What is the reason for the lack of security in the heart?

The white-collar workers in and out of the business district are well-dressed and confident, but they are worried about their future. The retired old man with white temples has no worries about food and clothing, and is full of children and grandchildren, but he is worried about health problems and even his family members. ——These may be manifestations of insecurity. American psychologist Maslow pointed out that a sense of security is “a feeling of confidence, security and freedom separated from fear and anxiety” that supports life and mental health. Those who own it have high subjective satisfaction, optimism and confidence. People who lack it have low life satisfaction, anxiety and fear. The sense of security is sometimes external, such as worrying about being broken in love, being unemployed, or being sick. These fears have clear targets and can be regained by improving the environment. Some sense of security is internal. For example, a wealthy family is often awakened by nightmares of poverty. This sense of insecurity comes from a fragile heart. 01. Cause: Being left out and hurting, the sense of security is not an inherent “gift of God”, but it needs to be cultivated slowly the day after tomorrow. People who are insecure often have the following experiences. 1) Poor family atmosphere. British psychologist John Bowlby believes that the relationship between six to twenty-four months old infants and their parents determines their sense of security in adulthood. If the mother is not cared for, needs are not met, and crying cannot be responded to, it will be difficult for children to develop a basic sense of trust. In childhood, if parents often quarrel, moody, rough education, etc., children’s minds will be tortured by tension, fear, and anxiety for a long time, and they will easily feel insecure. 2) Have been hurt. For example, a person who has been in a relationship may be suspicious in the next relationship. People who have experienced poverty may have lingering fears about the lack of money, and then “make money” unscrupulously. People who have been attacked by mobs in the middle of the night may have fear of darkness. There are also people who are always criticized and denied, and are prone to lack of self-confidence, so they are full of anxiety about the future, hoping for safe insurance in everything, and afraid of losing control of their lives. Although the sense of security is more of one’s own business, there are some people and things that make people feel insecure. First of all, a familiar person’s words and deeds are inconsistent with usual. For example, a colleague with a docile personality suddenly jumps into a thunder, and a romantic partner who was originally a glue is suddenly cold or hot. Secondly, people with different words and deeds, such as those with cold expressions, not talking all day long, and those who love to wear strange clothes, this kind of “playing cards according to common sense” can easily bring insecurity to everyone. 02. Prescription: Letting go of gains and losses and making friends is the cornerstone of mental health. In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, the sense of security is second only to the needs of food, air, and water to maintain life. People who are insecure are like trees without roots, it is difficult to establish good relationships with others, and it is difficult to live with their hearts. Therefore, since the sense of security is lost, we must try to find it back. First, correct self-understanding and improve self-confidence. People who have a sense of security do not necessarily occupy the most stable resources, but they must have such a talent-“I don’t care about what I have, don’t remember what I don’t, don’t be afraid of losing, and don’t pursue strength. Twisted. I feel that everything is my own, and it doesn’t matter if it is nothing.” Second, don’t think about it. Insecurity is actually a kind of “magnification psychology”, which magnifies one’s own burden and pain. We must learn to enjoy the process instead of worrying about the result. When insecurities arise, try to make positive attributions. For example, if you call a friend and the other party does not answer, don’t think that he doesn’t care about yourself. People may be in a meeting. Third, make more friends and improve the social support system. The best insurance is not to save money, but to have a few sincere friends. Good interpersonal relationships can provide important psychological support and satisfaction, as well as help yourself in times of difficulty. At the same time, helping others can improve anxiety. The last thing to remind is that parents should communicate more with their children, be reasonable in situations, create a harmonious family atmosphere, try not to quarrel in front of children, and use role models to guide children to develop a peaceful and friendly character. 03. Nine small questions to check your sense of security 1. Are you often dissatisfied with the world? 2. Do you feel that life is unfair to yourself? 3. Are you vulnerable? 4. Do you lack self-confidence and dissatisfied with yourself? 5. Do you feel that others do not respect or like yourself? 6. Are you afraid of the future? 7. Do you feel that others cannot be trusted? 8. Are you easily upset? 9. Do you often doubt that others talk about yourself, and to others

Bailu is cool, don’t ignore blood diseases that are prone to occur!

The Bailu solar term is the beginning of the real cool season. Many people blindly emphasize the nourishment of seafood, meat and other nutrients when conditioning their bodies, while ignoring the seasonal susceptibility to disease, causing physical damage to themselves and their families and affecting them. For study and work, I would like to remind everyone that nasal diseases, asthma and bronchial diseases should be avoided in the Bailu solar term.   Especially for those diseases caused by physical allergies, it is necessary to be more cautious in dietary regulation. For patients with bronchial asthma caused by allergies, they should eat less or no fish, shrimp, sea fish, cold broiled pickles, spicy, sour, salty, sweet and fatty foods. The most common ones are hairtails, crabs, shrimps, chives, Yellow flowers, pepper, etc., should be light, digestible and vitamin-rich foods.  Modern medical research has proved that if the body lacks certain nutrients, it will cause diseases. For example, lack of protein and carbohydrates will cause liver dysfunction; lack of certain vitamins will cause night blindness, beriberi, stomatitis, scurvy, rickets, etc.; if lack of certain trace elements, such as lack of calcium will cause In rickets, lack of phospholipids can cause neurasthenia, iodine deficiency can cause goiter, iron deficiency can cause anemia, and zinc and molybdenum deficiency can cause poor physical development. These diseases can only be prevented and treated through a comprehensive combination of foods or targeted increases in the above-mentioned food ingredients.   As early as a thousand years ago, the predecessors of Chinese medicine used animal liver to prevent night blindness, kelp to prevent goiter, grains and wheat bran to prevent beriberi, and fruit and vegetables to prevent scurvy.   The diet should be nutritious and light. During the Bailu season, you should pay attention to your diet, especially those with physical allergies that cause the above-mentioned diseases. They should be more cautious in diet adjustment. It is advisable to take light, digestible and vitamin-rich foods. In the season of Bailu, autumn dryness hurts people, and it is easy to consume body fluids. Therefore, dry mouth and throat, dry stool, and dry skin often occur.   This is because traditional Chinese medicine believes that the lungs and the large intestine are on the outside, and the lungs dominate the skin. Therefore, from a diet point of view, pay attention to nourishing yin and nourishing lungs, more pears, white fungus, honey, lily, wolfberry, radish, soy products, etc., and more orange-yellow vegetables, such as pumpkin and yellow radish. It is also necessary to eat some green leafy vegetables to supplement vitamin C, such as kale, spinach, and green cauliflower.

Which hospital in Changsha specializes in treating constipation? What are the causes of constipation?

What is the formation of constipation related to? Constipation is common in our lives and is related to many factors. There is no substantial disease and it is closely related to the patient’s diet. So what kind of diet is prone to constipation? The following Professor Xie Lizi is specific introduce. Too little intake of fine and coarse grains will result in fewer food fiber residues in the intestines, less feces, too little effective intestinal stimulation, slow intestinal peristalsis, feces staying in the intestines for too long, excessive absorption of water by the intestines, resulting in stool Dry, secret knot. 2. Ingestion of vegetables and fruits and other vegetables, fruits and other foods that are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Inadequate intake of foods rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals makes the body lack of these necessary nutrients, and the large intestine lacks effective peristalsis, which can also cause constipation. 3. Spicy foods like hot peppers, green onions, garlic and other spicy foods can help burn the side effects of body fluid, and it is easy to cause constipation due to lack of body fluid in the intestine. 4. Drinking alcohol regularly can also help burn body fluids and cause constipation. 5. Too little water, lack of water in the intestine, can also cause constipation. Through the introduction of Professor Xie Lizi, you have some understanding of the formation of constipation and what is related, and I hope it will be helpful to you. The discovery of anorectal diseases should arouse attention. Go to the anorectal hospital for examination and treatment in time. Reminder: Changsha Dongda Anorectal Hospital www.csgcyy.cn has launched special services such as “male and female triage” and “night outpatient service” in response to the needs of patients. Citizens with diseases or inquiries can pass through Changsha Dongda 24 hours a day. The big official website www.csgcyy.cn online consultation and dial the hotline: 0731-82839120, or follow the WeChat public account: guahao0731-82839120.

Do you want to keep the freshness in love and marriage?

Author: Liu Yingya woman asked how to keep it fresh with her husband? Managing intimacy well is love for each other. Maintaining “freshness” is an important thing in intimate relationships. However, when you are so deliberately aware of the lack of freshness in the relationship, or deliberately to maintain the freshness of the relationship in this way, it shows that you lack freshness in yourself and your own life experience lacks freshness. When people lack freshness, relationships naturally lack freshness. It’s not difficult to keep the relationship fresh, it’s good for people to keep it fresh. How to keep people fresh? Have your own life instead of staring at each other every day or being confined to the relationship between two people. Have your own life, and have fresh life content every day to maintain your own growth. The simplest thing is to have something you pursue and strive for, preferably a career. Metabolism every day. Can feel the fresh energy in you. There is fresh content exchange every day. There is another direction, that is, two people have the same goal to explore and work hard. Life is not about two meals in four seasons. My name is @心理咨询刘英雅. I use psychology to analyze love, marriage, family life, and make intimate relationships a classroom for self-growth. Welcome to follow. Also welcome to set the stage. Liu Yingya: Master of Psychology, National Level 2 Psychological Counselor. A researcher on the emotional family of both sexes in marriage and love, a researcher on personal, physical and mental growth, an emotional mentor on Baihe Marriage Network, and a corporate employee growth consultant. More than ten years of psychology work, focusing on family relationships and personal growth.

Why do women suffer from vitiligo?

   With the frequent appearance of vitiligo, everyone knows that vitiligo is a disease that harms the skin. Therefore, everyone must carry out prevention and treatment in time to avoid greater harm. To effectively prevent vitiligo, we must first understand its cause. So, why do women suffer from vitiligo?   1. Long-term lack of exercise   Vitiligo may be caused by long-term lack of exercise. If women lack exercise for a long time in daily life, the toxins cannot be discharged through sweat and accumulate in the body for a long time, which can easily cause skin damage. In addition, long-term lack of exercise immunity can also cause the onset of vitiligo, so it is recommended to participate in some physical exercises to discharge skin metabolites, improve immunity, and reduce the occurrence of vitiligo.  2. Stay up late often   Whether it is a woman or another person, staying up late is common in daily life. For most people, staying up for a long time has become a habit. But this kind of life is irregular, and it is easy to cause skin diseases over time, and human body functions will also be disordered. In this case, it will also affect the synthesis and metabolism of melanocytes, thereby triggering vitiligo. Pay attention to early to bed and early to rise, pay attention to work and rest.  3. Improper use of cosmetics    Vitiligo is caused by many factors, but in female groups, improper use of cosmetics is also one of the common reasons. Women who love beauty usually like makeup very much, but the heavy metal content in many cosmetics exceeds the standard. Pigments and harmful substances will remain on the surface of the skin, and even penetrate into the skin, causing abnormal skin metabolism. Therefore, women who wear makeup for a long time are more likely to develop vitiligo.   It is necessary to take relevant preventive measures in daily life to try to avoid the onset of vitiligo and reduce the harm. Women suffering from vitiligo should be treated scientifically, go to a regular hospital for comprehensive testing, find out the cause, and carry out systematic symptomatic treatment according to their own conditions. 

Depression may be by your side, so be careful if you have these symptoms!

   Recently, news about depression has been frequent for several months, and the disease of depression has been pushed to the top of the storm again. Churchill once said: “The depression in my heart is like a black dog, and I will bite at every opportunity.” Not only are many people now plagued by depression, the sages of ancient great men are also inevitable.   According to data from the World Health Organization in 2018, there are more than 300 million depression patients worldwide, accounting for 4.2% of the total population. Among them, more than 54 million depression patients in China. There are far more people with depression than expected. However, some people have a wrong perception of depression.   Depression is not as simple as you can’t think about it. For a long time, the general public regarded depression as hypocritical, fragile, sensitive, and unthinkable. Some people even thought that depression can recover after a sleep and enlightenment.   Some people with depression have said: No one around me thinks I am sick, they just think I am thinking.   Depression is by no means unimaginable. Depression is a disease that is far more serious than imagined.   Depression is a lifelong illness, which may cause great harm to itself, family and society. Patients may lose their social and work ability, which will bring mental and financial burdens to themselves and their families, and may even lead to suicide.  Although depression is so terrible, it does not mean that there is no way. Identify the condition as early as possible, actively treat it, and have a good prognosis. If you want to discover depression early, you must first know the performance of depression. The following are the 8 major manifestations of depression.  The eight major manifestations of depression   Emotional depression  Long-term depression and depression, easy to cry, lack of pleasure in daily life. A few patients are cheerful and lively on the outside, and depressed and painful on the inside.  Xingzhiqianqi   is interested in everything, has no motivation and no motivation. Things I like can’t be lifted.  Slow movements  Slow movements, avoiding social interaction, not eating or drinking in severe cases, too lazy to talk, too lazy to move, and can also be manifested as irritability. Poor mental state, listlessness throughout the day, feeling physically exhausted, thinking obstacles, slow thinking, inattentiveness, reaction to this period, memory loss, low self-esteem, low self-esteem, self-blame, thinking that you are worthless, deviation in identity, self-mutilation, light life, feeling better than death , Other behavioral disturbances such as self-mutilation and suicide, difficulty falling asleep, and easy to wake up; decreased appetite, weight loss, can also be manifested as overeating, weight gain, seated at the same number, friends with one or more performances may want Pay more attention, it is best to go to the hospital for a diagnosis to see if it is depression. If it is not, just depression, you can rest assured. If it is, aggressive treatment, depression is not terrible.

Women’s lack of exercise easily leads to pelvic inflammatory disease

 Many women are quiet and quiet, few are active. So, do you know? If women lack exercise, it will bring you some health risks. In fact, lack of exercise is also a cause of many gynecological diseases, such as chronic pelvic inflammatory disease. Women’s lack of exercise is easy to cause pelvic inflammatory disease, especially the lack of exercise in the lower abdomen: This is most common among urban professional women. They often lack exercise in themselves, plus they often sit in the office for a day The long-term pelvic blood reflux is not smooth, and chronic pelvic congestion slowly begins, which leads to the emergence of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease. Its main manifestations include: lumbosacral pain or lower abdominal pain, or standing for a long time, overwork, or increased premenstrual period, which affects work. Or there may be increased leucorrhea, menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea with high menstrual blood volume, unpleasant sexiness; blocked fallopian tubes, infertility, etc. For a long time or have a weak constitution, high mental stress, often accompanied by neurasthenia. The scope of pelvic inflammatory disease is mainly limited to fallopian tubes, ovaries, and pelvic connective tissue. The following types are common: Salpingitis: It is the most common type of pelvic inflammatory disease. The fallopian tube mucosa and interstitium are damaged by inflammation, making the fallopian tube thicker and fibrous, and it is in the form of a rope or the ovaries, fallopian tubes and surrounding organs are adhered to form a hard and fixed mass. Fallopian tube hydrops and fallopian tube ovarian cysts: After inflammation of the fallopian tube, the umbrella end is adhered and locked, and the serous fluid leaks out from the tube wall, slipping into the lumen to form hydrops. With the absorption of pus with clear tubal empyema, hydrops can also be formed. If the ovaries are involved at the same time, fallopian tube ovarian cysts are formed. Chronic pelvic connective tissue inflammation: inflammation spreads to the parauterine connective tissue and the uterosacral ligament most commonly. The local tissue is thickened, hardened, fanned outwards and spreads directly to the pelvic wall. The uterus is fixed or drawn to the affected side. What are the factors that induce pelvic inflammatory disease? 1. The unique system of the genitals has an opening in the exposed part of the external genitals, which is also connected to the internal genitals hidden deep in the pelvic cavity. The pathogen is very fast and thus immediately or indirectly ascends to infect the pelvic inflammatory disease. 2. The natural protection mechanism of the genitals can quickly withstand the destruction of menstrual periods, childbirth, gynecological surgery, excessive and unclean sexual exercise, bad clean habits, etc. factors can all cause the natural protection mechanism of the reproductive structure of the lady to be destroyed. 3. The large-scale or long-term use of broad-spectrum antibiotics for iatrogenic infections, the driving of corticosteroids, anti-substitution drugs, the intensity of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and the variety of gynecological surgery and strategic multiplication surgery can be caused by the decline of the patient’s protective ability Infected inside the pelvis.   4. Sexual behavior   People with excessive sexual survival and their homosexuals quickly suffer from pelvic inflammatory disease. In addition, if sexual relations are disordered and cross-infected with each other, certain sexually transmitted diseases are generally spread through sexual behavior, so the incidence of specific pelvic inflammatory disease is also metaphorically high. 5. Other factors  Tuberculosis, appendicitis, surgery, endometriosis, gynecological tumors and other diseases and factors also quickly cause pelvic inflammatory disease.

Why do two patients with nasal repair face consultation want to repair? Why did you enter the repair?

Why do two patients with nasal repair want to repair? Why is it going to repair? One is typical of high expectations; the other is a lack of knowledge. The first type of expectations is too high: the rhinoplasty surgery done 1 year ago, the overall nose shape and face shape are naturally coordinated, but the patient appealed that the tip of the nose was a little concave, not flat enough, and when I touched the judgment, I found that the skin on one side was too The thinness causes the cartilage to appear, resulting in a slight depression. Many people think that it is easy to make a filling or open it up once the cartilage is opened, but once it is repaired and opened, it must be replaced with new ones, such as prosthesis and cartilage stents (in order to prevent infection and other problems). Not as simple as everyone thinks. To fix this almost invisible problem, I think that the reason is not enough, and the risk factor of the operation is completely ignored. The result obtained may not be proportional, but it is more depressed than it is now, because the skin is thin and thick. Our doctor There is no complete control. The second type of knowledge is lacking: I do life beauty in a beauty salon all year round, because of the emotional trust in the service staff, I sell her a nasal injection of the child’s face, exaggerating the claim that it can grow and have a good effect, so I paid for treatment. Then the question is coming: 1. Beauty salons do not have plastic surgery qualifications, and national regulations do not allow skin injection treatment; 2. Tongyan needles are not approved by the state, we do not recommend injections. 3. Lack of knowledge, what others say, just do, Without thinking, this is terrible and goes straight to the repair road. The above examples, I believe that many people have experienced, there are many types of such patients in my outpatient clinic, I hope you treat the plastic surgery more rationally, think more, and have more correct logic with the doctor’s interview Communicate, avoid detours and avoid repairs.

Two hundred percent love

Author: Liu Yingya I always put the percentage of two hundred to love, I could not restrain myself. So, every time I broke up, I was hurt. This is what a woman said. There must be a problem with a two hundred percent commitment. Any overexpression is actually a clamor. This kind of clamor may be the call of lacking love, because the lack of love is due to the inner lack and needs oneself, but it appears to be over-paying; this kind of clamor may be the resistance to life and death she has experienced. Both stem from the inner regret. This kind of love is very active, but it is immersed in its own internal plot, without listening to the other party or seeing the other party. Let the other party and relationship be uncomfortable. The other party may also be forced to open business with you into your internal drama. This is a very disturbing thing. The other party will also resist. After all, it will slowly move towards separation. When it comes time to break up, your expectations are broken again. If you will be two hundred percent into love, still face yourself first. Not to mention two hundred percent, those who are 100 percent into love need to face and deal with themselves. To face the lack of their own hearts, and the pain of parting. WeChat public account (psychological consultant Liu Yingya), the same name WeChat (psyajfz)

Which hospital in Lanzhou is good for treating impotence?

【Lanzhou Longda Men’s Hospital】 Which hospital is good for treating impotence in Lanzhou? [Free consultation telephone 0931-4523019] Once a male friend is diagnosed with impotence, he should go to a regular hospital for treatment in time to avoid the deterioration of the condition. So what is psychological impotence? Let’s take a look at the introduction. Therapeutic methods for psychological impotence mainly include: 1. Anxiety, fear, anger, depression and other types of emotional reactions. There will also be coldness, boredom, and disgust. These reactions and manifestations act on the upper and lower centers and ultimately affect the physiological function of the penis. Therefore, heart disease also requires heart medicine, as is the treatment of psychological impotence. 2. Lack of self-esteem, self-confidence, full of inferiority complex, depression or poor body image may cause psychological impotence. This requires psychological counseling, looking at your own strengths and enhancing self-confidence. It is a necessary measure to treat this type of psychological impotence. . 3. The mother’s excessive autocracy hurts the male self-imagination. The cold, lack of physical affection of the parent role model. Parents punish the sexual health interest they showed in childhood. Early homosexual experience or incest experience. Gender identity Or confusion of identification. The failure of the first sexual intercourse attempt brings heavy psychological pressure. These will cause psychological impotence, how to treat need to consult a psychologist. Fourth, the relationship between partners is very important. Lack of communication between partners. Fearfulness. Fear of partner and fear of women. Lack of trust and even hatred of partner. Out of sync with partner ’s sexual desire. Sexual values ​​and interests are not in harmony. Partner ’s physical attractiveness is weakened, which is also caused by Causes of psychological impotence. “” “How to treat impotence in Lanzhou?