Classical Moments-Doctor Haishu rereading the Internal Classic 0517-Master Biography

[Original] Qi Bo said: The heart of the five internal organs and the six internal organs is the main, and the lack of pots is the way to go. Huang Di said: Good. Qi Bo said: The liver is the master, so that he can wait outside, if he wants to know the strength, depending on the size of his eyes. Huang Di said: Good. Qi Bo said: The spleen is the main guard, making it welcome food, depending on the taste of the lips and tongues, to know the good and bad. Huang Di said: Good. Qi Bo said: The kidney is the master, so that it can be heard from afar, and the ears are disliked to know its nature. Huang Di said: Good. Wish to hear Liufu. [Translation] Qi Bo said: the five internal organs, the heart is the master, the lack of basin is the channel of qi and blood. From the distance between the two ends of the shoulder bone, the position and shape of the pelvic bone can be observed, so that the height of the heart is crisp and positive. Huang Di said: Well said. Qibo said: The liver is like a general. Use it to resist external evils. If you want to know the health of the liver, you can observe the brightness of the eyes. Huang Di said: Well said. Qibo said: Spleen Lord defends the health of the body, use it to receive diet, deliver food essence to all parts of the body, observe the normal color of lips and tongue, to understand the health of the spleen. Huang Di said: Well said. Qi Bo said: Kidney water runs in the body, kidney qi passes through the ear and affects hearing. Observe the quality of ear hearing to understand the function of the kidney. Huang Di said: Well said. I also want to understand the appearance of Liufu. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Haishu Press: Through the external performance of facial features, we can detect the strength of viscera and essence. If you use the instrument, you can get information such as the number and position, and you can also observe the changes after treatment by comparison. [Rose] Good morning