Will eating houttuynia cause cancer? What the truth is!

We can often see that some commonly eaten foods have been labeled as carcinogenic on various social software. While preventing, most people will still doubt whether they are really carcinogenic or rumours! Is this the case? Today we will explore the truth. Rumor: Houttuynia cordata contains aristolochic acid, which is nephrotoxic and carcinogenic. Previously, an authoritative medical weekly published an article stating that the presence of aristolochic acid in proprietary Chinese medicines is decisive for liver cancer in Asia ‘S association! As soon as the article came out, it immediately aroused widespread concern on the Internet, and there was also such a remark: regular consumption of Houttuynia not only causes kidney disease in the human body, but harmful substances in Houttuynia cordata also combine with DNA molecules in the human body. Cause gene mutations and induce cancer! &nbsp.&nbsp. As soon as this conclusion comes out, everyone has different opinions on the carcinogenic properties of Houttuynia cordata, and people who love to eat say that it must be rumours and false; Will it cause cancer? Let’s see what the experts say. What is Houttuynia cordata? &nbsp.&nbsp. Houttuynia cordata, also known as Folded Ear Root, has a pungent taste and a cold sex, and is returned to the lung channel. The first part of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia (2015 edition) put Houttuynia cordata into the dual-use list. Houttuynia cordata is also a blindly used traditional Chinese medicine in clinic. Its main function is to clear away heat and detoxify. Why is it said that Houttuynia cordata causes cancer? &nbsp.&nbsp. The main argument for Houttuynia carcinogen on the Internet is: Houttuynia cordata contains a substance harmful to the kidneys — aristoloch lactam. &nbsp.&nbsp. “Aristolochic Acid in Liver Cancer” in Sanlian Weekly on October 30, 2017 also pointed out: “It is known that Houttuynia cordata contains aristolochic lactam, which is a metabolite of aristolochic acid in the human body. !It can also cause kidney disease and liver cancer, and its toxicity is stronger than aristolochic acid!” “Because the aristolochic acid molecule and DNA molecule are very strongly bound, every aristolochic acid molecule you eat will be permanently bound to DNA Above, continue to cause harm!” What exactly is aristolochic acid? &nbsp.&nbsp. Aristolochic acid is classified as a class 1 carcinogen by the International Cancer Research Center, and one of the metabolites of aristolochic acid after entering the body is aristolochic lactam-I, which is also present in certain plants , But the two are not equivalent. Classification of carcinogens. Aristoloch lactam is a general term for a large class of substances, and aristoloch lactam-I has been confirmed to have nephrotoxicity. Is Aristolochic Acid in Houttuynia cordata? &nbsp.&nbsp. It should be pointed out that the aristolochic lactams detected from Houttuynia cordata are AII, BII and FII, and the total content is 0.016g/kg, which is very low. &nbsp.&nbsp. Therefore, “Houttuynia cordata has nephrotoxicity” has some data support, but the logical inference that “Houttuynia cordata causes cancer” directly belongs to the concept of stealing replacement. Can Houttuynia be eaten often? &nbsp.&nbsp.Although there is no definite evidence that eating Houttuynia can cause cancer, everyone should not eat Houttuynia as a meal, after all, it is a drug that is three-way poisoning! Occasionally eating once or twice is no problem. &nbsp.&nbsp. There are many similar foods. For example, our common sprouted potatoes, fresh daylily and beans that are not fully cooked contain “pure natural” toxins, which will be toxic to the human body after consumption. &nbsp.&nbsp. With the continuous development of scientific research, we will constantly update our understanding of the original food ingredients. &nbsp. For foods that are known to be toxic and carcinogenic, it is best not to eat; for foods that are not certain, you can choose to eat less, use cooking methods to remove those uncertain substances, or replace them with other foods. &nbsp.&nbsp.In fact, improper cooking methods in our daily lives, carcinogens in our living environment and family history of cancer, these factors have a far greater impact on the incidence of cancer than the natural toxins contained in food on the human body. &nbsp.&nbsp. Finally remind everyone that no matter what kind of food, you should not overdose when you eat, to ensure the richness of the diet to have a healthy!