination, force, when men stand to urinate (high position, instant foaming, generally the foam can disappear quickly after standing urine). 3. There are many sexual components in urine (such as male semen, prostate fluid, urethral mucus, female leucorrhea, menstruation, urethral mucus, etc.). 4. Healthy people after ingesting large amounts of protein, or staying up late, overworked, and degraded physical function. In a word: there is no need to panic when there is foam in the urine, but you need to check the urine to rule out accidents to prevent accidents.