What happened to the unevenness and appearance of the tear groove after collagen injection? How to solve?

Collagen is a product that is difficult to inject in injection products and has very high technical requirements for doctors. Therefore, some clinic doctors will have unevenness and lumps after tear injection of collagen. How to solve it? Aging around the eye is common in dynamic wrinkles, static fine lines, dark eye pigmentation, tear groove depression, eye bags, etc. Then these eye aging problems, with the development of the medical beauty industry, there are many targeted treatment methods to help everyone anti aging. For example, the depression of the tear groove can be effectively solved by the most suitable collagen injection. However, some patients have problems: after the tear groove is filled with collagen, there are irregularities and two flutes under the eyes, just like caterpillars. What is going on? Did the injection fail? Is collagen bad? I started to think about infinitely…. For this problem, I have been saying: Collagen is the most difficult product among all injection products and the most technically demanding doctors; the reason for the above problems is entirely due to the lack of doctors’ technology, collagen cannot be Back the pot. How is the tear groove formed? Lacrimal groove refers to a concave groove that appears from the inner corner of the eye to the nasal side of the lower eyelid.It is caused by the atrophy and sagging of the soft tissue at the lower edge of the orbital septum, the pulling of the lacrimal ligament, the skin of the eyelid and orbit, and the orbicularis muscle Formed by different thickness. No matter how beautiful her eyes are, she will be overshadowed by the presence of tear grooves, and she will show sheer aging. However, the hierarchical structure of the tear groove area is relatively thin, and injection filling is not seemingly simple. In fact, extremely high injection skills and rich experience are required, whether it is deep filling or shallow layer repair, injection depth and injection dose There are many particularities, and the right product should be selected. How to fill the tear groove naturally without bumps 1. Recommendations for the injection level: deep periosteal layer, the periosteal layer injection is more natural and safe; 2. The injection should be slow: shaping while pushing the injection, because the skin at the tear groove is thin , So that the filler can be evenly laid on the depression of the tear groove without forming nodules; 3. shallow injection should pay attention to the dose: some beauticians have deep tear grooves, and deep injections cannot completely correct the tear grooves. The layer is injected flat to enhance the effect. However, the skin, subcutaneous and orbicularis oculi muscles in the lower eyelid are very thin and tightly connected.When too much filler is injected in the superficial layer, the filler is easily injected into the orbicularis oculi muscle layer to form fibers wrapped and clump together. Causes unevenness of the fundus, and various appearances, like “caterpillars”. Summary For collagen eye injection, the anatomical structure of the tear groove needs to be well-understood; the diagnosis of the deep and shallow layers of the tear groove needs to be clear; the injection point must be carefully controlled; and the injection dose at each level should be properly controlled. So many factors affect the quality of the injection.

Rescue the concave face, get rid of the tears, and don’t be afraid of being undressed!

Whenever I don’t wear makeup, people will be asked, “Are you sick? Why do you look so haggard?” Shunkou explained that she was not sick, but only had a heavy tear! You will be asked again, “Did the tears appear because you always cried?” Then gossip, waiting for me to talk about misfortune ~ Really, don’t play too much? ? ? The tear groove is not related to crying, but the blue, purple, and blue tear grooves hang on the face, with a little depression, which is really very tired. So what exactly is a tear ditch? NO1. What is the tear groove? The tear sulcus, also called bleb sulcus, refers to a concave groove that appears from the inner corner of the eye to the nasal side of the lower eyelid, and is a concave groove at the bottom of the eye bag. It is the channel through which the tears fall, which is why it is called the tear groove. Still do not understand, then look at the picture! & nbsp. It’s not detailed, let’s dissect its structure, and then look deeper! ◆ & nbsp. Frontal view: As shown in the figure, the position of the close eyelid is the orbicularis oculi muscle, which is separated by a ligament into a semicircle; the outer circle is the orbicularis orbicularis muscle, which is a complete circle. The junction of the orbicularis oculi muscle and the orbicularis orbicularis muscle is the tear groove. Also, there is no fat outside the orbicularis oculi muscle; the orbital orbicularis muscle is covered with subcutaneous fat. ◆ & nbsp. Side view: There is a ligament below the orbicularis oculi muscle of the eyelid (orbicularis oculi muscle restricts the ligament), which limits the bulging of the surface tissue. NO2. The tear groove is not crying, but because … the tear groove is mainly generated by the shrinkage and sagging of the soft tissue at the lower edge of the orbital diaphragm. The general tear grooves are divided into three types according to the reasons for their formation: 01. Thin skin and thick tear grooves are not exclusive to the elderly, but people with thin skin on the eyes are often more obvious than the average person. After all, the skin around our eyes is thinner than other parts, and the subcutaneous support is strong or weak. It is easy to form tear grooves on the skin around the eyes and cheeks. 02. Skin aging and relaxation With the increase of age, collagen is continuously lost, and the subcutaneous tissue fat is decreasing, and collagen is an important part of supporting the skin, and the tear groove will become more and more obvious. 03. Staying up late to play games with your eyes and making reports with your eyes too much. This is not only a cause of dark circles but also tears. In addition, the lack of water and the use of unhealthy cosmetics may also cause the skin to sag and sag. After the skin slack causes the tear groove to appear, if the skin is not repaired in time, the tear groove will become more and more serious, and it will also appear with the eye bags It looks older. & nbsp. Many fans asked me backstage, professors and professors, if tear grooves have formed, if you strengthen massage or try hard to wipe skin care products, will the tear grooves be good? This question is actually equivalent to, when the fat slips, will rubbing eye cream or massage make it climb up? The answer is of course no! If you can smooth out wrinkles with skin care products, how can the medical beauty project be so loved by everyone. I will introduce three more common medical and aesthetic methods to help my sister who is troubled with tear grooves to return to the little fairy & nbsp.NO3. Farewell to the tear groove, the way to return to the fairy 1. Injection of hyaluronic acid Injection of hyaluronic acid to fill the tear groove is now It is a very common method. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that exists in the human body itself. After injection into the human body, it usually does not have any side effects and will not cause any harm to the human body. The effect of injecting hyaluronic acid to fill the tear groove is very Ideal, so most people are more acceptable to fill the tear groove with hyaluronic acid injection. 2. Collagen filling the tear groove with collagen injection is also in the category of injection beauty. The effect of injecting collagen to fill the tear groove is mainly to enable the collagen lost in the skin of the tear groove to be replenished and regenerated. After the protein reaches the location of the tear groove, it can make the skin of the tear groove more compact. It should be noted that beauty lovers who are allergic to protein cannot inject collagen to remove the tear groove. 3. The depth of the gold dot matrix RF needle is generally 1.0-2.0mm, and the heating depth is 0.5cm-2cm, which stimulates collagen hyperplasia, suitable for shrinking pores, tightening skin, removing acne scars, wrinkle removal, and improving tear grooves. , Decree pattern, puppet pattern. & nbsp. In addition to proper medical treatment, daily preventive work should not be slack. Maintain adequate sleep, not only prevent tear grooves, but also protect the skin; daily care, apply eye cream morning and evening, and the technique is lighter, the skin of the eyes is more delicate and thinner than other parts; if there is a tear groove, please do not panic, find the doctor, say goodbye Tears are not dreams