18 action points for fine hand training for children

&nbsp.1&nbsp. Grab: grab beans, grab sand, grab toys, grab food…Let children practice various one-handed, two-handed, and full-handed grasping. &nbsp.2&nbsp. pinch: pinch mud, pinch beans into bottles, pinch bubbles of shock-proof plastic film… let children practice pinching large objects, pinching small objects, pinching with two fingers, pinching with three fingers, etc. &nbsp.3&nbsp. Wear: wear beads, lead needles…Let children practice practicing wearing different textures, different colors, different sizes and shapes, or beads with different eyelet sizes, different shades, or using straws, cardboard The cut “beads”, etc., and the hardness, thickness, etc. of the string used to wear the beads can also be different. &nbsp.4&nbsp. Clips: clip food with chopsticks, socks with a disc hanger… Let the children stick to eating with chopsticks, and often use plastic clips to play small games like clips. &nbsp.5&nbsp. Pour: pour beans, pour rice, pour water… slowly transition from pouring solid to pouring liquid, from no scale to scale, from wide mouth to small mouth, pay attention to remind the child to tilt slowly, Keep your movements steady and lean against the center of your mouth. &nbsp.6&nbsp. Press: Press the switch, button, pushpin… &nbsp.7&nbsp. Screw: screw the bottle cap, screw the bottle and cap of different sizes, and pair the bottle and cap one by one, help the child both Discover the connection between things, and practice the ability to rotate the wrist inside and outside. &nbsp.8&nbsp. Peeling: peeled skinned, shelled, packaged food, etc., such as bananas, oranges, peas, candy… &nbsp.9&nbsp. Winding: winding paper, winding wool… …Winding forward, winding backwards, winding upwards, winding downwards, winding inwards, winding outwards…10 series: laces, shopping bags, belts… Buy shoes that require laces for the child, and teach the child to tie the laces each time. 11 Choice: Choose vegetables, let the children go into the kitchen to help choose vegetables, such as removing the rotten leaves of leeks, green onions, etc. 12 plug: buy some spell plug toys, such as snowflakes, etc., so that children continue to practice plug and pull movements. 13% off: Origami, especially folding some special graphics, such as quadrilateral, triangle and so on. 14 strokes: prepare some stick figure graphics for the children, and let the children stroke along the lines of the graphics. 15 Coloring: Prepare a color pen for the child, let the child color the outline of the graphic, let the child paint freely, or let the child paint according to the specified color. 16 tear: tear paper, provide children with a variety of paper, such as old calendar paper, old newspapers, copy paper, napkins, etc., let the child tear along a straight line, tear along a curve, tear along the outline, do not follow the outline to draw line Direct tearing… 17 cuts: paper cutting, flowers and grass… Let the children cut at will, according to the graphic outline. 18 cut: prepare a plastic knife for children to cut the cake, start with cutting plasticine, and then practice cutting bananas and other soft things, and gradually increase the difficulty, such as the requirement to cut isometric, cut thinner and so on .

Condyloma acuminata recurring symptoms

It begins as a small, light red papule, and gradually increases in size and number. The surface is raised, and most of the texture is crisp and hard, with uneven, verrucous hyperplasia. Clinically, it is divided into mushroom-shaped, cockscomb-shaped, cauliflower-shaped, and papillary according to its morphology. . The course of genital warts is slow, and there is usually no recurrence of genital warts in the whole body. Due to the long incubation period of this disease, it is difficult to determine which unclean sexual behavior the infection belongs to. Condyloma acuminata males are mainly found in the penis body and coronary sulcus, glans, foreskin lace, urethral opening, urethra, anus and rectum. Women often invade the labia majora, labia minora, vaginal opening, vagina, urethral opening, neck, etc. A small number of patients may have condyloma acuminatum outside the genital anus, such as the toe seam, oral mucosa, tongue ligament, umbilical fossa, underarms, breasts, etc. These patients are contagious and not in the category of disease. Nanjing Youjia Viral Wart Medical Research Institute has been focusing on the research of HPV virus warts for many years. In 2004, it obtained the national invention patent, patent number: 2004100146033. Radical treatment of condyloma acuminatum and genital warts by traditional Chinese medicine. . Sign up for treatment, it is not easy to refund. It has aroused the strong attention of medical workers and aroused the enthusiasm and confidence of the Chinese people in the traditional Chinese medicine of the motherland. For patients in other places, as long as the condition permits, remote treatment can be used, the drug is mailed, and the medication is guided until recovery. Patients with cervical, vaginal, anal, and oral genital warts must come to the hospital for treatment. ※ Health column: My country ’s national academic journal “Chinese Sex Science” published a research paper: exploring a new method of patented Chinese medicine prescription for treatment of huge perianal condyloma acuminatum