Modu, a 28-year-old financial woman suddenly suffered from cancer, wrote this with a 10% conscious handwriting from physical examination to

Introduction: The author of this article has the same disease as Li Kaifu. To be honest, although it is regrettable that Li Kaifu got the disease, it is not surprising. After all, he is in his 50s and knows his destiny. But this girl is only 28 years old. After graduating from a financial institution in Shanghai, a good life has just begun, which is really unacceptable. &nbsp. The age of getting cancer is getting earlier and earlier. The post-90s are overdrawing like crazy, and the bad environment has buried a lot of hidden dangers. You know, you can find someone to replace you immediately when you are sick, but your family can’t. The road from Lujiazui to Zhongshan Hospital is actually not far away. She really didn’t want to mention pens to write about her own things, but these two days have been brushed to the junk chicken soup in the circle of friends, what “has it been difficult to carry life, relying on not being anxious, not afraid, shameless”, feeling that she encountered her life It’s really difficult to say, too unspecific and useless. So she wrote her story from the physical examination into a long text, and summed up the experience and mind map. &nbsp. If there are people in this country and this city who suffer from subtypes of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, have bone marrow invasion involving organs, and are accompanied by other immune deficiency diseases, when they encounter such life difficulties, There is a specific thing to read, don’t panic, don’t be afraid, then this guide will help people. &nbsp. The following is the text: Hello everyone, I am Brother Zhuzhu, and a patient with stage 4 follicular lymphoma undergoing chemotherapy with the Rchop regimen. While 10% of my hands are still conscious after chemotherapy, I can still hold up the code while I have a fever. I claim to be a hard-core knowledgeable girl. I want to consider the past half month’s experience and every step of my life. 1. The plan is recorded, even if my reader is just someone who just needs it. I divided my plans and implementation plans prepared for the two weeks of illness and treatment into four parts in the form of mind maps, hoping to become a complete and operable guide. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&bb&nbsp.&nbsp.&bb Diagnosed in mid-to-late September, the company organized a physical examination. I just talk too much, go chat with the medical doctor, the doctor touched my thyroid nodules, and then told me my lymph nodes were swollen, let me go to check the lymph nodes. &nbsp. I laughed and said, “How is it possible that I have already hung up on something wrong?” At this time, my initial impression of the disease of the lymphatic system is “Get Out of Cancer” and Li Kaifu. &nbsp. The doctor said very seriously, “I have a friend whose lymph nodes are swollen like you, and then found out that it is a subtype of lymphoma that develops slowly.” So he arranged for me to go to the clinic and open another examination. &nbsp. For more than half a month later, I took the time to work out and took out enhanced CT and lymph node biopsy. &nbsp. Then on the evening of October 17, I received the pathological results that the doctor helped me to see in advance: &nbsp. “Follicular lymphoma grade 2”. &nbsp. I was still on a business trip in Wenzhou at that time, sitting in the corporate meeting room, next to my colleagues, and eating spicy pot-flavored cookies and chatting with people. Then the brain went blank and suddenly. &nbsp. After learning the basic common sense of the disease on the Internet, wipe your hands and walk to the toilet in the corridor, losing the sense of time, as if it had been floating for ten minutes. &nbsp. Finished, all, ignorant, forced. &nbsp. Am I the heroine of Korean drama? What? Really? &nbsp. Because it’s too dumb, I don’t know who to talk to and whether to cry, go back to the meeting room to collect things, and go back to the hotel with colleagues. &nbsp. During the period, WeChat informed the line leaders that there may be changes in work arrangements and informed her husband of the preliminary results. Back at the hotel room at 6:30, Khan sweated out, and he was top-heavy. &nbsp. Didn’t go to dinner with my colleagues. Dianping commented on the hot pot near the hotel.