Question: “It’s always a few minutes to finish with your boyfriend, is it normal?”

& nbsp. & nbsp. asked: “It’s always a few minutes to finish with your boyfriend, is this normal?” I believe many beautiful women have such doubts. The boyfriends of others are 20 minutes, and the small movie starts in half an hour. Why does my friend end in a few minutes? Do n’t panic! The key to this question is “How many minutes?” “Is it a foreplay?” Today, I will give you a “time” of science! Let’s first conclude: After scientific research, the best duration of popping is 13 minutes. Yes, you are wrong. & nbsp. The latest research from the University of Pennsylvania in the United States has shown that over 20 minutes will cause burnout, and less than 5 minutes will be too sloppy. In addition, a study of 500 couples participating in foreign countries showed that after 4,000 slaps, more than 50% of men did not slap for more than 6 minutes. Yes, you read it right! & Nbsp. 6 minutes can be said to represent the average length of men. That is to say: when a man exceeds 2 minutes, he has exceeded 6.1% of men. When a man exceeds 6 minutes, congratulations to more than 50% of men. If you ask: “What if it is less than two minutes at a time?” “Then … let’s go to the hospital first.”