“Fetching fine” process

In the andrology department for infertility examination, we must first accept routine semen analysis. &nbsp. The World Health Organization has repeatedly regulated the semen analysis standards. Many andrology centers and andrology hospitals also provide patients with a good and warm environment and space for patients, keep patients confidential, and provide advanced diagnosis and treatment equipment and technology. In order to make the results of semen analysis truly reflect the actual situation and obtain more accurate semen examination results, so as to avoid obvious deviations in the judgment of the condition, patients who retain semen for routine testing should pay attention to the following conditions:&nbsp. Good condition, no disease, no excessive fatigue, no alcohol abuse; qualified semen samples are not excreted within 3 to 7 days, and all semen ejaculated should be collected and sent for examination. &nbsp. If the above requirements cannot be met, such as continuous overtime work or long-distance patients taking the train to the hospital without sleep all night, the test results will be affected, and the partial loss of semen will also make the results inaccurate. Semen examination should not be performed. In addition, some laboratories may have certain restrictions on the test time. It is best to provide semen within the specified time, and do not save semen at other times, so as not to get semen very laboriously but be rejected by the examiner. &nbsp.The basis for obtaining laboratory test results is your medical record or medical manual, which can be obtained or tracked with the outpatient case book at the outpatient laboratory test slip. &nbsp. If you fail to test for some reason, you must keep the original charge receipt, and you can negotiate with the doctor who issued the test to see if a refund is possible. The specific process of retaining semen specimens usually includes: please go to the laboratory to request a semen indwelling tube from the experimenter, use masturbation to discharge all the semen into the semen indwelling tube, and send the test sheet and the semen sample to the laboratory as soon as possible after the semen is collected. Give it to the inspector in person, and please write down the specific time and days of semen in the blank space of the test sheet. &nbsp. If the semen cannot be obtained directly in the hospital, but the semen is obtained at home or in a hotel, it is best to send the semen specimen to the hospital within 30-60 minutes, and pay attention to protect the semen, not to lose it, especially in the cold season Also pay attention to keep warm.