Women beware of gynecological diseases

 Healthy and regular life is a prerequisite for beauty. Women in the city are more attractive because of their independence, but fierce job competition, complicated housework, exhausting child education, and even frequent commercial entertainment, etc., force urban women to be busy. In daily life, some women’s self-righteous health care methods and bad habits have caused the body to be infected by bacteria and cause infections, which can easily lead to various gynecological diseases. In this issue, let’s talk about the diseases that women blindly “self-fat” will cause, and crack the prevention and treatment tips one by one.  Method 1: Self-love   Excessive cleaning invites vaginitis  Almost all receptions in the company are arranged by Xiao Wu, and at least half of her entertainment is done by herself. She knows that she is in this position. To complete the task, she often needs to spend more time and energy, and the hard work also makes her pay a certain health price. Due to irregular work schedule, endocrine disorders, leucorrhea increased, and genital itching, in order not to affect the work, so use vaginal cleaning fluid for health care. However, after using it for some time, she found that the feeling of vaginal discomfort gradually increased, and there was a hidden pain in the vagina, which was very scared. After going to the hospital for examination, I discovered that I was infected with fungal vaginitis. She puzzled to ask the doctor: “I usually pay attention to hygiene, often take a bath, and use vaginal cleaning fluid, how can I still be infected with fungal vaginitis?” Analysis: The internal environment destroys the microbial flora in the vagina of susceptible women Among them is a kind of Lactobacillus that resists the invasion of foreign bacteria and is called the “health guard” of the vagina. This Lactobacillus mainly resides in the mucous membranes and folds of the vaginal wall, followed by the vaginal vault and cervix. In the number of viable bacteria excreted in the vagina of healthy women, the number of Lactobacillus can reach 80 million/ml, accounting for about 80% of the total number of bacteria. Therefore, the number of lactobacilli in vaginal secretions is often used in medicine to determine the cleanliness of the vagina and to judge the quality of the vaginal self-cleaning function.  Remind the majority of women to pay attention to the size of the vaginal cleaning solution, not to use it blindly. Because the eco-environment in women’s vagina is weakly acidic, it has a certain inhibitory effect on many bacteria. Commonly used cleaning fluids can easily damage the pH of the vagina, leading to the rapid growth of pathogens. The ability of the vagina to resist bacteria is greatly reduced, making vaginitis The infection rate has increased. The best way for women to clean the vulva is to use warm water, because warm water will not change the pH of the vagina, so it will not destroy the normal flora of the vagina.   Way 2: Capricious   Premature sexual behavior provokes cervicitis   Lan Lan is a returnee. He received Western education from an early age. He is independent and open. Recently, I suddenly discovered that the leucorrhea has increased, and there are pus-like samples with blood capillary. I thought it was abnormal menstruation and I haven’t paid attention to it. Usually I just cleaned and used the pads myself. Frequent lower abdominal pain and frequent lower abdominal pain caused Lan Lan Feared, after a professional hospital examination, it turned out that it was cervicitis.   ◆Analysis: Cervical prevention, starting from life   The survey data shows that women’s first sexual activity occurred before the age of 18, and the incidence of cervical lesions was many times higher than that after the age of 20. This is because the pubertal cervical epithelial development is not yet mature, the disease resistance is poor, and the immune system is also susceptible to cancer-causing factors. Secondly, for women or their spouses who have multiple extramarital sex partners, the risk of cervical cancer is 2-3 times higher than that of a single fixed partner. Because the more sexual partners, the greater the chance of continued infection with human papillomavirus (HPV), herpes virus, and human cytomegalovirus, and the higher the risk of disease. In addition, bad habits such as smoking and alcoholism are another important cause of cervical disease.  Remind women that the prevention of cervical cancer should start from sexual life. Sex life should not be too early and too messy. At the same time, care should be taken to avoid developing some bad habits. Regular gynecological examination can block the occurrence of cervical cancer. Only early detection, according to different degrees of inflammation and erosion, taking drugs, microwave and radio frequency treatment can achieve the desired effect. Women should take the initiative to go to the hospital for cervical disease screening from the age of 25, preferably once a year. In daily life, don’t underestimate the special conditions such as chronic inflammation of the cervix and vaginal bleeding after sex. They may all be signs of the disease.   Mode 3: Self-pity    Ignoring pain

Can yogurt be eaten warm?

Patients who often encountered intestinal dysfunction and colitis in clinical work consulted me that the yogurt could not be heated. Many doctors and patients introduce that drinking yogurt is indeed effective for intestinal dysfunction and colitis (my experience is also effective), and some doctors say that yogurt must be cold to be effective, but drinking cold will cause gastrointestinal discomfort; but heating Fear of killing Lactobacillus and changing the physical properties of yogurt, reducing the function of yogurt should not know how to balance this pros and cons. In fact, yoghurt can be warmed, but it ca n’t be heated by steaming. You can use warm water below 40 degrees to sit hot yoghurt. It will not kill the lactic acid bacteria in the yoghurt. , Its unique health care value is greater. It is recommended that patients with intestinal dysfunction and colitis limit the temperature and warm yogurt to drink until they feel cold without touching it, which can significantly improve intestinal function and inflammation.