Muscles and health

In the traditional Chinese health culture, Lajin is one of the ways people often exercise. It is believed that Lajin can clear the meridians, improve physical function, and promote health and longevity. The Taoist view is that “the tendons are one inch long, and they will last ten years. Tendons are common names for ligaments and tendons. They are attached to bones to contract muscles, move joints and fix them. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the strength of muscles originates from tendons, so “the strength of tendons is greater for those with long tendons.” As people get older and older, their bodies begin to become less flexible and weak, because the tendons lack exercise, have not stretched for a long time, and fail to maintain good stretch and elasticity. There was even severe contraction and symptoms such as bone dislocation. Therefore, Lajin training is the best exercise method to keep your body young. In modern society, people’s living conditions have improved. People usually go out by car, elevator, desk, etc. People seem to become lazy and there is less and less time to exercise. As a result, most people suffer from muscular contractions, and their physical problems are also increasing. The most direct effect of Lajin is to relieve pain, detoxify, and enhance kidney function. The correct method of stretching can make the blood flow in the body to achieve the purpose of healing and diagnosing the body. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the muscles and collaterals and the circulation of qi and blood complement each other. Frequent stretching of tendons, the internal organs will also follow. When the knee is painful and not straight during stretching, it must be a symptom of muscle contraction. The contraction first indicates that the body’s liver meridian is not smooth, because the liver governs the tendons, and the poor liver meridian can lead to poor spleen and stomach function, because the liver is wood , The spleen belongs to the soil, and the wood restrains the soil. Pain in the hip and popliteal area indicates that the bladder channel is blocked and there is a problem with the waist. The bladder and the kidney are the inner and outer parts of each other, and they share water. Anyone with a poor bladder will not have a smooth kidney meridian. Edema, obesity, frequent urination, and diabetes are all related to this. Frequent stretching can open up the governor channel and bladder meridian on the back. The Du Channel is the meeting of the yang and the channel of vitality. The passage of the Du Channel will strengthen the kidney function, and the kidney is the innate foundation, the source of human essence and energy, and the energy of the person depends on the strong kidney function. The bladder meridian is the body’s largest detoxification system and an important barrier against wind and cold. The bladder meridian is unobstructed, the wind and cold are difficult to invade, and toxins in the body can be discharged at any time, which can eliminate and alleviate symptoms such as obesity, constipation, acne, and stains. Lajin is ubiquitous in life, the key is whether you insist on it? Karma is good at diligence and playfulness, and one word “lazy” must be removed. Life lies in sports. Lajin training is simple and easy to learn. It is more convenient than yoga and Pilates. It has obvious effects on the body and takes effect quickly. It is suitable for both men and women. The time and intensity of the stretching can be controlled by yourself, no matter whether it is lying or standing, it is not easy to strain, and the safety index is high. When stretching, you can put on some background music, or close your eyes to meditate. The elderly and the sick should do what they can, and don’t use too much effort or time for too long at the beginning. In fact, the process from life to death is a process from soft to hard. Babies have the smoothest qi and blood, so they are the softest, so Lao Tzu uses babies to describe softness. As people grow up, their qi and blood gradually become poor, and their body gradually hardens as a result. Various viruses and exogenous pathogens begin to invade, and their health is deteriorating. Frequent stretching and training can improve physical fitness, strengthen immunity, prolong life, improve the quality of life, and play a role in curing disease in the long run. What are you waiting for, let’s move! Move and be safe!