Obstetricians call: “Sit” the wrong month will be deadly! Every expectant mother should master the scientific method

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and it will usher in dog days. This weather is not only difficult for ordinary people, but also a big test for the expectant mother who is about to give birth! Why do you say this way? Because we Chinese have a custom that hasn’t changed for thousands of years: When confinement is mentioned, every “coming person” has a deep experience, and such orders are enforced during confinement: no bathing, no brushing, no opening Window ventilation, no slippers, no salt, no vegetables and fruits… This is the care of the mother, it is torture! If you don’t believe it, try it: &nbsp. It’s more than 30 degrees in the room, no windows, no scrubbing, and thick clothes! If you don’t wash your hair, brush your teeth or eat fruits and vegetables for a month, the most incomprehensible thing is that you can’t put salt in the soup! Why is there so much attention? If you ask these “coming people”, they will say: No reason why, this is the old reason! My mother and my grandma told me, you have to listen, otherwise you will fall into “confinement disease”! These customs have been circulating on the earth of China for thousands of years, and no one can tell its ins and outs! However, such stereotypes have ruined many young mothers! Take the example at hand: August 2010. A maternal in Weifang, because of confinement, the family refused to turn on the air-conditioning fan, puerperal heat stroke occurred, the rescue was invalid. July 2015. A maternity woman in Fengxian District, Shanghai, was asked not to open the window or air conditioner at home during confinement, but also to wear autumn clothes and trousers. He also suffered puerperal heat stroke and died without treatment. In July 2017, a post-90s mother in Zibo, Shandong, died of heat stroke because of “covering the confinement”. When the family sent her to the hospital, her body temperature was already above 40 degrees, and many organs on her body already had The painful cases of different degrees of damage told us: we can no longer blindly believe Lao Lier! Say “no” to stereotypes! It is now the 21st century, and scientific progress has made humans understand themselves at the molecular and genetic levels! We can’t hold the old ancestors of our ancestors! Why is it that the old people are stereotyped? That’s because the medical conditions were poor, the children were born at home, hemorrhage, tetanus…very common, this is a life-threatening killer for maternal, so there is an old saying: a woman gives birth to a child Step into the ghost gate! Having a baby is indeed an individual effort, and it will consume a lot of physical strength of the mother. After giving birth, the mother will feel that the body is very weak, and it is easy to give bad bacteria such as bacteria and viruses an opportunity! Plus, in order to expel excess water stored during pregnancy, moms will sweat a lot! People will naturally associate sweating and cold with postpartum infection and fever, and sweating often means that the mother is physically weak and cannot catch cold! Therefore, it is required that the parturient should cover her hands and not see the wind, which is derived from: no windows, air conditioners, cold water, etc. Because of the lack of emphasis on calcium supplementation during pregnancy, maternal women will have bone decalcification, loose teeth, back pain, and leg cramps after childbirth, resulting from: no brushing, no bathing, no slippers, Can’t eat cold vegetables and fruits. How is “confinement” scientific? In fact, it is very simple, it is the best comfort! How does the maternal feel comfortable? As mentioned earlier: 2 weeks after childbirth is a period of maternal sweating, during this period, you should wear loose and comfortable clothes and wipe away sweat at any time! Bathing after childbirth ✔&nbsp. You can take a shower and wash your hair after 24 hours of delivery, pay attention to taking a shower, avoid taking a bath, and prevent genital tract retrograde infection, and recommend drying your hair in time; You can rest assured to shower! ✔&nbsp. The room temperature should be kept at around 24~26 degrees, and windows should be opened every day for ventilation! When opening the window for ventilation in winter, you only need to avoid the cold wind blowing directly on the body. When using the air conditioner or fan in summer, you can blow the fan blades of the air conditioner and fan against the wall to increase the air flow, thereby reducing the temperature of the room. Postpartum diet ✔&nbsp. To be nutritionally balanced, increase the amount of fish, meat, eggs, and milk in moderate amounts to promote milk secretion; ✔&nbsp. Eat more vegetables and fruits in moderation, get out of bed as soon as possible, and prevent constipation; ✔&nbsp. The food tastes light during the period, do not eat greasy and spicy foods; especially noteworthy: the fruit is at room temperature, just wash