Secondary deformity of cleft lip|Luoyang Flower Season Girl: I finally dared to smile at you!

Patients with cleft lip had a functional repair in childhood. After growing up, various lip and nose deformities will appear. Affect patients’ love, work, and marriage. Bring a lot of trouble to the patient.  Like many cleft lip patients, Lan Lan said that her parents were afraid to take her to the street when she was born. Fortunately, I got government funding and underwent a cleft lip repair operation, so I can eat normally. As she got older, Lanlan developed lip and nose deformities. One nostril is large, the other is small, and the nostril is uneven. Scars in people. Whistling deformities of lips, etc. (Lan Lan’s mouth deformity at the first visit) (Lan Lan’s nose deformity at the first visit)    Whistle-like deformity, she can’t “laugh” when    Lan Lan is in school. Because of his crooked nose and scars on his mouth, he was often mocked and bullied by his classmates.   “Always tell myself, hold back your tears, you can’t cry. If you hide in a corner alone, you still can’t help but wipe your tears secretly.” Lan Lan said.   Because of the secondary deformity of the cleft lip, Lan Lan fell into depression and panic. She is always evasive when she sees people, and she is afraid of the strange gazes that acquaintances look at her. After graduating from junior high school, she began to work in Hebei, from the barber shop to the restaurant. She was tired and homesick. When she thought of saving money to repair her lips and nose, she would grit her teeth!    Later, Lan Lan had a boyfriend , The two get along very well. Occasionally, her boyfriend would say that she “dare not laugh”. Although it was not intentional, it made Lan Lan feel uncomfortable. (Lan Lan came to Henan Plastic Surgery Hospital for the first visit) Twice corrected, lips and nose are close to normal. In mid-October 2017, accompanied by her mother, Lan Lan came to Henan Plastic Surgery Hospital·Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and came to participate in “Bei Lei Angel “Public welfare assistance plan! Professor Zhang Zhengwen, a famous expert in our hospital, designed a refined repair plan for his lips and nose based on Lanlan’s deformity. In late October 2017, Lan Lan performed lip correction, first repairing lip deformities, including human/lip remodeling, lip red repair… (Lan Lan lip repair just after the stitches were removed)    Mid-November 2017, Lan Lan underwent nasal surgery to repair nasal deformities, including nostril correction and comprehensive nasal plastic surgery… (After Lan Lan’s nose repair was just removed) “Laughter” is the beginning of happiness. Recently, Lan Lan came to our hospital for review. Lan Lan smiled and said: “It feels good!” Seeing her face full of confidence, sunshine, smile and happiness, we are all happy for her!    Professor Zhang Zhengwen, who just got off the operating table, is working on four cleft lip After the initial diagnosis of the secondary deformity patient, he came to Lanlan. After carefully looking at Lan Lan’s recovery, she told her that the nose can be fine-tuned, which will be better!    Lan Lan, who has been very satisfied with the correction of her lips and nose, squinted happily when she heard Professor Zhang Zhengwen said that it could be better The eyes smiled and said: “Can it really be better?”…(Professor Zhang Zhengwen went back for Lan Lan’s consultation)    Lan Lan was lucky, and she was very successful in these two lip and nose corrections. The professor’s professionalism, rigor and precision, and the pursuit of perfection in plastic surgery have exceeded Lan Lan’s expected satisfaction! Now, she can happily say to her boyfriend: I finally dared to laugh at you! (Lanlan nasal recovery) (Lanlan lip recovery)    Beautiful, confident, and sunny image is the dream of every patient with secondary cleft lip deformity! Henan Plastic Surgery Hospital·Reconstructive Surgery, sincerely wish all cleft lip patients , Can have a happy and beautiful life!