What about the impact of the native family on me?

Female, influenced by her native family, Dad is grumpy, irritable, has a temper tantrum, and has no responsibility to take responsibility. When I was a child, he often used curse words like pigs and dogs to scold me. , Super scared, my mother is reluctant to accept, leading to these problems now: temper tantrum 1, sensitive suspiciousness 2, self-doubt (serious) 3, weak inner strength 4, too easy to care about others’ opinions (serious) 5. I am the same (I hope others turn around me) 6. I trust all my missing love for my parents on friendship. I have been hurt a lot by friendship, but I am still unclear. 7. I feel extremely insecure and do not trust others (from public comments on the Internet) ),what should I do? Li Fengtao replied: As you can see from your message, I feel inferior and insecure, and I lack love. One cannot change one’s native family, one can change oneself. In fact, everyone will be affected by the original family, and will be more or less hurt. It is possible that the parents have denied it all the year round, they are obviously very good, but they feel bad. To get love from others because of lack of love, these ways are to change yourself by external force. To truly change yourself, you need to strengthen your heart, if you are strong, you can see your own advantages. When you love yourself, you won’t let others love you. It can be changed in the following ways: Tell yourself that this is not your fault, use self-compassion to break the cycle of childhood abuse. Know yourself, understand your emotions, understand your fears, and look at your thinking and behavior patterns from a new perspective. Imagine your inner injured child, and then hug her, love her, comfort her, and help the inner child grow up. When the inner child grows up, you will be strong and you can say goodbye to your childhood trauma. The subsequent growth and change is a process that requires the consultant to let you bid farewell to the past trauma through hypnotic intentions.