Winter disease and summer treatment ≠ acupoint application (below)

Sixth, why not eat soup with ointment? The ointment is not the same as the ordinary prescription. The ointment prescription is more complete in compatibility, and has the effects of strengthening the body, eliminating evil and nourishing and conditioning. It is especially suitable for patients with complex conditions. Lao Lin, look at the prescriptions of Chinese medicine I gave you. They are mostly dozens of medicines, but no more than twenty. An ointment must be prescribed from 35 to 40 flavors, sometimes more than 40 flavors, and can cure both the symptoms and the symptoms of many diseases and help the body to fully regulate it. When is the seventh best? The best time to eat cream in summer is from 30 to 40 days from the beginning of the head to the end of three volts. Lao Lin, this year is 40 days, you should pay attention to it yourself. The reason is three days, which is the hottest period of the year, when the yang is the most prosperous. At this time, on the one hand, the natural yang is strong, according to the corresponding principles of heaven and man, with the help of a certain drug strength, the body’s yang can be strengthened and the disease resistance can be enhanced; on the other hand, the human skin is vented, cold and wet , Phlegm and other evil gases hidden in the body have a tendency to go outside. At this time, it is necessary to seize the opportunity to expel these diseases with the help of some drugs and cut off the future. The eighth precautions during taking ointment Lao Lin, you know this. During taking ointment, prohibit strong tea and radish, raw cold food, eat less spicy, greasy food, in order to facilitate the absorption of ointment. In addition, in case of colds, fever, or diarrhea, the ointment should be suspended. The ointment should be taken from half a spoon and gradually increased.

Winter disease summer treatment ≠ acupoint application

Conversation with an old patient about winter disease and Xiazhi acupoint application of summer cream. Today, a patient with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pulmonary heart disease, respiratory failure, and cardiac insufficiency – Lao Lin came to my clinic again, “Zhang Doctor, help me prepare another summer cream.”, I asked him: “Lao Lin, how is it in the last 2 years?”, Answer: My old asthma, how many years I have to be hospitalized at least once every winter in the past two years, Under your guidance, I insist on breathing exercises, uninterrupted inhalation therapy, and the use of summer and winter creams, no major attacks, no hospitalization, and life is basically self-care. I walked up your stairs today, and I didn’t take a break in the middle, but if you are on the third floor, I will be a little breathless and may take a break before I can walk up. Today I am here, Dr. Zhang. Recently, there has been a lot of publicity about winter disease and summer treatment-acupoint application. I would like to ask, is it suitable for acupoint application like this? In addition, you help me to prepare another cream. I answered: Lao Lin, you listen to me carefully, there are several questions in this. The first is what is winter disease. Winter disease refers to a disease that can occur in winter or be easily exacerbated. The most common are joint pain, stomach pain, and old asthma like you. In addition, in winter, they are particularly afraid of cold, colds, colds, frostbite, and some disease symptoms are aggravated. The reason is yang deficiency, which also belongs to “winter disease”. Second, what is Xia Zhi? According to the theory of “spring and summer Yang Yang” in traditional Chinese medicine, in summer, especially in the three days, the temperature rises, the body’s yang rises, the meridians are accessible, and the blood is full. “Xiazhi” is to use this favorable opportunity to dialectically treat these “winter diseases” when they are alleviated, to take some prescription medicines internally and externally, to expel the wind and dispel the cold to the greatest extent, to eliminate the body’s constriction, to adjust The balance of the body’s yin and yang prevents the recurrence of old diseases or relieves symptoms in winter, and reserves yang for autumn and winter, which makes it full of body yang and is not easy to be injured by the severe cold during the winter solstice. The third suitable crowd is mainly cold and wet constitution or yang deficiency constitution. Lao Lin, like you, although there are more incidences in winter, but according to TCM syndrome analysis, according to your dry mouth and dry urine, the urine is too little, a little yellow, red tongue, white fur, yellow roots, fine pulse string, poor appetite, with Fear of wind, fatigue, and nocturnal urine. It belongs to both lung, spleen, qi, yin and yin deficiency, kidney is not satisfied, phlegm and stasis, so you are not suitable for acupoint application. The best way to cure you from winter diseases and summer is the summer seasoning cream that I helped you open in recent years.

Why is it okay for someone to drink every day, and someone died early after drinking! The true story gives the answer

I have met many people who drink alcohol everyday. I have two friends who drink alcohol all the year round, and their experiences are worth sharing with you. Three drinks a day, heart beat 250 times, passed away early Lao Lin, 54 years old, from Fujian, do tea business here, drink alcohol as life, the first thing to get up early every day is to drink alcohol, three meals a day must not drink alcohol, On average, drink at least 1.5 kg to 2 kg a day. I told him more than once, do n’t drink so much, something will happen; but he said: “Drinking for a lifetime, I ca n’t stop it, so be it!” One weekend night, I was on duty and the emergency department called to say my heart rhythm The abnormal consultation, ran to see Lao Lin lying on the monitoring bed, the emergency doctor has shocked Lao Lin twice. Lao Lin’s sudden syncope, the family sent to the hospital, as soon as an electrocardiogram showed rapid arrhythmia, ventricular tachycardia, tip torsion ventricular tachycardia, heart rate of more than 250 times, syncope twice after admission, the doctor has defibrillated twice. After the rescue medication was given intravenously, the patient still had repeated ventricular tachycardia and had to defibrillate repeatedly, defibrillating more than 20 times before and after. Later, after treatment with potassium and magnesium supplements and anti-arrhythmia, the rescue was stable for more than 3 hours. Drink alcohol during hospitalization, otherwise, you will be crazy if you do n’t drink; at the end of the discharge, we still advise him to quit drinking, but this is also in vain. Within a few months, Lao Lin was fainting again and was sent to the hospital. The heart had stopped beating. Lao Lin was gone and could not drink any more. It is precisely because of the long-term alcoholism of Lao Lin that such a serious arrhythmia eventually leads to death. Drinking a lot of alcohol will not only cause this kind of malignant arrhythmia, but also increase the degree of atherosclerosis, aggravate hypertension, increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, increase the risk of myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, sudden death and so on. No food, no alcohol, drink alcohol and drink liver cirrhosis, liver cancer Lao Wu, 49 years old, is an old sick son, because his dad is a veteran, older, poor health, long-term hospitalization, old Lao will not Go to work, accompany the old father all year round. Later, it was discovered that Wu Lao’s ward had been drinking alcohol for a long time, only to realize that old Wu loved drinking and had an alcohol addiction, let alone a day without alcohol, no meal without alcohol. On a round of warding, I found out that his palms are red and he has liver palms. I said you should drink less alcohol and see what the liver is like. Old Wu asked me how he knew his liver was not good, and I said how good hepatic palm liver can be. Sooner or later, hepatic cirrhosis. In less than a year, Wu Lao had not left yet. His son, Lao Wu, had gone first because of liver cancer. Alcoholic cirrhosis is caused by long-term heavy drinking. It is the final stage of alcoholic liver. The occurrence of alcoholic cirrhosis is related to the drinking style, sex, genetic factors, nutritional status of the drinker and whether he has hepatitis virus infection. A large amount of drinking is more harmful than a small amount of drinking, and daily drinking is more harmful than intermittent drinking. Women who drink alcohol are more likely to develop alcoholic liver disease than men. Cirrhosis is easy to become cancerous, leading to death. Big data for drinking: the world’s top magazine “The Lancet”, which included research on a sample of nearly 600,000 people. The hazards of long-term drinking are as follows: lead to a marked increase in the incidence of stroke; lead to a significant increase in the incidence of heart failure; lead to a significant increase in the risk of coronary heart disease; lead to a significant increase in liver cancer; cause a significant increase in the risk of gastrointestinal ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding. The survey shows that of the more than 32 million people who die globally for various reasons each year, drinking directly causes 2.8 million deaths, which is the seventh leading cause of death! “Lancet” has an article in 2019, selected 28 million people, a detailed analysis of the drinker’s gender, age, drinking volume, drinking frequency and other factors, so as to thoroughly define the health hazards of alcohol. The final conclusion is: there is no so-called moderate drinking is good for health, that is, how much alcohol is harmful! Why is it alright to drink every day? 1. Everyone’s metabolism and tolerance of alcohol are different, that is to say, the amount of alcohol is different. Some people are drunk after drinking one or two, while others are not drunk after drinking one pound. But not being drunk does not mean that there is no harm. Being drunk is more harmful. Drinking alcohol every day, especially those who drink alcohol, does not have a good health. If there is, it is also a character in a martial arts novel; but Gu Long, the author of a martial arts novel, is drunk with alcohol. After the doctor told him to quit drinking, he died after drinking three days, 47 years old. 2. We prefer small sample events that we think are correct, that is, it is easier to remember who has lived for 90 years, and forget those who died after drinking. I remember Shi Shengjie and Zang who died of drinking last year

In the summer, the air conditioner is blown, and the gout strikes again. How can I safely blow the air conditioner?

There was an old patient, Lao Lin, who came to my outpatient clinic regularly and insisted on taking medicine. Gout has been well controlled and hasn’t happened in months. One day on the Internet, Lao Lin was suddenly awakened by a sudden pain in his foot. Don’t even think about it, it was gout, and he came to the clinic again. But what puzzled Lao Lin was: “I didn’t drink alcohol and eat seafood, and the meat hardly touched. Why did it still happen?” I only knew when I asked, it turns out that because of the recent hot weather, I sleep in an air-conditioned room with a low temperature every day , The joints were cold all at once, causing gout attacks. Many people think that gout can be controlled as long as the uric acid is normal, but it is not. We usually test uric acid, the normal value is 420umol / l, but this value has a condition, that is, at 37 degrees Celsius. If the temperature drops, 420umol / l may not be needed, and only 360-380umol / l concentration of uric acid is needed to produce urate precipitation. In addition, our body temperature is generally 37 degrees Celsius, and our joints are at a distance from our body, usually the body temperature is lower than the body. If you get too cold at this time, it will cause urate to precipitate in a relatively low concentration, resulting in gout attacks. But sometimes the weather is too hot, it can’t be blown, then how to blow the air conditioner correctly? 1 Joint must be well protected Many people are feeling: my summer life is given by air conditioning! Summer air-conditioning is really cool, but “air conditioning” is the culprit of the recurrence of gout in a friend suffering from gout arthritis. The cold air discharged from the air conditioner invades the joints. After the joints are cold, urate crystals are easily deposited on the joints, inducing gout. If you must stay in an air-conditioned room, you should focus on the warmth of each joint, such as wearing long trousers and socks. In addition, to protect the joints, physical exercise is indispensable (avoid strenuous exercise), because the joint itself is a part with active function. If it is not active for a long time, it will degrade the joint function. 2 The temperature of the air conditioner should not be too low. The temperature difference between the room temperature of the air conditioner and the outdoor natural temperature should not exceed 5 ° C, generally it should be kept above 26 ° C. It is best to ventilate in an outdoor corridor such as an outdoor corridor every hour. 20 to 30 minutes before going out from the air-conditioned room, it is best to turn off the air conditioner for a while, and do not directly enter the high-temperature environment from the low-temperature environment. Just return to the room from a high temperature environment, you can take a warm bath or wipe your body, which can play a role in cooling the buffer. At this time, drink another cup of cold water and wait 20 to 30 minutes before turning on the air conditioner, which can avoid the sudden drop of body temperature. Morning and evening when the temperature is low, try not to blow air conditioning as much as possible! 3 Do not blow directly into the air conditioning cold wind will stimulate the contraction of blood vessels at the joints, uric acid concentration rises instantly, uric acid in the blood precipitates urate crystals, deposits at the joints, and induces gout. Especially for gout friends who are drunk, the probability of direct air conditioning gout attack is quite high! In addition, the true direction of the tuyere is also very important. Few people notice that cold air is going down, but hot air is the opposite. When cooling: it is best to turn the air conditioning air upwards to allow cold air to circulate from top to bottom. When heating: let the air conditioner wind down, you can make full use of the physical characteristics of cold and hot air, natural communication. 5 Drink plenty of water is important to stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time, relatively dry, easy to lack of water, etc … And drinking more water can not only relieve thirst, but also promote urate excretion, which is helpful to reduce gout symptoms.