My mop was taken back

I do n’t know who brought it back. It ’s possible that the landlord took it back, because the house next to me has moved away. I saw the landlord to tidy up the room. Then I saw two more brooms on the balcony. It looks very much like mine. But I think it’s better to put it in the corridor. I don’t want to hide the mop because I’m afraid people will take it away. But today I saw that my mop was gone … Today, when I was charging, I found out that the original method of scanning and charging could not be charged anymore, so I quickly asked the landlord why it could not be charged. He said that a part was broken. Now I can only put coins. After all, I do n’t have coins. He said he put the coins in a trunk next to the charging. Let me take it myself, and then transfer it to him … I think the landlord is indeed too risky to do this. After all, this is to assess a person’s integrity and numbers, but under such a large environment in China, take In this way, it is possible that someone took the coins without transferring the money to the landlord. Of course, I have to take the coins. If I take the coins, I’d better transfer the money to the landlord. Otherwise, it will give a bad impression to others. What’s the use of greed for these cheap things? But some people have a high income, but they like to take advantage of this small price, so poor!