regret! Acne turned into a “pimple” just because of doing this

Acne and folliculitis are the main causes of keloid scars, and the front chest is the “severe disaster area” of keloids because of the abundant sebaceous glands. Some people have acne on their front chest and do not take correct measures to remove acne. Instead, they just squeeze it with their hands. As a result, they cause infection, and repeated inflammatory irritation leads to keloids. Ms. Xiao regretted that she shouldn’t squeeze the acne, so that it would not cause a series of trouble and pain. Squeezing the acne to squeeze out a few small bumps. Ms. Xiao, about 3 years ago, suddenly developed an acne on her chest, congestion, redness and pain, especially when she rubbed her clothes with her clothes. Ms. Xiao couldn’t bear it, so she scratched with her hands. As a result, her acne was infected by scratching. Later, although the infection was controlled, another small lump was raised. At that time, she didn’t take it too seriously, and because there were no symptoms of discomfort, she ignored it. Unexpectedly, after half a year, it was discovered that the small bumps grew bigger and bigger, which not only affected the appearance, but also appeared the symptoms of itching. This itching and discomfort continued to increase. Especially when sleeping, the mental state was greatly affected by the itching. Things can’t concentrate. In order to get rid of this pimple on the front chest, Ms. Xiao also used a lot of externally applied drugs. Although the itching symptoms can be relieved after the application, the pimple has not been subtracted. This makes her very painful. Can’t be cured? It is more effective to deal with “pimple” or comprehensive treatment. Later, Ms. Xiao was introduced by a friend and learned that I was good at treating scars, so it was convenient for me to come to the hospital in March this year. After the examination, I pointed out that the pimple on Ms. Xiao’s chest was actually a benign skin tumor-keloid. Most of them are caused by acne and folliculitis, which is why a lot of anti-acne drugs are not effective. In view of Ms. Xiao’s keloid condition, I formulated a comprehensive treatment plan for her with surgical resection and SRT-100 shallow placement. The advantage of this plan is that while removing the keloid tissue, it can greatly reduce the chance of its recurrence. After the operation, the keloids on Ms. Xiao’s chest were completely removed. As the lesion area was removed, symptoms such as itching and discomfort disappeared. After several follow-up visits after surgery, the recovery effect was good, and no recurrence was seen. From the photos of the latest follow-up visit, there was basically no trace of keloids, except for an inconspicuous linear mark. Ms. Xiao is also very satisfied with such an ideal effect. The front chest is a high-risk area for keloids, and acne is the most important factor inducing keloids. Therefore, if you have acne on the front of your chest, don’t just squeeze it, you can go to a regular hospital for treatment, so as to avoid squeezing acne causing scars and causing more damage to your body.

A shocking double eyelid accident

A few days ago, I encountered an incident. When I was out of the clinic, I came to a patient with swollen eyelids. The patient rushed over when I was about to get off work at noon. The patient’s surname is Tang. Ms. Tang is in her thirties. She has always felt that her single eyelids are not good. In addition, his friends have always said that European-style big eyes are beautiful, but she has been afraid of any problems and has not done it until some time ago. Hearing her elderly woman secretly saying that she has single eyelids, she is so ugly, I don’t know why my baby looks at her? Her husband’s family has double eyelids and they look very beautiful. In order to change herself, she made up her mind to do double eyelids. As a result, she went to the beauty salon in their town to do it. During the operation, the staff would The suture needle accidentally broke into the inside of the eyelid, and the point came. The staff member wanted to fix the broken needle with another needle. As a result, both needles were broken inside. Ms. Tang also ignored the quarrel with the staff of the beauty salon, and immediately took a taxi to Xindu. I immediately arranged the surgery for Ms. Tang in the afternoon. The entire operation took five hours before taking out two needles from Ms. Tang’s eyelids. , One of the two needles has 8 mm and the other has 9 mm. Fortunately, Ms. Tang came in time, otherwise it would cause a serious medical accident. Through this story, I want to tell you that everyone has a love for beauty. Although the probability of the above story is very low, it is in order to avoid serious It is best to go to a regular hospital regardless of the size of the operation.

After removing facial scars, it improves not only facial value but also confidence

The so-called “love of beauty is something everyone has”, since ancient times, people have attached great importance to their own face issues, especially for women. But once there is a scar on the face, it will not only damage the value of the face, but also affect the psychology, making people less confident and inferior. Recently, National Day is approaching, and there is an endless stream of patients who come to consult on the Internet for scars, many of which are related to facial scars. For such facial scars, I have repaired quite a few. Not long ago, I also performed facial scar repair surgery for a female patient. I will share with you today. Facial Scar Repair Cases Facial depression scars ruined face value and self-confidence Xiaowan (pseudonym), 2 years Ms. Cai, accidentally fell when playing with children when she was a child, causing a deep cut near the corner of the mouth on the right side of the face, although After bandaging, there is still a dented scar about 3 cm long, accompanied by depigmentation. Due to the limited medical conditions at the time and not being treated well, this scar has been growing up with her. The girl is beautiful in nature. Ms. Cai’s facial features are very delicate, but her appearance is destroyed by this scar. For so many years, Ms. Cai has been very inferior and lacks self-confidence because of this scar on her face. Of course, she also wanted to go past the scar on her face, but she used a lot of scar removal ointments and lasers, but there was no effect. After the surgical scar was removed, she showed a confident smile. Afterwards, Ms. Cai accidentally saw a case of facial scar I treated on the Internet. The depression on the right cheek of the patient was accompanied by a discoloration scar. After the repair, the appearance was greatly improved and it was almost invisible. trace. In this way, Miss Cai saw hope of repairing the scar again. So, I came to our hospital for treatment a month ago. After examination, I found that the depression scar near the corner of Miss Cai’s mouth was a depression formed by the adhesion between the subcutaneous and muscle layers caused by trauma, and because of the deep damage, the secretion of local pigment cells was reduced or missing, which made the injured site. The color is lighter, a few silvery white, that is, pigment loss occurs. In response to this situation, I formulated a scar removal plan for Ms. Cai with surgical resection, plus or minus cosmetic sutures. After the operation, Ms. Cai’s facial depression and depigmentation scars were completely removed, and fine cosmetic sutures were performed. The stitches were removed five days after the operation. From the photo, the wound healed well, with only a very thin incision mark. The protruding part is because of the use of reduced tension cosmetic suture, and the subcutaneous tissue and the deep dermis are sutured with absorbable thread. This can greatly reduce the tension around the skin wound and allow the wound to heal better. The thread is gradually absorbed, and the raised area will gradually become flat so as to achieve the goal of “leveling as before”. After the stitches are removed, not only the wound should be sutured with tension reduction, but also a tension reducer for about half a year must be worn. The principle is similar to that of the tension reduction suture, which is to make the wound heal better and obtain a better appearance. About one month after the operation, Miss Cai came to the hospital for review. The wound healing is good. Because the subcutaneous absorbable thread is still gradually being absorbed, there will be some bulges, which is normal, as long as it takes 3-5 months to recover , The raised area will be flattened and a more satisfactory appearance will be obtained. Facial depression scars are a common type of scars, mostly caused by trauma, surgery and other reasons. There are many repair methods for this type of scar, and it is necessary to take a targeted repair plan based on individual conditions. I hope to do my best to help scar friends with damaged appearance regain their beauty and confidence!

If the initial symptoms of renal failure in women are consistent, the condition can no longer be delayed

For more patient communication and help, please pay attention to the WeChat public account [Nephropathy Association] If a lady has kidney failure, she should use appropriate methods to actively carry out treatment. If the treatment is delayed, it is very easy to cause more serious conditions, and even The threat to personal safety is a disease that cannot be ignored. At first, the patient feels that the human body is weaker, with a yellow face, and lacks energy. Here is a detailed introduction to everyone. What are the main symptoms of kidney failure for women? The main symptoms of women’s kidney failure will occur at the beginning of the body’s lack of energy and sleepiness, which is very, very easy to be ignored by the patient himself, and may feel that it is caused by not having a good rest. Until the illness is discovered, you have to think The treatment is already a little late, so if you feel unwell, you should go to the hospital for a physical examination immediately to get the relevant treatment. In the early stage of renal failure, it is very easy to appear yellowish complexion. At the beginning, the patient will think that it is caused by anemia, and the rate of development of the disease is also slow, and it is not easy to appear in a short period of time. Very significant Uncomfortable disease. The main symptoms of kidney failure in women are very prone to edema in the early stage of kidney failure. It is one of the more significant symptoms. Because the water in the human body cannot be drained immediately, the area of ​​the bare feet is very easy to swell, and it will gradually The area where the earth flows up to the eyelids can be relieved to a certain extent after a period of rest. Patients with renal failure are also very prone to high blood pressure in the early stage. Since the water in the body cannot be discharged immediately, blood pressure will rise. It is very easy to cause blood pressure to rise suddenly, and it is also very prone to hyperlipidemia. You can only go to the hospital for physical examination immediately Only by treatment can the disease be repaired quickly.

Trade health for career! A 28-year-old female white-collar worker found the laziest cancer, and finally dragged into cancer metastasis

Ms. Kong, 28, and Ms. Li, 41, both found this type of cancer considered “the laziest cancer” during their physical examinations in Hangzhou. Because they didn’t pay attention to it, the cancer metastasized… the doctor reminded, The incidence of this cancer is increasing year by year, ranking first in the incidence of female malignant tumors for several consecutive years, and it should be detected and diagnosed early. After she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, the cancer metastasized two years later. She regretted changing her health to career. 28-year-old Ms. Kong was engaged in financial work. She worked fast and often worked overtime. On Saturdays and Sundays, she basically spent time in the unit. In 2018, Ms. Kong was found to have a thyroid isthmus nodule during the physical examination of the unit in 2018. The size of the nodule was 0.4*0.4cm at the time. The report showed that it was considered to be thyroid cancer and it is recommended to review it. After getting the medical examination report, Ms. Kong’s company happened to have a very important project to be launched. She was the person in charge, and she had also seen in news reports that “thyroid cancer is lazy cancer, and those with smaller nodules can continue Follow up”. At that time, Ms. Kong wanted to wait until the project was completed before doing a review. The delay lasted for two years, during which Ms. Kong missed the 2019 medical examination because of her busy schedule. When Ms. Kong’s project was almost over, she remembered to go for this year’s physical examination. The physical examination report showed that the thyroid cancer had increased to 1.0cm, and the neck had multiple lymph nodes enlarged and poorly morphological, and she was considering cancer metastasis. Ms. Kong, who got the inspection report, became very anxious. She began to regret why she didn’t pay attention to it at the time and changed her career with her health. Ms. Kong took the report and went to the breast nail surgery department for treatment. After analyzing her condition, the receiving doctor advised her to operate immediately. Ms. Kong went through the admission procedures immediately. After preoperative assessment and neck CT examination, the doctor team performed radical thyroid cancer resection on her, namely total thyroidectomy + bilateral central lymph node dissection. The operation went very smoothly. He recovered well and was discharged on schedule. The pathology of Ms. Kong after the operation showed that she was suffering from multiple papillary carcinoma of the thyroid and multiple metastases in the central lymph nodes. The doctor prescribed Youjiale oral inhibitory treatment to Ms. Kong and recommended that Ms. Kong be treated with iodine 131 subsequently. I had a hoarse voice for half a year, thinking it was a cold. In fact, it was already thyroid cancer and affected the recurrent laryngeal nerve half a year ago. Ms. Li occasionally had a hoarse voice. At that time, she thought it was a cold or was too tired. But in the past six months, Ms. Li’s hoarse voice has gradually worsened. She went to the hospital’s ENT department for treatment. The otolaryngologist ordered an ultrasound examination of the thyroid gland. Based on the results, she was advised to go to the breast surgery department immediately. The doctor considered that Ms. Li was suffering from thyroid cancer and affected the recurrent laryngeal nerve, and recommended that she undergo immediate surgery. The situation during the operation was not optimistic. The frozen section during the operation showed papillary thyroid carcinoma, the tumor enveloping the right recurrent laryngeal nerve, and the surrounding common carotid artery sheath and prevertebral fascia were also invaded. The team of doctors performed a total thyroidectomy + neck lymph node dissection for Ms. Li. Ms. Li recovered smoothly after the operation and was discharged on schedule. Although the onset of thyroid cancer is slow, it must not be underestimated. In recent years, the incidence of thyroid cancer is on the rise, and the trend is obvious. Many thyroid cancer patients in the hospital are “post-80s” and “post-90s”. According to the doctor, thyroid cancer is divided into papillary carcinoma, follicular carcinoma, medullary carcinoma and undifferentiated carcinoma. Among them, papillary carcinoma and follicular carcinoma are collectively referred to as differentiated thyroid cancer, with the highest incidence, accounting for more than 90% of all pathological types of thyroid cancer. The prognosis is the best. The early stage patients have a high surgical cure rate, so “lazy cancer”, Known as “mild cancer”. Many people think that thyroid cancer is “lazy cancer” and don’t need to care about it, or even feel that “just ignore it.” It is a misunderstanding of “lazy cancer” to ignore it. Although the onset of thyroid cancer is relatively slow, there are also early, middle and late stages. Many patients have delayed the best treatment time. &nbsp.For thyroid nodules, what should we do&nbsp.How can we find thyroid nodules? In addition to thyroid ultrasound, self-examination is also very important. The doctor teaches everyone to “look and touch”: “Look”: When looking in the mirror, carefully observe whether the neck becomes thick; “Touch”: buckle your finger back on the thyroid area, touch it with your thumb, and swallow a mouthful of saliva. Go to the hospital in time for lumps that move up and down. After finding a thyroid nodule, what should I do? Do all thyroid nodules require surgery? Under what circumstances need surgery? Not all

The 32-year-old woman did not drink alcohol and found that he had advanced liver cirrhosis. Doctor: It hurts more than drinking and staying up late

32-year-old Ms. Qiu, who usually doesn’t drink alcohol, found the advanced stage of liver cirrhosis during the hospital examination last week. It is understood that Ms. Qiu has a history of chronic hepatitis B disease and usually likes to eat corn very much, especially porridge made from corn flour. However, she buys a lot of corn once she buys it. Even if the corn is mildewed, she rarely throws it away. Half a month ago, Ms. Qiu had frequent symptoms such as fatigue and dark circles under her eyes. She even had frequent diarrhea and yellow eyes three days ago. When she went to the hospital for examination, she did not expect to find late stage cirrhosis. Advice: It is more harmful to the liver than drinking and staying up late. It can be called the “top of the list” that destroys the liver. It is spoiled and moldy corn. After the corn is moldy, aflatoxin will accumulate. If you eat it regularly, the content of aflatoxin in the body will increase. . Aflatoxin is recognized as a primary carcinogen. The amount of aflatoxin in the body is less than 1 mg, which may cause cell pathology and inactivation, causing the entire body to function poorly, causing disease, and even cancer. It can be said to be the top of the list of liver-destroying foods. It is more harmful to the liver than drinking and staying up late. Ms. Qiu’s advanced liver cirrhosis may be caused by eating moldy corn. There are three kinds of abnormalities in the body, which may be caused by liver disease, which is not careless. 1. Yellow sclera is also called jaundice. It is one of the main manifestations of hepatitis and cirrhosis. As a neurotoxin, bilirubin must be decomposed by the liver. The liver becomes hard and the bilirubin is not decomposed in time, which causes the bilirubin in the blood to increase, which is deposited in the eyes with the blood flow, which induces yellowing of the sclera. Abnormal 2. Blurred vision. Due to severe damage to liver function, the metabolism of protein, vitamins and other nutrients will be hindered. On the one hand, it will cause changes in the osmotic pressure of the aqueous humor. On the other hand, due to the decline of nutrients, the optic nerve cells will degenerate. This can cause symptoms such as retinal hyperemia, blurred vision, and reduced visual field. Abnormality 3. Loss of appetite, weakness of limbs Many patients with liver disease have symptoms of loss of appetite, weakness of limbs, and poor spirits. When the liver is dysfunctional, the digestive enzymes are not produced enough, thus affecting the digestive function. The liver can promote the secretion of choline fat and ensure the union of nerves and muscles. The liver is damaged and its secretory function is weakened. As a result, the amount of cholinesterase cannot fully satisfy the combination of nerves and muscles, and limbs are weak. In short, cirrhosis is a common clinical chronic progressive liver disease, diffuse liver damage formed by long-term or repeated actions of one or more causes. In my country, most of them are post-hepatitis cirrhosis, and a small part are alcoholic cirrhosis and schistosomiasis cirrhosis. Ms. Qiu in this article has a history of chronic hepatitis B, and because of the habit of eating corn in her life, she has not noticed that moldy corn cannot be eaten. Unfortunately, she has taken too much Aspergillus flavus and caused liver cirrhosis. It is really worthy of vigilance! (Some of the pictures in the article originate from the network and the copyright belongs to the original author. I would like to express my gratitude to the picture author. If you find any infringement of your copyright, please contact me and I will delete it.)

The 21-year-old guy masturbates and breaks his penis. For the sake of face, he dare not seek medical attention. The penis is bent into a banana

Men are really good-looking, and they are more stubborn when it comes to privacy matters, but how can such things be kept from us? “Ms. Cao scolded her son and asked the doctor, for fear that her son’s “happiness” would be gone in the second half of his life.&nbsp. The shy young man Xiaowen (pseudonym) who has been sitting in the consultation room all the time ), is Ms. Cao’s son, 21 years old this year, a college student. According to Ms. Cao, her son is always introverted and doesn’t talk a lot in front of outsiders. He usually only knows that he is boring to study and has excellent grades. The university he attends is also a double first-class institution. , The family’s expectations for him are high. But somehow in the previous paragraph, Ms. Cao always felt that her son was a little abnormal and hesitated. She didn’t know what went wrong. She dodges many questions. Until these days, Xiaowen has The reproductive organs really hurt a little bit, so I confided the truth to my family. It turned out that Xiaowen has always known that his parents have high expectations of him, so he has always been a good child in the eyes of his parents from childhood. But no matter how good he is, gradually When he grows up, he will have some secrets that belong to him. At the beginning of adolescence, he imitated the behavior in some books and learned to masturbate. Because he was worried that his parents would reprimand him for this behavior, he never dared to say it. But in the first few months, he He accidentally injured his penis during masturbation, thinking that as long as he was careful not to be infected, he would heal himself. Unexpectedly, a hard lump grew from his genitals and he bent his penis until the pain was unbearable, so he told his mother. &nbsp. After a series of examinations, it was confirmed that Xiaowen’s disease was caused by induration of the penis due to injury, which eventually led to the asymmetry of the development of the corpus cavernosum and albuginea of ​​the penis, so an induration gradually appeared. It is “peyronie’s disease”, which will eventually lead to penile deformation, pain, erectile dysfunction, and seriously affect men’s sexual life.&nbsp.Peyronie’s disease is generally more common in adults, develops slowly, has no tendency to malignant changes, and most of them are chronically injured It is related to inflammation, vitamin E deficiency, genetic factors, reproductive infections, and autoimmune reactions. The main clinical manifestations are the appearance of hard lumps, different shapes, possible sizes, hard, fixed, and spreading, which can shorten the penis and Deformation. When the male genital organs have an erection, they will find a certain degree of bending, the bending angle is either upwards, or left and right, and obvious discomfort and pain can be felt. For this disease, surgical removal of induration is required. And use reproductive plastic surgery technology to correct the curvature of the patient’s reproductive organs. There are many men who are in adolescence like Xiaowen, who have more or less masturbated. Masturbation is not a difficult thing to say, it is appropriate Masturbation contributes to physical and mental health, but too frequent and unclean masturbation behaviors will affect the health of the reproductive system. Moreover, improper masturbation methods can cause many problems. When abnormalities occur, do not keep silent. Go to the hospital immediately to avoid affecting sexual function and future infertility.

Repair of perineal laceration, away from postpartum pain

Ms. Huang is 42 years old this year, 16 years after childbirth, she can’t control her defecation and exhaustion after giving birth. She will relieve her hands whenever she wants to. She doesn’t feel like having sex, and her husband’s life is also affected. She has been embarrassed for more than 10 years. She urinates before she reaches the toilet, smiles or coughs, and feels that her underwear is wet, which embarrassed her. In addition, she felt constant pain in the anal area, so she came to the hospital for treatment. After examination, Ms. Huang has severe vaginal laxity, the perineal laceration reaches the deep part of the perineum, the external anal sphincter has been broken, and the rectal mucosa is still intact. It is a typical third degree perineum laceration; The birth canal will significantly expand and relax the vagina, and the front and back walls of the vagina will no longer fit to form a cavity, which will make it easier for air to enter the vagina after delivery. As a result, the vagina is expelled, like farting, unable to control it. &nbsp.In addition, in the process of female delivery, the muscles of the pelvic floor may be strained or the nerves that innervate the muscles caused by the fetus passing through the birth canal, resulting in relaxation and atrophy of the levator anus and pelvic muscles, which cannot function normally. When sneezing or laughing, there will be leakage of urine. If you do not deal with it immediately after delivery, the vagina will become loose. The older you get, the symptoms of leakage will gradually become more serious! &nbsp. Perineal laceration is a tear in the perineum during childbirth, which is clinically divided into degrees I-IV. Degrees Ⅰ and Ⅱ are mild perineal lacerations, and most parturients may have mild lacerations. Degree Ⅲ and Ⅳ lacerations are severe perineal lacerations. If repair is not taken in time, it can cause clinical symptoms such as perineal pain, dyspareunia and anal incontinence, which will seriously affect the quality of life of the patient. &nbsp.&nbsp.According to Ms. Huang’s diagnosis and personal requirements, I performed vagina tightening surgery and perineal repair surgery for Ms. Huang. The operation process took less than one hour. After the repair, there was no active bleeding. The vagina can accommodate two fingers. Appropriate tightness, smooth rectal mucosa and strong sphincter muscles. The operation went well. After the operation, the medical staff carefully observed the patient’s condition changes, and under careful nursing, Ms. Huang was discharged from the hospital. After more than a month, she re-examined. Ms. Huang stated that the exhaust can be completely controlled independently and no urine leakage occurred. The examination showed that the wound healed very well, the anal sphincter had good contraction strength, and the entire perineum area was completely invisible. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.

A little ear deformity makes this beautiful patient tangled

Hello everyone, I am Lao Yu, a doctor of ear reconstruction. Today I want to talk about such a case. Let me talk to you about the tragus, a substructure of the ear, which is the place where we usually wear headphones. Many people may not notice such a small part. But it really troubles such a patient. When this female patient found me, it was the second time that she had undergone tragus repair surgery. Ordinary people may think of her ears like this: nothing wrong! However, the patient himself suggested that as a doctor, her tragus did seem to be missing a piece and had attached ears. After understanding her needs, the surgical plan was finalized: the patient, Ms. Xiong, told us that this was her second tragus repair operation. She was not satisfied with the repair effect of the first operation, so when considering the second repair, she resolutely chose a noble medical beauty center with rich ear deformity repair experience, and came to Guangzhou for the operation across the province. In fact, at first glance, Ms. Xiong’s ears are not obviously deformed, but a closer inspection reveals that her tragus appears to be missing and there are appendages in the external auditory canal. After understanding the needs of Ms. Xiong in the face-to-face consultation, Dean Yu Wenlin determined the surgical plan: remove the excess ear cartilage, and then move the tragus back for suture.

The 45-year-old woman died of cerebral hemorrhage, the doctor sighed: eating too much of 1 seasoning in the kitchen, clogged blood vessels

45-year-old Ms. Wu is a full-time mother. Every day Ms. Wu’s job is to take care of the family’s diet. One Monday night, when she was cooking for her family, her husband suddenly heard a crisp noise from the kitchen in the study. He thought it was Ms. Wu who accidentally dropped the kitchenware in the kitchen. She didn’t care much. After a short while, she went into the kitchen to see the food. What was going on, I saw Ms. Wu fell to the ground unconscious, and quickly called 120 for an ambulance. Unfortunately, because she missed the best time, she was not rescued. Ms. Wu’s husband cried earth-shattering. The doctor said with tears: Ms. Wu had a sudden cerebral hemorrhage caused by hyperlipidemia. Ms. Wu’s husband is very puzzled. The lover does not seem to be obese, why he has hyperlipidemia. The previous physical examination did not carry out the blood lipid check, which caused tragedy. The doctor sighed with tears: this kind of seasoning in the kitchen is the curse. After asking, the doctor learned that Ms. Wu likes to eat sweets. During the epidemic, she learned how to cook cakes in a rice cooker online and learned to make them by herself. In less than a month, she used 6 cans of sugar. White sugar contains a lot of sugar. If too much sugar is ingested, it will be converted into fat if it exceeds the metabolic capacity of the liver in the body, which will increase the fat content in the blood and cause hyperlipidemia. Hyperlipidemia, especially high cholesterol, is the core factor of vascular atherosclerosis. Once the vascular sclerosis progresses rapidly, under the action of external stimuli, such as mood swings or even oil smoke stimulation, it may induce vasospasm or A blood vessel ruptures, possibly leading to cerebral hemorrhage. The doctor reminds: In addition to sugar, there are two kinds of foods that are “accelerators” that induce hyperlipidemia and cause vascular diseases. 1. Drinks After drinking alcohol, the human body will show signs of skin redness. In fact, this is the reason for the expansion of blood vessels. After the next day, the blood vessels will contract again and lose their original elasticity in the long term, and the fragile blood vessels are prone to cerebral hemorrhage. Alcohol causes the inner wall of the blood vessel to sink, and the impurities and fat in the blood accumulate on the inner wall, which accelerates blood vessel blockage. 2. Common high-fat foods, such as animal liver, crab roe, fried food, fatty meat, etc., contain a lot of fat. Regular eating will cause fat particles in the blood, increase blood lipids, and easily block blood vessels. If blood lipids are elevated, remember to do 4 things to reduce blood lipids, prevent blood vessel blockage, 1. Control the proportion of oily fume when cooking, and add less condiments. 2. Eat more fresh fruits to reduce the fat intake ratio of meat dishes and increase the ratio of vegetable dishes. At the same time, it can add more antioxidants and vitamins to protect the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular. 3. Strengthen aerobic exercise. It can burn excess fat in the body, and for high blood lipids in blood vessels, it can also burn better, reduce the viscosity of blood lipids in blood vessels, reduce the proportion of cholesterol in blood vessels, and it can reduce blood lipids as soon as possible. Conclusion: Hyperlipidemia is not a day’s cold, and lowering blood lipids is not a day’s work. I hope to control my diet, work and rest, and exercise to lower blood lipids more stably and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. (Some of the pictures in the article originate from the network and the copyright belongs to the original author. I would like to express my gratitude to the picture author. If you find any infringement of your copyright, please contact me and I will delete it.)

She is born with a high hairline, 1300 units of hair transplantation, and a perfect solution for her natural high hairline and forehead

Ms. Yu is born with a high hairline. She has a big forehead since she was a child. She has been combing her bangs for fear of being laughed at by others. Think about it, a girl who can’t comb her hair back in a hot day is not only a sultry, but still in her heart. Also, combing her bangs is fine for one month and two months, but she has combed her bangs for ten or twenty years, which is also a torment. For women, the beauty is in the hair, specifically the various hairstyles, and she can only have a fixed hairstyle with bangs. We often say that no matter how poor you are, you cannot have poor children. In fact, for women, no matter how poor they are, they cannot have poor hairstyles, but Ms. Yu has poor hairstyles. Later, when Ms. Yu entered the workplace, stayed up late to work overtime, or stayed up late to play with mobile phones, her work and rest were irregular. As a result, her hair fell more frequently. In the past, her hairline was high, but now she is getting hair loss again, causing her hairline to recede. The bangs used to be able to cover the big forehead, but now they can’t. The beauty of the image is further challenged. What can I do? Ms. Yu didn’t go to the doctor in a hurry, didn’t use any remedies, no medicine, and no hair growth lotion. Instead, she chose hair transplant in one step. To be honest, receding hairline is hair follicle necrosis, the only way is to transplant hair. It is said that Ms. Yu has a friend who is losing her hair. Then she went to Shanghai Yonghe to grow her hair, and the effect was quite good. You see, there is a hair transplanter by his side, and this is an example to guide you not to make detours. Ms. Yu was in Shanghai. On December 15, 2017, she went to Shanghai Yonghe to consult about hair transplants. The doctor explained the principles of hair transplantation, then explained the hair transplant technology, and also showed the effect of Yonghe’s hair transplant case. Finally, the doctor designed her implantation plan. Ms. Yu was very satisfied with it and decided to transplant the hair on the same day. Speaking of which, Ms. Yu made an appointment on the phone for consultation and possible surgery before coming to the hospital. On the same day, Shanghai Yonghe used FUE to plant 1300 units for Ms. Yu, 550 follicle units containing a single hair, and 750 follicle units containing multiple hairs. The entire operation is 3 hours. The operation was not as horrible as I thought, so the anaesthetic felt a little bit of needle sticking, and then there was no pain. In June after the operation, Ms. Yu’s hair initially took shape, a circle of hairline moved forward significantly, and her face became smaller under the background, making her beautiful and lovely. She used to have a fixed hairstyle. Now she can change different beauty at will. Then she can take pictures, take selfies one by one, or take pictures with someone else, her beautiful hairstyle, her beautiful face, and her beauty. I sent my body shape to the circle of friends, and I got a lot of likes…Good hair, life is good, and there are scenery everywhere. (This retreat of the hairline is not a big deal for men, but it is unbearable for women.) (Determine the hairline and planting area) (Take the hairline, don’t be afraid, the hair on top is spread out It can cover) (the hair follicle separated during the operation) (the implantation area on the day after the operation. Well, she just cried with satisfaction when she saw the newly grown hair out of the operating room) (6 months after the operation, the hairline moved forward La) (side shot in June after surgery) (back pillow in June after surgery) (behind you is the scenery, the night view of the city; the scenery above your head is the scenery, is your own hair) (not the bangs hairstyle, so looking at the round face Now, round beauty) (jade finger, beautiful hair, beauty is more beautiful) (your hair is comparable to the street scene of the city) (because of the beautiful hair, I love selfies since then) (look back and smile) (hair shawl, I show the beauty and beauty) (hairdressing, beauty, and wine, poetic beauty) (silent street, only me is the only one who blooms beautifully) (the world of pets, but also to spoil yourself) (sitting in a leaning posture) , With long hair reaching knees, beautiful as a play) (little lips curl up slightly, a sweet smile: hehe…)

Important good news! Ears have been re-“decorated” and now have a new look

In previous articles, it has been repeatedly emphasized that keloids using a certain treatment method has a very high recurrence rate. It is precisely because of this that many patients have recurrence after treatment. Ears are one of the hardest hit areas of keloids, and the problem of recurrence is also quite serious. Therefore, the treatment of keloids cannot be done alone, but combined treatment. The following case is very typical: Ear keloids have recurring pain and suffering. Ms. Guo has often sighed and frowned in recent years. Whenever she saw the keloids on the ears in the mirror, she regretted her decision to pierce her ears. A few years ago, Ms. Guo was pursuing fashion. She pierced the auricles of both ears. Unexpectedly, the pierced ears of the left ear were infected. Although the inflammation was controlled after repeated treatments, the pierced ears were blocked. And there are “small pieces of meat” growing inside. This “little meat” was not very eye-catching at first, and Ms. Guo didn’t care too much, but after more than a year, the “little meat” was like a sprouted seed, which grew bigger and bigger and became a “meat bump”, congested. It is red and swollen, and occasionally feels very itchy, which is particularly uncomfortable. Because of the impact on the beauty, Ms. Guo went to a local hospital for a resection. However, not long after the operation, the “meat bumps” grew again, and they grew up faster than before. In addition, the pain and discomfort are more serious, and sometimes it is really unbearable. Ms. Guo scratched with her hands, which resulted in rupture of the infection and stimulated the proliferation of keloids. In order to treat keloids on the ears, Ms. Guo also tried to find other scar removal methods, such as ointments, lasers, injections, etc., and tried a lot of folk prescriptions, but some relapse after treatment, and some simply have no effect. The “meat bumps” on the earlobes continue to increase. Every time she went out, she always felt the strange look from others, which made her feel very distressed. Comprehensive surgical treatment has given his ears a new look, and he has been haunted by keloids for several years. Ms. Guo’s husband knows her distress, and has been paying attention to and looking for a hospital that can treat keloids. After many inquiries, she finally learned that Professor Su Yingjun from the United Rieger Scar Repair Center is good at treating various types of keloids. The idea of ​​trial came to the hospital for consultation. After face-to-face consultation, Professor Su pointed out that if keloids are simply operated on, injections, etc., there will be a very high recurrence rate, which is also the biggest difficulty in the treatment of this disease. Therefore, according to the “China Keloid Clinical Treatment Recommended Guidelines” formulated by the Scar Medical Branch of the Chinese Plastic Surgery Association, a variety of combined treatment methods should be adopted for keloids. Combining with the large area of ​​Ms. Guo’s keloid, Professor Su decided to take surgical nuclear resection to completely remove the internal tissue of the keloid, leaving only part of its epidermal tissue, which can effectively close the wound and also have the appearance of the ear after the operation. Guarantee. At the same time, with SRT-100 shallow radiotherapy, it can effectively inhibit the recurrence of keloids, so as to achieve the purpose of treating both symptoms and root causes. After comprehensive surgical treatment, the ear keloids that had troubled Ms. Guo for many years were successfully removed, and the overall recovery was very good. From the recent return visit photos she sent, the overall appearance of the ear was completely preserved, and there were no signs of recurrence. The treatment effect is relatively ideal. &nbsp. It can be seen that keloids can adopt multiple methods to combine treatment plans to maximize their respective treatment advantages and make up for each other’s deficiencies, so as to achieve an ideal treatment effect. &nbsp.

Mom, the necklace on your neck doesn’t look good, why do you always wear it?

Thyroid disease occurs frequently in women, and surgery is necessary when the condition is severe. Generally, thyroid surgery requires an incision in the front of the neck, but after the operation, a hyperplastic scar will be left on the neck, like a “scar necklace”, which is very unsightly and has a great psychological impact on the patient. So, is there a way to make the scar disappear completely? This “scar necklace” made her very distressed. Ms. Feng had undergone a thyroidectomy more than a year ago, and there was an arc-shaped wound in front of her neck. During the healing process, scar hyperplasia appeared in the wound. A few months later, the scar hyperplasia became more obvious, congested, red and swollen, and felt a little hard, like an ugly “necklace”. Ms. Feng did not expect to leave such an obvious scar after the operation. For the beauty-loving woman, it is difficult to accept, and she did not dare to go out for a while. Not only does the scar affect her appearance, she also often has symptoms of itching and pain. Her three-year-old daughter curiously asked her: “The’necklace’ on my mother’s neck is so ugly, why do I wear it every day?” The child’s innocent words hurt Ms. Feng’s heart. After that, in order to prevent her children from seeing, she always subconsciously pulled down her neckline clothes in front of her daughter. When going out, she also tried to wear round neck or high-necked clothes to cover the scars, for fear that others would see the “necklace” on her neck. Keloids should be treated as soon as possible. Ms. Feng has used a lot of scar removal drugs to remove this scar on the neck, but the effects of these externally applied and internally taken are not satisfactory. However, she did not give up and was still looking for other ways to remove scars on the Internet, until one time she accidentally saw me explaining the treatment of thyroid scars on Weibo, which gave her the hope of repairing scars. After coming to the hospital, I did a detailed examination for her and pointed out that after thyroid surgery, if the wound is repeatedly infected, the wound is exposed for a long time, the granulation tissue is excessively proliferated, proliferative scars are prone to occur; excessive skin tension will also make the initial growth The wound involves tearing, leading to tissue proliferation and scarring. And Ms. Feng’s condition is caused by excessive skin tension. In response to Ms. Feng’s situation, I formulated a non-surgical scar removal program for her. According to the course of treatment, I injected drugs in batches to block the blood supply of the hyperplastic scar tissue, cut off its internal nutrient supply, and inhibit the continuous growth of the scar, making it gradually softer Flat, so as to achieve better scar repair effect. After a period of systemic treatment, the hyperplastic scar on Ms. Feng’s neck gradually atrophyed and absorbed, the color faded, and the symptoms of itching and discomfort disappeared. Judging from the recent return visit photos, the flatness and softness of the scar are close to normal skin, with only an inconspicuous linear mark. If you don’t look closely, you think it is a neck wrinkle. After removing the ugly “scar necklace” on the neck, Ms. Feng can finally return to her normal life. The baby girl also said that her mother became more beautiful without wearing a necklace. The wound after thyroid surgery has a high probability of hyperplasia due to various factors. Therefore, correct treatment of wounds during and after operation and reasonable choice of postoperative anti-scar treatment can minimize or even eliminate the physical and psychological pain caused by scars to patients. If hyperplastic scars have formed, go to a regular hospital for active and effective treatment as soon as possible.

How do ophthalmologists beat Sanda champions in the peak showdown…

Representative Lan Fang-Yu Weide, Deputy Chief Physician of the Ophthalmology Center of Ningbo First Hospital, Director of Taixue Ophthalmology Advanced Cataract Center, Chief Young Expert of Taixue Ophthalmology Group Advanced Cataract, Member of the First Committee of the Vision Rehabilitation Professional Committee of Chinese Rehabilitation Medicine Association , Member of the Ophthalmology Professional Committee of China Medical Equipment Association, Youth Member of the Ophthalmology Branch of Zhejiang Medical Association, Gold Medal Consultant of Zeiss Three Focus, Switzerland, EVOVisianICL Surgery Certified Physician from STAAR of Switzerland. Red party representative-Ms. Lu Sanda, fitness coach, graduated from Henan Shaolin Tagou Martial Arts School, won the provincial Sanda competition several times, runner-up in the young women’s 70kg group of the 2013 National Sanda Championships, retired in 2015, has won the national fitness Instructor qualification certificate, national second-level athlete certificate, DFEA senior personal trainer qualification certificate. I heard that Director Yu also studied Sanda for several years when he was a student. Is there any chance of winning? The editor shuddered and quit 10 meters away…Do you think the showdown is like this? Such? Still like this? No, no, it’s not the case. Let’s follow the editor to see how the ophthalmologist defeated Sanda champion —— myopia~ Knowing yourself and knowing Bi Yu Director: When did you start myopia? Ms. Lu: I was nearsighted when I was a teenager, but the degree was not deep at that time, it was only about 300 degrees. After I retired, my degree began to deepen, and it is now 500 degrees. Director Yu: Do you wear contact lenses when you play games? Ms. Lu: You can’t wear contact lenses during training and competitions. They will be shot out, not to mention frame glasses. Director Yu: Then…I don’t wear glasses with myopia of 300 degrees, can you see the opponent clearly when you are playing? Ms. Lu: I can’t see clearly, but it doesn’t affect the game. Director Yu: Did this defeat the opponent by looking at the fuzzy outline of the opponent? Wow! Wouldn’t it be stronger if you could see it clearly at that time! Ms. Lu: Hahaha…the degree was shallow at that time! But now 500 degrees of myopia, not wearing glasses has obviously affected my daily life, especially I want to have myopia surgery, but I have never thought about where to do it, which doctor to look for, whether it is laser or ICL, after all, the current myopia correction There are so many options for surgery, so I just postpone it until now. Weapon selection combat live Step1 Ms. Lv came to Ningbo Taixue Ophthalmology Department (Technical Cooperation of Ningbo First Hospital) and found Director Yu Weide for consultation, and strongly expressed her desire to remove the lens. Before the operation, Ms. Lu had 500 degree myopia and 50 degree astigmatism in the right eye and 525 degree myopia and 50 degree astigmatism in the left eye. Step2 After a series of detailed inspections and professional evaluations, it was confirmed that her corneal conditions were not suitable for laser surgery, and the most suitable treatment for Ms. Lu’s myopia was: ICL lens implantation. Director Yu formulated a personalized surgical plan for her, accurately calculated and customized the most suitable lens. Step3 After receiving the customized ICL lens, Director Yu performed a binocular ICL lens implantation for Ms. Lu. The operation went smoothly and her recovery was very fast. The results are remarkable ☺ More than three hours after the operation: The visual acuity is 1.2 after checking. ☺On the first day after surgery: Without glasses, the visual acuity reached 1.2 for the right eye, 1.5 for the left eye, and 2.0- for both eyes! ☺One week after operation: the visual acuity without glasses is 1.5 for both eyes and 2.0 for both eyes! In this battle, Director Yu relied on his professional skills and rich experience, coupled with teamwork and Ms. Lu’s full trust, and won a great victory! ! ! So… what is ICL? ●ICL lens implantation is also called posterior chamber intraocular lens implantation in phakic eyes. An “ultra-thin micro lens for correcting myopia” is placed in the posterior space of the eye, that is, between the iris and the lens. Good visual quality after surgery. This technology brings another ideal choice to patients who are not suitable for myopia laser surgery, such as myopia, dry eye, thin cornea, and fragile cornea. Correction range: myopia degree is 50 degrees to 1800 degrees, astigmatism is within 600 degrees, and higher degrees can be under-corrected or combined with corneal refractive surgery. ICL procedure ① No injection is required, eye drops are used for anesthesia, and a tiny incision less than 3 mm is made in the limbus. ②Inject the foldable micro ultra-thin lens into the eye through the incision and unfold it. ③After gently planting its four corners on the iris, fine-tune the position to make it stably reside between the iris and the natural crystal. Why choose

[Good pregnancy case] I just want a baby, give my husband a surprise, and give myself a complete

Don’t talk lightly about who you are paying and persevering for. In fact, the ultimate beneficiary of all your efforts and perseverance is yourself. Life is a solitary practice that has nothing to do with anyone. This is a path of joy and sorrow. At the end of the road there will be… a gift, waiting for you! Help more families who are struggling to walk in the dark see the light, gather strength, and move forward bravely. Good pregnancy case △Case introduction Good pregnant mother: Geng mother Basic information: 1 ectopic pregnancy, 2 marriages, fallopian tube removal, secondary infertility Treatment difficulties: ovarian reserve function decline Attending physician: Yang Weimin, director of the Department of Reproductive Medicine Case: Dr. Chen Qiutong, Department of Reproductive Medicine&nbsp. “I just want a child, give my husband a surprise, and give myself a complete home!” After the news of success, Ms. Geng’s face was filled with happiness and satisfaction. Ectopic pregnancy, removal of one fallopian tube Before this, Ms. Geng had a failed marriage. In 2012, she and her ex-husband obtained the certificate. Two years later, she successfully got pregnant and became pregnant with the baby. Thinking of a new life quietly growing in her belly, Ms. Geng felt that the happiness of the whole world was pouring over to herself. I don’t know if God is going to deliberately test Ms. Geng. Not long after she became pregnant, she was told that it was an ectopic pregnancy and needed immediate surgery for treatment. Ms. Geng, who was immersed in happiness, suddenly fell from the top of her happiness into the ice cave and surgically removed her left fallopian tube. Although only one fallopian tube was left, she still had a chance to get pregnant again. Ms. Geng looked forward with hope. A visit from a small life, but two years later, Ms. Geng’s stomach is still quiet, she is a little frustrated, and what makes her feel desperate is that the relationship between her husband and her husband is getting further and further away due to the child’s problems in the past two years. light. Finally, in 2016, Ms. Geng ended this exhausted marriage. Remarrying and wanting to have a child with her husband. She originally thought she would go on like this, but she did not expect to meet the next stop of happiness. In 2018, she met her husband, Mr. Song. Although Mr. Song is older than Ms. Geng, he is very considerate and caring for her. Both are no longer young. After confirming that the other party is someone who can accompany her for life, he went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to obtain a marriage certificate. With the last failed marriage, Ms. Geng cherishes this newly formed family very much. She understands that children are an indispensable bond for a family to go on happily for a long time. But when she was nearly forty years old, she was preparing for pregnancy for one year, but her pregnancy has never come! “Can I still have children? Can I still have a whole family?” Ms. Geng couldn’t help but wonder about herself. Mr. Song is worried that his wife is under too much pressure, and is still considerate to his wife. But Ms. Geng can see that her husband is very looking forward to having a child and having a complete family, so she made up her mind that no matter what method she uses, she must give birth to a child! After the two discussed, they decided to do IVF! Meeting Director Yang, rekindling the hope that was conceived, Ms. Geng and Mr. Song chose Hebei Reproductive and Obstetrics Hospital after some understanding. Upon arriving at the hospital, Director Yang Weimin accepted the couple. After reading the results of Ms. Geng’s examination, it was found that Ms. Geng had secondary infertility due to ectopic pregnancy. In addition to her older age, the number of basal antral follicles was only 4-5, while the AMH was 0.7ng/ml, which is typical The ovarian reserve is reduced; Mr. Song has a mild asthenozoospermia. After analyzing the situation of the two, Director Yang Weimin suggested that Ms. Geng do IVF assistance. The reproductive department gave her a complete family. Although she is older, the situation is not particularly bad. Therefore, with the help of Director Yang, Ms. Geng rekindled the hope of gestation. On March 15, Ms. Geng officially entered the stage of ovulation induction. After 10 days of ovulation promotion, on March 27, four eggs were successfully retrieved and three embryos were formed after conventional IVF fertilization. However, because Ms. Geng’s endometrium is not suitable for transplantation, it is recommended that she temporarily remove the embryos After freezing and conditioning the inner membrane, the frozen embryo is transferred. After 2 months of endometrium preparation, on May 22, Ms. Geng transplanted two frozen embryos. The pregnancy was confirmed by blood draw 14 days after the operation, and the B-ultrasound re-examination was confirmed 30 days after the transplantation, and the intrauterine single pregnancy was diagnosed with fetal heart beat. normal. Tears of joy wetted her eyes. When she learned that the pregnancy was successful, Ms. Geng smiled and her eyes were wet. She never thought that she would experience ectopic pregnancy, salpingectomy, divorce, remarriage, and pregnancy through IVF. life. But fortunately, she

Revealed: The true recovery process of the goddess hair transplant!

People who have never been to a hair transplant hospital might think that those who go for hair transplant are probably middle-aged uncles? Bald? Mediterranean? In fact, it’s not that there are many beauties with good facial features. In this “face-seeing” era, if you have “high hairline” or “balding”, handsome guys will make you look old even if your appearance is high. Affect the image, reduce the value of hair, people who choose hair transplantation are generally more concerned about their personal image. When there is a hair loss problem, they generally find a solution “fast, accurate, and ruthless”! Ms. He’s hair transplant case As a young lady in 1996, Ms. He has been working for a long time when she came to hair transplant. She said that due to irregular work and rest, the hair loss was very serious during that period, the hair was thinner than before, and the hairline was also significantly moved back. In addition to the natural high convexity of the hairline, the forehead hair became very soft or even a little shiny. bald. The doctor designed a reasonable hairline implant area for Ms. He’s facial features, combined with three-dimensional integration and dynamic aesthetics. The high forehead before the hair transplant, the forehead, the hairline design style, the right forehead before the hair transplant, and the left forehead before the hair transplant. In the next two months, Ms. He’s newly planted hair entered the postoperative shedding period, and the temples had sparse hair. After the shedding period, it can enter the normal growth stage. 4 months after the operation, the hair in the hairline planting area will enter the normal growth period. It can be seen that the new hair and the original hair have been integrated, and the effect is very natural. Follow-up will continue to update the case of the hairline for 4 months. The effect of Ms. He’s hair transplantation one year later, the complete hairline will better modify the face shape, and the temperament will be improved by more than one level. We will continue to update the case one year later.

The scars that damage the “face value” must be removed!

Nowadays, there is a popular saying that “face value is justice”. In this age of looking at faces, face issues are definitely a major issue. If there are obvious scars on the face, it will not only damage the appearance, but also cause many psychological problems. Therefore, many beauty lovers have tried various methods to repair the scars on their faces, hoping to get rid of the scars quickly. Today I will tell you how to properly repair facial scars. She was laughed at as the “Shen Erlang” because of the scar on the center of the eyebrows. Ms. Hu accidentally hit the corner of the table when she was a child. She cut a deep hole in the center of her eyebrows. At that time, medical conditions were limited. Leave a linear depression scar about 2 cm. At that time, Ms. Hu was still young and didn’t care much about the scar on the center of her eyebrows. However, girls are naturally beautiful. As they grow bigger and bigger, they are more concerned about the scar on the center of eyebrows. &nbsp. What made her more distressed was that after school, some naughty students in the class made fun of her, saying that the scar on her eyebrows was like the three eyes of the god of Journey to the West, so they gave her the nickname “Nv Erlang”. The nickname has spread in the school, and some students with good deeds went to the classroom where Ms. Hu is located to see the scars on her brows. And every time she walks on campus, she always feels that a classmate behind her is pointing to her. I don’t know how many times Ms. Hu has cried because of the scar on her eyebrows, she has gradually become reticent, inferior and introverted, and she didn’t even want to go to school for a while. Later, there was really no choice but to cover it with bangs. In this way, this scar has followed her to grow up. After joining the work, after so many years, although the mentality has gradually adjusted, people are more cheerful, but the knot is still not opened, and even more eager to get rid of the scar on the eyebrow. For this reason, she also tried some scar removal methods, used a lot of external scar removal creams, and went to some beauty institutions for some treatments, but the results were not obvious. Surgery to remove scars. After saying goodbye to the nickname “Erlangshen” and recommended by a friend, Ms. Hu learned that I am good at treating all kinds of scars. However, after experiencing multiple treatment failures, Ms. Hu did not immediately believe it, but first followed my Weibo and official account. After reading Weibo and watching WeChat articles and videos for a while, she learned more about me and gradually gained trust. Especially once I did a live broadcast on Weibo and shared many cases of surgical scar repair, which relieved her last worry. Soon after, he came to the hospital for treatment. &nbsp. After inspecting the scar on Ms. Hu’s forehead, I pointed out that this sunken scar on the center of the eyebrow is a permanent result of the loss of collagen and elastin during the healing process after trauma or injury to the dermis or subcutaneous tissue of the skin. Sex scars. In response to Ms. Hu’s scars, I formulated a scar removal plan for her with super-reducing cosmetic sutures after surgical resection, and recently performed surgery on her. The operation process went smoothly. The hollow scar at the center of the eyebrow was successfully removed, and then the wound was sutured with the technique of reduced tension cosmetic suture. This technology can effectively reduce the skin tension of the incision, ensure the blood supply of the skin around the scar, improve the success rate of incision healing, reduce the degree of scar proliferation of the incision to a lower level, and make the postoperative incision “as smooth as before.” &nbsp.&nbsp. After the surgical incision, the scar on the center of the eyebrow that had troubled Ms. Hu for many years was finally removed. I believe that after a period of recovery, a seamless and smooth appearance will be obtained. &nbsp.&nbsp.Finally, remind the majority of scar friends that scars that damage the appearance are not just sunken scars. Therefore, when repairing various facial scars, it is necessary to follow the treatment principle of “differentiation and treatment”, and to combine the individual conditions of the patient. Targeted scar removal methods can achieve a more ideal appearance effect.

Multi-cystic mother announces the good news: “Director Liu, look at my chubby baby cute?”

Many polycystic patients who come to the hospital for treatment have this question: why the same is polycystic. Some people lose weight and become pregnant, some take medicine and become pregnant. No matter what, I also become pregnant after surgery. Treatment, how to regulate menstruation, but not to be pregnant?    I was found by “polycystic” at a young age, and then irregular menstruation, hirsutism, obesity, infertility, acne followed one after another…It was really heart-stuckling. So, is polycystic pregnancy really “difficult”? Let’s take a look at how the polycystic Ms. Song got pregnant. I believe you will be inspired. 【Good Pregnancy File】  Patient name: Ms. Song Infertility Cause: Polycystic ovary syndrome Treatment: Minimally invasive surgery + Chinese and Western medicine treatment Result: The little princess who has given birth to be infertile for three years after marriage is all caused by polycystic disease Because Ms. Song had irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea for more than 10 years, she also had amenorrhea with no obvious cause at the age of 17, so before preparing for pregnancy, Ms. Song had a pre-pregnancy check and learned that she had polycystic ovary. For the lady, it was a huge blow, and the doctor said that it is very difficult to get pregnant with polycystic disease. In the next three years, Ms. Song went to many hospitals for polycystic treatment. The hospital prescribed some medicines for menstruation and went home for treatment. After taking Chinese and Western medicines, the menstruation still did not return to normal. Ms. Song felt that pregnancy seemed to be getting away from her. The further away.   I asked for help from Director Liu Yuzhen, and actively cooperated with the treatment.    At the beginning of September 2019, Ms. Song came to our hospital for consultation with Director Liu Yuzhen. After getting to know Ms. Song’s medical history, Director Liu was diagnosed with infertility caused by polycystic ovary syndrome after examination.   Director Liu gave a detailed analysis of Ms. Song’s condition. Director Liu said: “Polycystic endocrine diseases that can cause women’s non-ovulation and excessive male hormone production in the body are the main causes of female infertility, obesity, and irregular menstrual cycles.”    Because Director Liu explained in simple terms, The explanation of the condition and treatment method is very easy to understand, and there are friends around me who got pregnant after treatment at Beijing Weiren Pregnancy Hospital. Ms. Song particularly trusted Director Liu Yuzhen and actively cooperated with the treatment.   In response to Ms. Song’s condition, Director Liu determined an individualized treatment plan. Minimally invasive surgery was used to treat polycystic disease, and drugs were used to regulate endocrine after the operation. Later, she was monitored for ovulation to restore fertility.   Director Liu Yuzhen said that many women with polycystic menstruation have been struggling with menstruation, taking various drugs to regulate menstruation. As everyone knows, polycystic ovary is the infertility caused by the inability to ovulate. Simply regulating menstruation can only treat the symptoms but not the root cause. The treatment of women who do not ovulate must prescribe the right medicine to protect health. In July 2020, the little princess of reproductive health sent a pennant to thank you for her successful pregnancy after one and a half months of treatment. Now she gave birth to a little princess. In October 2019, Ms. Song was a little bit confused about the delayed period and immediately bought a pregnancy test. Unexpectedly, two red bars were detected, and she successfully became pregnant!    Looking at the two bars of the pregnancy test, Ms. Song was a little excited and couldn’t believe it. She said, “I really have to thank Director Liu Yuzhen. It is her who rounded me up. The dream of being a mother!” Ms. Song finally “conquered” Polycystic and successfully became a mother. Polycystic ovaries are not terrible. The key is to find the right specialist hospitals and professional doctors to help you treat them, which can better protect patients’ health and get pregnant faster!

Classic case | Lymphoma: May the tragedy never happen again!

Do you remember the optimistic, positive, and enjoy life Xiong Dun in “Fuck You Tumor”? Xiong Dun, played by Bai Baihe, suffers from malignant lymphoma. The film tells the story of Xiong Dun’s active fight against cancer but never gave up, but he eventually died unfortunately. For a long time, many people think cancer is terrible, but what is a tumor, it can even take away human life! In fact, tumors are divided into benign tumors and malignant tumors. Benign tumors generally have no ability to infiltrate and metastasize, most of them do not become malignant, rarely recur, grow slowly, and have little impact on the body. As long as there is no malignant transformation, there will be no great danger, and generally the chance of malignant transformation of benign tumors is very small. However, malignant tumors grow rapidly, showing invasive growth, prone to hemorrhage and necrosis. There are often distant metastases, which can cause weight loss, weakness, fatigue, weakness, anemia, loss of appetite, fever, and severe organ function damage, and eventually cause death. Cancer is malignant tumor! What Xiong Dun suffers from is malignant lymphoma. Throughout the ages, countless people have died of tumors. Anita Mui, Yao Beina, Li Yong…many celebrities have spent their wealth, and active treatment has not been able to return a precious life. Ms. He (pseudonym) is also a patient suffering from malignant lymphoma. After her condition was delayed for a year, she chose precision and minimally invasive treatment. It was because of this that her condition took a turn for the better. A few years have passed. Ms. He, who suffered from lymphoma, has basically recovered from her condition and now leads a very splendid life. Ms. He (on the right) traveled to the Moments of Friends to review the three-year anti-cancer story. In 2016, a nightmare struck Ms. He’s body abnormality. It was in that year that she suffered from weakness all over her body and could hardly lift the weight Thing, every day is awkward. Going to the local hospital for a blood test, only abnormal liver function was found, but no cause was found. Ms. He traveled to major tertiary hospitals and did a lot of examinations, but no specific cause was found. At first, the doctor treated for myasthenia, but after one month of treatment, Ms. He’s body did not improve, and then she stopped. It took a year before and after, until Ms. He found a mass on her right neck, which continued to swell. She underwent a biopsy of the mass in the hospital. The pathological results came to consider Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The nightmare struck, and Ms. He was only 26 years old. The lymphatic system is spread all over the body, and surgery is unrealistic, so the final plan given by the hospital is whole body radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Ms. He’s family asked a lot about the treatment of lymphoma, and she was very aware of the harm caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy. If people lose money, it will not pay off… In 2017, the anti-cancer saw new hope for the whole family. There was a dilemma. After coming to our center, the family weighed for nearly a month before deciding on treatment. After wasting a year of treatment, Ms. He’s body has become weaker and weaker. The creatine kinase (ck) index has already reported a critical value. It is a rare ultra-high myocardial enzyme, reaching 14409u/l. She squeezed a cold sweat. Under the advice of Professor Yao Bo, Ms. He underwent a full-body PET/CT examination. The results showed that the tumor had metastasized to several places, including the clavicle, sternum, and aortic arch. The family members looked at it and realized that the treatment could not be delayed any longer and began to actively cooperate. Treatment plan-“precise three-dimensional overall tumor elimination system”. After 7 months of treatment and almost 3 years of recovery, most of the anti-cancer successes Ms. He received a local seed implantation of the neck and thymus lesions and an interventional treatment. To her surprise, the treatment was not as scary as she thought. There is no major trauma from surgery, and there is no pain of whole body radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and even the effect is better than once. Avoid over-treatment! This is what Professor Yao often said, so during Ms. He’s treatment, after one stage of treatment, she went home for one or two months to recuperate. She actively cooperated with the treatment and had an optimistic attitude. Ms. He ushered in her first year in the past year. The good news is that all the tumors have been eliminated and the indicators have reached normal. Anti-cancer is equivalent to more than half of the success! Ms. He re-examined the results, and all the tumors were eliminated&nbsp. Ms. He who saw the results wept with joy. The strength has returned to a normal state, the critical value index has also reached normal, and the diet has resumed as before. Everything is developing in a good direction. After only 7 months of treatment + recuperation, God finally took care of her. Ms. He’s success is inseparable from the care and company of her family, and the recognition and trust in our technology. This year is Ms. He’s third year of fighting cancer, and I believe there will be more 3 years…

Artificial hymen causes infertility shady

 Case: Poor quality fake virgins were exposed  Miss Zhang had sex before marriage. In order to make her marriage flawless, she bought an artificial hymen. On the day when Miss Zhang was overjoyed, before going to bed in the evening, Miss Zhang read the manual again in the bathroom very carefully, installed the artificial hymen according to the manual, and then hid the box, fearing that there would be any accidents after she installed it. Then he went to bed carefully. Ms. Zhang thought that everything would be fine after tonight, but things were counterproductive. Just as Mr. Liu wanted to have a kiss with Ms. Zhang, he touched a viscous liquid. The moment the light was turned on, Ms. Zhang’s heart was beating. It came out. It turned out that her artificial hymen had fallen out and was broken. Seeing Mr. Liu’s surprised eyes, Miss Zhang confessed everything to him.   Hymen ads appeared in high schools.    The ads were originally only in the girls’ toilets in colleges and universities. Later, the artificial hymen ads were also seen in the student dormitories. An advertisement posted in the women’s toilet stated that it was a “fifth-generation artificial hymen” just imported from Japan, and introduced this product “without any side effects, 100% can be fake”, the price is “300 yuan a set, if more than five Set 20% off”. These “artificial hymens”, which claim to be “no surgery, no injections, no medications, and no side effects”, are priced at hundreds of yuan, but they are actually inferior products that can be bought in the adult products market for only 20 yuan. Experts say that due to quality problems, these products will harm the health of users, and severely cause infertility.  No sales certificate  The owner of the shop introduced that the two kinds of artificial hymen sold in the shop have different prices. The cheaper one is 18 yuan, and the other is 25 yuan. It is said that the products sold for hundreds of yuan on campus are actually these products that cost about 20 yuan. The boss said that because these artificial hymens are not allowed to be sold and they do not have a sales certificate, they cannot be sold in stores, only regular customers.  Hymen confession   The hymen is a thin film with a hole in the center that covers the outer opening of the vagina of a woman. Its position is at the boundary between the vagina and the vestibule of the vagina. Both sides of the film are pink and the surface is moist. The hymen of adolescents is small and thick. As a woman’s body matures, the hymen will gradually become larger and thinner and have considerable toughness. The hymen of an adult woman is about 1 to 2 millimeters thick and contains connective tissue, capillaries, and nerve endings. In some movie novels, a lot of blood on the cloth sheets is often used as a mark of a woman’s loss of virginity. This gives people the impression that it is nothing more than a virgin who ruptures her hymen and bleeds heavily during her first sexual life. From a medical point of view, this is not very accurate. In fact, when the hymen ruptures, the blood will not flow like when the great blood vessels rupture. Most of the bleeding is small, only a few or dozens of drops of blood, and some women may not even have a drop of blood. The hymen ruptured after sexual intercourse with irregular surroundings, but the texture remained soft and the scar was not obvious. Due to the delivery of the fetus during the woman’s delivery, the hymen is further damaged, and later there will be several smaller raised marks, which are called “hymen marks”.  The reason for the hymen complex   On the issue of virginity, Chinese people have always been harsh. The fact is true. Inheriting the thousand-year-old moral tradition and repairing the hymen, it is difficult for all walks of life to agree with each other generously, criticizing, criticizing, and criticizing. Artificial hymen is rampant, then, who is consuming such hymen without turning back and taking risks? It is understood that the main customer groups for such products are: escorts, unmarried young women, out-of-favor wives and school students, most of which are based on the needs of virginity and deception. Some women who have suffered rape and other injuries, vigorous exercise and other reasons caused hymen damage before marriage, some non-virgins who had sex before marriage and engaged in the sex industry, with their own different mentalities, for various ulterior purposes, Seek psychological comfort and become a captive of the “virgin complex”.   Hymen rupture cannot be equated with “infidelity to love.” Those premarital sex acts out of helplessness, powerlessness, helplessness and ignorance can and should be understood and forgiven by society. In fact, whether the hymen is intact or not is not enough to reflect the “virgin” or not, nor does it represent women’s virginity. What is important is that a person learns to cherish the loyalty of loving and being loved, being loved and being loved. Furthermore, modern people should establish a new concept of chastity, and should not be limited to the form of hymen