What should not be done in dog days?

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.What shouldn’t be done during the dog days? Dog days are the hottest time of the year. As the saying goes: The heat is doomed. For people in the dog days, there are still a lot of stress and taboos. Dr. Xinglin, Dr. Cao tells you: What things should not be done in dog days? Sweat first. In life, many people like to go to extremes. When I heard XX said that I sweat well in summer, and I sweat profusely every day, and my clothes are soaked, just like washed. The human body should sweat in summer, not the more the better. If you sweat a lot and you are very thirsty, it is too much. If you sweat too much, your body will be short of water and get heat stroke easily. People with three highs are more resistant to sweating profusely. Second strenuous exercise. In summer, our heart beats faster and the pressure is greater. If we do vigorous exercise again, it is easier to increase the burden on the heart and body. Especially for some elderly people and people with poor blood vessels, the increased blood vessel pressure will pose a great risk. Easy to cause the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular. The third is very hot and iced. The human body sweats a lot when it is very hot. Don’t drink iced cold drinks right away. Drink it at this time. The human body is very comfortable at that time. People’s gastrointestinal, heart, and blood vessels will have greater pressure, and people who do not regulate well will soon experience discomfort. Such as stomach pain, abdominal pain, diarrhea and so on. The fourth hottest shower. The internal temperature of the human body is extremely high, the pores sweat a lot, suddenly a bit of cold water, the principle of heat expansion and contraction, the qi and blood flow up, the body’s cardiovascular resistance is large, and the risk is very high… Fifth, drink water too quickly. The weather is too hot, sweating a lot, the human body is prone to lack of water, it is not easy to replenish too much, too fast. It is better not to wait for water to drink when there is water shortage, and to replenish water when there is water shortage, it is a bit late. Drink water when it is hot in summer and there is no shortage of water. In this way, the human body is not prone to lack of water. Sixth, take a nap after eating. It is too hot in summer, and most people don’t have a good rest. They are sleepy at noon, so it is suitable for lunch break. A short lunch break at noon can increase the body’s spirit, and in the afternoon can the spirit be better and work efficiency can be high. Seventh, it is not easy to enter a cold room. If your body sweats a lot when it is extremely hot, such as sweating, profusely sweating, etc., do not immediately enter the room and environment with extremely low temperature. It was not obvious at the time, and there will be a lot of harm in the future… Of course, the stress and taboos of dog days are far more than the above. Whoever does it will benefit. Doctor Xinglin Cao finally tells you: There must be a reason for the illness. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.

How do kidney patients spend the hot summer

1. The air conditioner is not always open on hot summer days. Everyone likes to stay in a cool air-conditioned house, but many people do not know that it is easy to breed bacteria and microorganisms in the environment where the air conditioner is turned on for a long time. For those with weak resistance, It is easy to cause various diseases. Such as throat, tonsil inflammation (streptococcal infection), etc., need immediate treatment, and antibiotics should be taken thoroughly, not halfway (by the doctor), otherwise streptococcus is susceptible to kidney disease, especially for children. But in the process of using antibiotics, we must pay attention to the appropriate amount and appropriate to avoid antibiotic poisoning. 2. Overeating Nowadays, more and more people like to have dinner together. They often eat too much big fish and meat and seafood without restraint. Some people ask, how can you eat kidney disease? Seafood is high-purine food, uric acid is the end product of purine metabolism, disorder of purine metabolism or reduced excretion of uric acid by the kidneys can increase blood uric acid. When the concentration of urate in the blood is supersaturated, urate precipitation crystals can be deposited in the kidneys, causing renal parenchymal damage. This is “uric acid kidney neck, also known as “hyperuricemia kidney neck. And eat Potato chips, instant noodles, etc., can make people unknowingly absorb excessive salt, leading to increased blood pressure, which can lead to kidney disease. As for soft drinks and sports drinks, they are generally highly acidic. The pH of the body changes significantly after drinking. Increased probability of damage due to increased burden. 3. The most direct injury to the kidneys caused by high temperature is the high temperature in midsummer, and high temperature has direct damage to the kidneys of the human body, which can lead to dehydration of the human body and low urine output, resulting in increased kidney load and loss of water and salt metabolism in the body. , Affecting normal physiological functions, causing abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms. The best way to protect the kidneys in summer is to drink a small amount of cold boiled water many times to promote normal metabolism and protect kidney health. 4. How to replenish water? Kidney is the main place for excretion of metabolic wastes and medicines. Summer heat is prone to sweating a lot, so the water lost through the skin every day greatly increases, up to more than 1000 ml. Urine is concentrated when there is a lack of water, and the concentration of these substances in the urine is significantly increased, which is easy to cause kidney damage. If water is not added in time, it is easy to cause water shortage and kidney damage. Therefore, some kidney patients should pay special attention to supplement water. For the elderly, they often have no obvious thirst when the water is obviously lacking. When the weather is hot, the elderly have decreased appetite and increased sweating. In addition, the kidneys have poor water retention capacity and often have no thirst when they lack water. It is easy to cause severe water shortage and lead to damage to kidney function. The elderly must develop the habit of drinking water in moderation without being thirsty. Proper drinking before bed also helps prevent plasma concentration and thrombosis. The elderly have reduced kidney concentration and more urine at night, so they should drink water before going to bed. So how much water should each person replenish each day? This varies from person to person. The general principle is to maintain 24-hour urine output at 2000-3000 ml. We should pay attention to drinking water reasonably and develop the habit of drinking water daily. The best time to drink water is between meals and in the evening and early morning, but avoid drinking large amounts of water within half an hour before meals and immediately after eating to avoid diluting stomach acid, affecting appetite and digestion. As for what kind of water is best to drink, don’t pay too much attention, ordinary drinking water will do. 5. Periodic inspection is very important. Lastly, it is mentioned that kidney function tests are often done. It is best to stipulate that you must do routine urine screening and blood pressure tests every six months. Almost half of kidney patients undergo kidney damage unknowingly, so when the body feels unwell, it may be the end of kidney disease (uremia)-it is time to rely on the dialysis machine to survive. Summer is a splendid and beautiful season, don’t let the disease take advantage of bad habits. The kidney is very important for a person. The normal operation of the kidney function ensures the stability of the environment in the body and allows the metabolism to proceed normally. We can protect it so that it can better solve problems for us. Finally, I wish all my friends good health and stay away from disease!