Nearly 80% of primary and middle school students do not sleep up to the standard, and lack of sleep is a lot of harm, parents should pay attention to

I remember not long ago that I saw a “China Children’s Development Report-Children’s Living Conditions Outside School” jointly issued by the China Children’s Center and the Social Sciences Literature Publishing House. The report shows that when they go to school, children spend the most time outside of school doing homework. “Like to be distracted and slow” is the main reason. The proportion of children who sleep less than 10 hours, and nearly 80% of primary and middle school students do not sleep up to the standard, and as the school period improves, children go to bed more and more late. Is it too much homework or the child is procrastinating, let’s take a look at what parents say? Many parents say that it is really difficult for their children to finish their homework before ten o’clock. Let’s say that school ends at 5:30 a.m., eats at home at six o’clock and changes clothes, and homework starts at seven o’clock. Basically, they finish writing after ten o’clock every day. If you rush to and from school late or have a lot of homework, you will probably write until eleven or two. But some parents complained: It’s not that we don’t want our children to go to bed earlier, but that the children are too procrastinated. He could have gone to bed at half past nine, but the child did not go to bed until ten o’clock and eleven o’clock. When I wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning, the teacher sometimes reflects that the child is not paying attention in class. 1. How long is a reasonable time to sleep? For children of different ages, the length of sleep required is also different. The “Guidelines for Children’s Sleep” issued by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends: Infants 4 months to 12 months: 12 to 16 hours; 1 to 2 years old: 11 to 14 hours; 3 to 5 years old: It should take 10 to 13 hours; children aged 6 to 12: it should take 9 to 12 hours; teenagers aged 13 to 18: it should take 8 to 10 hours; in reality, many middle school students sleep less than 8 hours . 2. What is the impact of lack of sleep on teenagers? 1. Affecting eyesight If the child does not sleep enough at night and overuses the eyes during the day, it will cause symptoms such as fatigue and dryness in the eyes. 2. Affects height Because human growth hormone is usually secreted during sleep, the quality of a child’s sleep has a lot to do with the length of the child. The night is the time for the human body to rest, and it is also the peak period of human growth hormone secretion. The growth hormone secreted by the human body at night is three times that of the day. 3. Affect the stomach and intestines Many children go to bed very late and are easy to hungry and add meals. Eating after nine o’clock in the evening will cause a certain burden on the stomach and intestines. 4. Affecting attention. Children who do not sleep enough at night will feel dizzy and have insufficient energy during the day. And then affect the child’s memory and analytical ability, as well as attention. 3. How can parents guide their children to have a good sleep? 1. Parents must first have a correct understanding of sleep. Parents must realize that rest is an important means of restoring brain function, and they must let their children sleep as long as they should. 2. From an early age, you should develop the habit of regular sleep for your children. Don’t let your children get too excited before going to bed, and don’t watch too exciting TV programs. Especially one hour before going to bed, try not to watch TV or strenuous activities. You can make a fixed bedtime preparation for your child, such as washing, going to bed, telling stories, going to bed, etc. Every time after starting to wash, the child has a consciousness of preparing to sleep. 3. Drink some milk appropriately. Milk contains two kinds of hypnotic substances. Drinking a glass before going to bed will help relieve fatigue and fall asleep. Walnuts can also improve the quality of sleep, and can be combined with black sesame seeds for children to eat before going to bed. 4. Parents should set a good example. Parents should lead by example to go to bed and get up early to set an example for their children. Good sleep habits require parents to be aware of the dangers of insufficient sleep, and more importantly, parents need to gradually help their children cultivate in their daily lives. Do you have any thoughts on today’s topic? Welcome to leave a comment, and communicate with us. Writing is not easy, please help me to leave a message forward, Dr. Yudi, thank you! Disclaimer: My science popularization and the content of science popularization are personal opinions, for reference only, and have nothing to do with my employer. If my science content is wrong, please leave a message to tell me, I am very willing to verify and correct it. Some pictures come from the network. If your copyright is involved, please contact me to delete it.

What are the benefits of a lunch break for patients with vitiligo?

   Now everyone’s work is still very heavy. Many people don’t say that they are endless, and even work overtime at night. Young people living in big cities are under heavy work pressure and have no time to take a nap at all. However, studies have shown that a lunch break is conducive to physical health and recovery from illness. Therefore, if patients with vitiligo have the conditions, it is best to take a nap at noon, which is conducive to the recovery of vitiligo. So what are the benefits of a lunch break for patients with vitiligo?    Lunch break can enhance immunity. Insufficient sleep can cause physical fatigue. If it continues, it will cause the body to enter a vicious cycle. Although there is no obvious organic disease, the body’s immune function will Decline, resistance will gradually decline, and disease can take advantage of time. Patients can take a proper lunch break, which can improve the body’s immune function and enhance the body’s resistance to diseases.   Nap can improve lack of sleep.    Some people go to bed late at night, which makes it easy to have insufficient sleep time. The quality of sleep at night cannot be guaranteed, which will inevitably lead to dizziness and exhaustion at work the next day. Lack of energy and other conditions affect normal work. Although the nap time is very short, it can make up for the lack of sleep at night to a certain extent and restore some energy.  Nap nap has the effect of relieving fatigue.    Office workers will be in a state of fatigue after a morning of study or work. A nap can not only make up for the night’s sleep, but also relax and rest the brain and body system to a certain extent, make people energetic and responsive in the afternoon, and improve work efficiency in the afternoon. Nap can regulate the internal environment of the body. During the nap, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves of the body are completely opposite to the original nerves. This slows down the body’s metabolism, slows breathing, slows down the pulse, decreases myocardial oxygen consumption, and changes heart consumption. small. The internal consumption of the body is weakened, and the patient’s essence, qi, and spirit will be maintained well, which is conducive to the health of patients with vitiligo and the recovery of the disease. Warm reminder: There are many benefits of taking a nap, but the nap time should not be too long, it is best to keep it within an hour, and you can not go to bed immediately after eating lunch, because the food has not been digested after lunch, if you take a nap immediately, It can cause indigestion and affect the absorption of substances.

You may not be able to handle the physical damage caused by staying up late for a long time. The 6 changes in your body are clear at a glance

  Sleep plays a vital role in human health. It can eliminate fatigue and maintain normal organ function metabolism. Adults’ normal sleep time is 6 to 8 hours a day. Once less than these sleep times, it will affect people’s mental and health.   It’s just that most modern people will stay up late for a long time. Long-term lack of sleep can cause great harm to the body. So, how much damage does staying up late for a long time do to the body? Let’s take a look at it together.  1. Damage to the eyes   When modern people stay up late, most of them are looking at their mobile phones or playing with other electronic products. When the eyes are staring at the screen for a long time, the strong light will stimulate the eye nerves more strongly, which will cause the eyes to become astringent, dry, and sore. Over time will cause vision loss and dryness. Eye disease.  Second, affect development   For teenagers, children and infants, lack of sleep due to various factors will affect the normal development of the body.   After entering deep sleep, the body’s ghrelin will be secreted. If you stay up late or have insufficient sleep for a long time, the secretion of ghrelin will decrease, which will lead to developmental delays in teenagers and children.  3. Affect the brain   After staying up late for a long time, usually the next day you will feel dizzy, poor memory, and unable to concentrate.   This is because of a severe lack of sleep, which makes the brain not fully rested, which affects the brain’s thinking and creativity.   Then, compared to people who don’t stay up late, people who stay up late for a long time will have less coordination between their bodies and brains, and their alertness, reasoning, and attention will become particularly poor. It will also seriously affect people’s judgment.  Four, organ dysfunction    After entering deep sleep at night, various organs in the body will begin to regulate and repair their own time, such as liver, lungs, kidneys, stomach, intestines and other organs. If staying up late for a long time, it will seriously affect the normal maintenance and metabolism of these important organs in the body, cause damage to the body function, and seriously affect the normal function of the organs, which will cause the body’s resistance and immunity to become very poor. . 5. Accelerate aging People who stay up late for a long time will age much faster than those who don’t stay up late, because staying up late for a long time will seriously affect the internal metabolism of the body.    Excess garbage and toxins in the body cannot be discharged in time, which directly leads to the body Endocrine and hormone levels will be affected, resulting in disorders.   These conditions will be reflected through the skin, causing the skin to appear stains, wrinkles, dullness and lack of elasticity.   In addition, due to long-term lack of sleep, it will severely damage the human kidneys, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the hair, resulting in severe hair loss.  6. ​​Obesity   People who stay up late for a long time are prone to obesity. When sleep is insufficient, people’s hunger will increase a lot.   The leptin signal in the brain will reduce the secretion, thereby increasing the level of hunger hormone in the stomach, which will stimulate the appetite and the desire for high carbohydrate and high fat food will appear.   In addition, due to staying up late for a long time, the body will experience edema, which will also affect the body.   To sum up, compared with people who stay up late for a long time, the function of various organs in the body will be severely damaged, which can easily lead to various diseases and even increase the chance of sudden death.   For women, staying up late for a long time will accelerate aging and will seriously affect the health of the uterus and ovaries.   Therefore, it is necessary to reduce staying up late, create a comfortable sleeping environment, and improve the quality of sleep to ensure the health of the body.

What problems can always cause insomnia?

In our lives, because of work pressure, study pressure, family reasons, we will become very anxious, we may have a bad appetite, we may not work efficiently, and the most troublesome thing is insomnia. So, what is the bad effect of our insomnia? Here are some bad results that insomnia can cause, but not all of them will appear on you. 1. May cause depression or anxiety. Long-term insomnia will make a person’s mentality become particularly unstable, often easy to lose their temper, or fall into deep sadness, leading to various mental illnesses. . 2. Easily lead to mental and physical disorders, nervousness, impatience, and inability to concentrate. In severe cases, disorientation may occur, or even serious mental disorders, such as fantasy or hallucinations. Long-term insomnia will make people’s spirits become sluggish, unable to maintain normal energy, and affect family harmony and interpersonal communication. Long-term lack of sleep will increase people’s hunger and stimulate appetite. Frequent insomnia can cause many diseases, such as neurasthenia, depression, high blood pressure, heart disease, wealth and wealth. 3. Easy to get old, dull skin, easy to accelerate aging, and easy to have acne. Only in a deep sleep state can help the repair of skin tissues. If you always have insomnia, it will definitely affect the metabolism and accelerate the speed of skin aging. Insufficient sleep will make the skin dull and dull, and breed a lot of wrinkles and dark circles. Lack of sleep will release cortisol from the body. A large amount of cortisol will decompose collagen and affect the smoothness and elasticity of the skin. 4. Causes vision loss Too much insomnia leads to vision loss. The less time you sleep, the easier it is to have visual deviations, can’t see things, and even hallucinations. Staying up late will overdraw your eyes too much, and staying in the light for a long time will make your eyes tired and cause night blindness or decreased vision. 5. Decreased resistance and insufficient sleep time or depth can cause dizziness and dizziness, and may also cause neurological disorders. It is easy to get neurasthenia or plant dysfunction. Easily lead to inattention and memory loss. 6. Obesity. Relevant studies have found that people who sleep less than 6 hours a day are more likely to be obese. The above are the situations that may cause insomnia. If you have some of the above situations, don’t worry, you can go to a professional psychologist to provide information for you. I hope you come out soon and have good dreams every night. I am a psychiatrist Gu Yaliang, dedicated to popular science on anxiety, insomnia, obsessive-compulsiveness, depression, etc. If you find it useful, please pay attention to me!

What is the cause of the spread of vitiligo on the arm?

   The diagnosis and treatment of vitiligo requires long-term persistence, but some small details in life will hinder the diagnosis and treatment of vitiligo, so you should pay attention to it, and don’t wait for the spread of vitiligo to pay attention to it. So what is the cause of the spread of vitiligo in the arm?    One, bad eating habits, picky eaters, partial eclipse, snacking, irregular eating and other bad eating habits will lead to the imbalance of human nutrition intake, leading to the lack of trace elements, and the trace elements of copper and zinc Lack will directly lead to and lead to the spread of vitiligo. Therefore, for those who have unhealthy diet and living habits, this will greatly hinder the diagnosis and treatment of vitiligo.  二. Careless skin protection  Skin is the natural protective barrier of human beings, but some patients do not pay attention to protecting their skin. Failure to pay attention to isolation when going out directly leads to the further spread of vitiligo and hinders the aggravation of vitiligo. At the same time, if you do not pay attention to protecting your skin in your life, the injury will directly lead to the homomorphic reaction of your body, which greatly accelerates the diffusion of melanin.  3. Lack of sleep after staying up late for a long time   In fact, if the patient does not rest well or does not get enough sleep, it is easy to gradually worsen the condition. There are many diets that cause vitiligo. Lack of sleep is just one of the common patterns. But if the vicious circle continues, it will only lead to a decline in their immunity. In the long run, it is not conducive to the one-step recovery process.   Warm reminder: If vitiligo spreads, it is recommended that you should go to a regular hospital for testing and treatment in time, and cooperate with the doctor for diagnosis and treatment, so that the disease can recover as soon as possible.

How harmful is staying up late?! In addition to causing cancer, it can also make you fat

“The night is too beautiful, although it is too dangerous, there are always people who stay up late with black eyes.” Staying up may be the most true portrayal of office workers living in the 996 era! Especially for young people struggling on the front line, staying up late and working overtime is commonplace, and some are because of work. Needs, and some are due to “do not understand the darkness of night” and choose to stay up late with revenge. Although many people know that staying up late can cause skin deterioration and liver damage… But knowing what to do, you still cannot change the habit of staying up late. TOOYOUNGTOONAIVE, maybe I haven’t found anything else for a while, but one of them has already been arranged, this is-month and a half. There is a kind of obesity called staying up late! When it comes to sleep, there is a key concept, and that is the biological clock. The human body has an inherent rhythm, which also produces a circadian rhythm that follows a daily cycle. For example, most of us wake up during the day and fall asleep at night. The circadian clock disorder caused by irregular sleep can destroy the immune, endocrine function and lipid metabolism balance. Studies have found that breaking the circadian rhythm will change the composition of mice intestinal microbes, leading to increased dietary fatty acid intake and fat storage. As fat accumulates more, fat will become natural. In addition, lack of sleep can cause appetite to increase. A number of studies for children, adolescents and adults have found that lack of sleep can lead to decreased leptin secretion and increased ghrelin secretion, making people more likely to feel hungry and appetite. When your appetite increases, it may further lead to overeating and weight gain. Is sleep deprivation at night useful? It can’t be said that it’s useless, but for people who often stay up late, it’s difficult to make up for the damage caused by shift work or long-term lack of sleep by “compensating sleep”. It should be understood that a model such as staying up late/shifting-replenishing sleep will repeatedly disrupt the circadian rhythm and change the eating time, which will cause neurological, endocrine and other regulatory disorders, leading to an increased risk of obesity and other diseases. If you want to be thin, start with “sleep”! 01 Guarantee night sleep For adults, you need to ensure 7-9 hours of adequate night sleep. 02Pay attention to the time to fall asleep. It is generally recommended to fall asleep at 22:00-23:00 at night. If you can’t do it for work reasons, try to keep a regular sleep (go to sleep and wake up at similar times every day). 03 Exercise more and develop good exercise habits, but avoid strenuous exercise 2 hours before bedtime. 04 Reduce caffeine intake. For people who have difficulty falling asleep, avoid drinking caffeine-containing beverages and food to reduce noise and light in the sleeping environment. For everyone, the dangers of staying up late are universal. Even if you are thin and have no fear of gaining weight, don’t forget what the article said at the beginning: staying up late makes you tired, your skin gets worse, your liver is damaged, and even staying up late to work is Class 2A carcinogen, it is a great harm to health! Therefore, for your own body, please take sleep seriously!

What should I do if the child does not sleep enough to affect his growth? Experts say you can use 6 tips to improve sleep quality

&nbsp.At six o’clock in the morning, when most people are still asleep, they have already got up to wash and prepare for morning reading; at 11 o’clock in the evening, when most people have fallen asleep, they have just hurried to wash and go to sleep; they are us Children who are studying, adolescents in a period of vigorous growth…Sleep is the most important part of the child’s growth and development process. I believe that every parent understands the importance of ensuring a child’s adequate sleep, but when the child’s sleep and study When performance is linked, many parents are willing to sacrifice their children’s sleep time in exchange for so-called scores. According to the “Children’s Blue Book: China’s Child Development Report (2019)” jointly issued by China Children’s Center and Social Sciences Literature Publishing House, a questionnaire survey of nearly 15,000 urban and rural children and their parents found that 66.5% of children reported in school daily. The extracurricular classes in the category of “subject counseling” have “summer vacations turned into summer vacation classes”; the sleep failure rate of primary and middle school students is 78.30%, of which the proportion of primary school students who sleep failure is 76.93%. “Summer vacation becomes a summer class” is no longer a rare thing. Every summer vacation, parents want to cultivate their children’s specialties, make up for their children’s lack of studies, or worry that their children cannot keep up with the pace at the beginning of school… For this reason, the child will always be enrolled in this or that cram school, regardless of whether the child can accept it. The consequence of this is that the child’s lack of time is not enough, and often they can only sacrifice the time for sleep and rest. On the surface, the child’s score is up. As everyone knows, such a serious lack of sleep will cause the child to develop at a high speed. How much impact the body has. 1. Affect the growth of children. We know that when a child is asleep, it is the peak period of human growth hormone secretion. Children staying up late for a long time will cause a disturbance of the biological clock, which will affect the secretion of growth hormone and affect the child’s height. 2. Affect children’s emotions and behaviors. Children are generally under greater academic pressure. Sufficient and good sleep has the ability to repair emotions. High-quality sleep can restore energy and calm emotions. However, when children continue to lack sleep, they are prone to problems such as attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder, and increased incidence of mood regulation disorders. 3. Insufficient sleep will not only cause the cells of various organs and tissues of the body to not get enough rest, but also reduce the function of immune cells, weaken the resistance to the outside world, and lead to the occurrence of various diseases, such as neurasthenia, Lost appetite, but also easy to catch a cold. 4. Affect children’s academic performance. The brain is the most frequent part of the body’s energy consumption and operation. Adequate sleep can protect the brain and restore energy. Insufficient sleep will cause children to lose concentration during learning, slow down the development of cognitive ability, and Make the child’s memory loss. Having said all this, I believe that what parents care most about is how to make their children go to bed earlier? How to improve children’s sleep quality? The well-known pediatrician Yudi gave us these 6 suggestions: 1. Relieving children’s learning pressure and ensuring adequate sleep is a necessary condition for children’s healthy growth and efficient learning. Therefore, in order to ensure the child’s sleep time, some unnecessary or unnecessary extracurricular tutoring class parents should try to reduce or avoid reporting to their children, and encourage their children to improve their learning efficiency during school, and at the same time strengthen their mental health guidance. Improve children’s ability to resolve stress and cultivate a positive attitude towards life. 2. Cultivate children’s good sleep habits. Set a scientific sleep time for children, and do a few simple small activities before going to bed to help children relax, which can cultivate a bedtime ritual. A typical example is brushing your teeth, bathing, and putting on pajamas before going to bed. 3. Create a comfortable sleeping environment. Try to ensure that your child’s room is comfortable and free from noise and light interference. Noise inside and outside the bedroom and night lights in the bedroom can easily encourage children to engage in more indoor activities and affect sleep. 4. Stay away from mobile phones and avoid strenuous exercise before going to bed. Warn children that they should not do too strenuous exercise 3 hours before going to bed; do not eat a lot of food 2 hours before going to bed; turn off mobile phones and other electronic products 1 hour before going to bed to avoid being affected. In addition, parents should set an example and create a positive family atmosphere. 5. Reasonable diet, strengthen physical exercise, cultivate children’s regular and regular dining habits, and strengthen physical exercise, which can usually teach children the harm of insufficient sleep and the importance of adequate sleep. 6. Reduce caffeine intake and smoking bans in the family. Studies have found that caffeine can cause continuous sleep

Insomnia is often not taken seriously? Be careful and regret it is too late!

Many people suffer from insomnia. Occasionally, insomnia is normal, but if you have frequent insomnia, you need to get attention. Some people think that insomnia is not a big problem and don’t pay attention. Long-term insomnia will seriously affect people’s physical and mental health and life. Quality and work efficiency. Director Chen Aogui of Nanjing Brain Health Institute of Mental Health will explain the specific harm of insomnia.   1. Diseases caused by decreased immune function    Sleep disorders and chronic lack of sleep can increase the risk of these diseases: heart failure, arrhythmia, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes.   2. Insomnia will accelerate aging.   Long-term insomnia in women will lead to early menopause, skin becomes worse and worse, affecting aesthetics. Long-term insomnia in men will cause symptoms such as kidney deficiency, poor health, and poor mental health.  3. Abnormal brain thinking   Long-term lack of sleep, the brain has not been properly rested and adjusted, a series of situations will occur, such as accelerated death of brain cells, the response is becoming more and more sluggish, no energy all day, a trance, etc.   4. Induced anxiety and depression    Insomnia will also have a great impact on the patient’s emotions, such as depression, anxiety and other emotions, severe illness may have mental disorders or neurasthenia, etc.   5. Affect lifespan    Insomnia prevents organs from getting a good rest, aggravates the workload of each organ, and naturally affects lifespan. According to the survey, long-term insomnia will shorten the life span by more than ten years.   6. Insomnia can increase weight   Lack of sleep may increase people’s hunger and promote increased appetite. Related data shows that people who sleep less than 6 hours a day are more likely to become obese than people who sleep 7-9 hours a day.  Warm reminders  The harm of insomnia is often neglected by many people. Many people always feel that insomnia will improve after a period of time, and delaying treatment will lead to aggravation of insomnia. Therefore, when we have insomnia symptoms, we should go to the hospital for treatment in time.

Why get busy and get fat?

First of all, it must be made clear that overwork and fertilizer is not a disease, but a phenomenon. It is a phenomenon in which people who work under stress, have irregular diets, and work more busy are more likely to gain weight. Designers, journalists, doctors, lawyers, e-commerce, IT staff, etc. are the people most likely to suffer from fatigue. Do doctors work too hard? Yes, you read that right, especially doctors who often work night shifts. I have had such an experience. During the emergency department rotation that year, I often couldn’t sleep one night and one night, so I ate a lot of dinners so that I wouldn’t be hungry at night. Yes, after half a year, I lost six pounds. The main causes of overwork and fat are: 1. Insufficient sleep leads to an increase in hunger hormones: Sleeping too little or staying up all night will increase the hunger hormones in the blood, causing excessive eating, and insufficient sleep will slow down the body’s metabolic process, Causes the body to consume less energy and gain weight, which leads to obesity. 2. The increase of the stress hormone cortisol makes people obese: people face psychological pressure caused by heavy work, which will affect the increase of the stress hormone cortisol. People are also prone to fat, and the body fat is easy Transfer to the abdomen, causing a big belly. 3. Poor dietary habits of overworkers: Most people have unhealthy diets (order takeaways), have insufficient exercise, sit and work for long hours every day, and use computers for a long time. Busy friends, do you have any of the above feelings?

Is it normal for a 65-year-old to wake up more than 4 in the morning? Teach you 4 coups, adjust and improve the sleep of the elderly

Is it 65 years old and waking up at 4 o’clock every morning is not normal? To say that it has slowly entered the summer, and the day is gradually getting longer. When it is 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock, the sky outside has started to light up. Waking up at this time is not normal. We still have to analyze different. specific situation. Do older people wake up more than 4 o’clock? If you have good sleep patterns, such as falling asleep at 8 or 9 o’clock in the evening, the quality of sleep is also good, causing you to wake up at more than 4 o’clock, and there is no sleepiness, tired feeling, good mental state, and good concentration during the day. Concentration, under such circumstances, you have enough sleep time (seven to eight hours), and the quality of sleep is also very good, which is completely normal, but your body has adapted to such a sleep rhythm, usually speaking There will be no adverse effects on health. Focus on some situations of lack of sleep. Some elderly friends, who had been sleeping late at night, often wake up. When they wake up at four in the morning, they can no longer fall asleep. During the daytime, they often feel sleepy. Discomfort symptoms such as fatigue, difficulty concentrating, etc. Sometimes you need to make up for a night to recover, but after a night of sleep, the sleep will be worse, the time you wake up and the time you wake up The longer you come, the more tired you will feel during the day. Over time, it will form a vicious circle. Long-term lack of sleep will affect all aspects of the health of the body, and many elderly friends around the age of 65, who are themselves three high patients, cardiovascular disease patients or other chronic diseases, can not guarantee adequate and good sleep, regardless Whether it is to strengthen the conditioning and control of related diseases, or to prevent the risk of acute cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events, are all undesirable factors. Therefore, if you have such a problem, no matter how old you are, it is still important to actively regulate and control, try to keep yourself a good and sufficient sleep, and reduce the health effects of insufficient sleep. It is very important. Elderly friends with insomnia and lack of sleep are advised to improve from four aspects. If there is insufficient sleep and the problem of insomnia still waking up prematurely, first of all, you should find the cause of the sleep problem, is it psychological anxiety, depression, Is it because of physical discomfort, did not develop good sleep habits, or sleep environment is not good? These conditions may affect the sleep health of the elderly and deserve special attention. Since we don’t know the specific situation, let’s talk about them one by one. To improve the quality of sleep and reduce the occurrence of insomnia and early wake-up problems, the first thing is to maintain good sleep habits: go to bed regularly, go to bed when you fall asleep, do not exercise violently before bed, do not drink strong tea coffee and alcoholic beverages, do not Watching movies or TVs that stimulate the excitement of the cerebral cortex, not lying in bed and watching mobile phones, and not drinking a lot of water are all aspects of life conditioning that help to improve sleep and improve sleep quality. If these external factors affect the original, they will not Too good sleep is too unworthy. In addition to eliminating bad habits that affect sleep, maintaining a good sleeping environment is also an important aspect to solve the problem of sleep quality. The sleeping room should be quiet and at the same time should be kept from light. If the daytime in summer is long, if the light is not good in the bedroom The light stimulation of more than four o’clock is enough to make people wake up. If you can maintain a quiet and dark sleep environment, a comfortable soft and hard bed, a high and low comfortable pillow, a thin and moderate bedding and other bedding, for keeping Good sleep is also a good guarantee. In addition to sleeping habits, 65-year-old friends must also pay attention to the adjustment and control of related chronic diseases, such as blood pressure and blood sugar fluctuations caused by the three high problems, such as bone pain caused by osteoporosis, such as caused by chronic pulmonary obstruction Breathing problems, these problems will also seriously affect the sleep of the elderly at night, if you can combine your own actual situation, reasonably regulate and control related chronic diseases, try to reduce the related chronic diseases cause physical discomfort at night, which affects sleep The chance of being comfortable is that the natural sleep problems are easier to improve, the insomnia problems are improved, and the body’s health conditioning is easier. This is a virtuous circle. The impact of emotions is also worth considering. The elderly are older and experience more winds and waves. Do n’t be horny when you encounter something. Try to open up as much as possible.