Is it true that there is no way to improve hair that is naturally thin and soft? (with methods to improve hair softness)

“The Book of Songs·The Wind·The Gentleman Grow Old”: “Hair hair is like a cloud, disdain for shackles”, which means that hair is like a dark cloud in the sky, disdain to use a wig bun. From ancient times to the present, a black and beautiful long hair has been a symbol of the beauty of oriental women. However, in today’s society, both men and women want to use a black and lush hair, but it is not satisfactory, whether it is born with sparse hair or acquired hair loss. The sudden decrease in hair volume makes men and women always vigilant whether their hair affects their appearance. To a certain extent, the amount of fine and soft hair determines the value of a person’s appearance. Even Wu Yanzu can’t help holding his hair less. He accidentally evolved the “Yanzu = Great Power” formula of destruction! So what’s the reason for the low volume of hair? Hair is thin and soft, divided into two situations: one is natural hair is thin and soft, hair volume is thin. The other is the shrinkage of hair follicles caused by hair loss, which causes the hair to become slender, gradually fall out, and reduce the volume of hair. My hair loss prevention doctor, among the people who come to me for hair problems, almost all of them have hair loss problems, but they also have some experience in hair care, so let’s talk about this issue today. Natural hair is thin, soft and sparse, which is determined by DNA and can only be improved through some external modifications. I will share with you some tips on how to deal with soft hair quality. 1. If the hair volume is small, you can work hard on washing, cutting and blowing. You can choose a refreshing shampoo that does not contain silicone oil or baking oil. It is best to wash and protect separately. You can also master some tips for blowing hair. For example, many people blow their hair with a hair dryer, not only the style is not good, but the hair is not very fluffy. When blowing the hair, you should face down, from the root to the end of the hair, so that it is half-dry, then raise your head and blow the sides of the hair to achieve a fluffy effect. If you are in the middle, you can blow the hair on both sides as a support point to prevent the hair from falling flat against the scalp. Suitable for men and women. 2. It can be used as perm. In addition to creating a fluffy feeling, a perm can also save you a lot of time to take care of your hair. However, people with low hair volume should pay attention to perm. When perm, you can heat the curl to a higher degree. Just say tony to make a texture. It will be fluffy and natural curls, which is not easy to fail. However, it should be noted that perming can still damage the scalp and hair to some extent. It is better not to perm more than twice a year. 3. Puff powder or no-wash spray. My wife sometimes uses this thing, mainly for hair oil, which sticks to the scalp, but does not want to wash her hair. Before using fluffy powder, divide the hair into sections and spray separately. Lift the hair slightly with your fingers, and spray it about 10~15cm away from the root of the hair. After using the fluffy powder, remember to rub the roots of the hair with your fingertips and scratch the hair to make the hair more fluffy. Pengpengfen 4. Don’t divide in one direction for a long time. It is best to change the position of the distribution line at intervals. In this way, if the hair root is bent in the opposite direction, it will bulge in a nice arc. Or let the hair separate naturally, without a clear dividing line, the hair does not look so compliant. The above are the techniques for managing natural hair that is soft and sparse. Of course, you cannot expect to solve the problem of hair volume from the root cause. Finally, a few more words, hair conditioner, hair mask, gel water and other things that can significantly increase hair oil or stickiness, try not to use them, unless you have severe split ends, but only use conditioner on the ends. Never touch the scalp. Thinning hair is not a trivial matter, I hope friends will take this issue scientifically. If your original hair is healthy, strong, dark and thick, it becomes thin and soft as you age, and your hair volume begins to decrease significantly, indicating that you are experiencing hair loss. Acquired hair is thin and soft, which means that your original hair may be good, thick, hard and more, but with age, or some other factors, the hair becomes very thin, soft, and the volume is reduced ( These factors may be caused by different types of hair loss.) In this case, relying on shampoo, nutrients, care products, etc., basically cannot play a substantial role, then you need to figure out the root of the problem and then solve it. The above picture is from a hair follicle test report from a patient with early seborrheic alopecia. It can be seen that there are still three hair follicle units (upper left), but most hair follicles have only one hair. Let’s look at the comparison of another set of hair follicle detection by the number of hairs. The condition of the hair follicles on the back of the head. A single hair is often a manifestation of the initial stage of hair follicle damage.