Introductory training method for high myopia in Bates Institute?

Bates Institute is mainly a community that helps high myopia friends maintain their vision and improve their vision. Recently, a friend asked me, how can he solve the problem of ghosting? I still gave him a sincere suggestion, maybe he thought I was perfunctory. The advice is to do a comprehensive eye health check first. Many friends with high myopia always feel that there is a panacea or a trick to fight the enemy, and they can cure high myopia in one click! Dr. Zhang still suggested the same, slow is fast! This is an eternal mode of thinking in the health field. If you are greedy, it is easy to get caught in someone else’s set, especially in this era, there are endless ways to treat myopia. Whenever the latest technology appears, it must be applied to it. For example, the advent of graphene, some people have created a massage eye mask for graphene, which is nicknamed: high technology. Haha! Dr. Zhang sometimes doubles Sun Tzu’s art of war. The thinking of art of war is actually four words. No war, no defeat. That is, we must preserve our strength, make progress slowly, take a swoop, and practice the fundamentals. Wait for the strength to increase and naturally defeat the opponent. In fact, this tactical thinking is the same as that of our doctors. Your physical foundation is not good, your eyes are broken. Just use a lens to make a physical optical correction, which will make you look clear. In fact, your eye muscles are still very tired, your retina is still poorly metabolized, your optic nerve is still reacting efficiently, and your sclera is still protruding, causing your eye axis to continue to elongate. You are opportunistic at this time, whether it is corneal laser surgery, intraocular ICL lens surgery, or wearing OK glasses, frame glasses, and so on. Although, the effect is very fast! But it can only cure the symptoms. What is the root cause? For example, in the Bates Institute, the most basic action is to do inhalation training every day. This inhalation training is actually Bates’ palm massage. Today, Dr. Zhang will introduce the specific operation of the entry movement in the Bates Institute. In addition, for other articles related to high myopia, you can ferry to the Bates Institute for learning, and those who want to join can also contact Dr. Zhang for interactive learning. Dr. Zhang has always advocated nutritional medicine methods, and everyone can also search for nutritional medicine Zhang Junqiang to understand. Inhalation training, I will tell you in two sets of statements. The first is Western medicine, that is, rub your hands with each other, then cover your eyes, and warm the eyes with the palm of your hand. At this time, the cell biological frequency of the palm of the hand is exactly the same as the cell biological frequency of the eyeball, and energy transmission is realized at this time. Do this training repeatedly for 10 minutes. You can rub your hands for 1 minute each time to cover your eyes for 2 minutes. Then rub your hands and repeat this movement. Simple! In traditional Chinese medicine, it means you can stand in a position with your feet as wide as your shoulders and your knees slightly bent. The palms of both hands are about 30-40 centimeters wide. You can use your mind to hold Laogong acupoint. You can also ferry if you don’t understand Laogong acupoint. That is, when you make a fist, the middle finger position is. Just stay still and stand for 5 minutes. Then, like a ramen, pull your hands to both sides, and the process of pulling feels like pulling a rubber band, with some resistance! In the process of bringing the two hands together and closing, I feel that there is a spring in both palms. The process of closing is the process of the spring being compressed, and the resistance is getting bigger and bigger! Keep pulling apart, and then close together, this action lasts 5 minutes. Finally, let the points of Shuangshou Lao Gong aim at the eyes and start insufflation. First, the palms of your hands are 40 centimeters away from your eyes, and then the palm of your heart Lao Gong acupuncture keeps getting closer to the eyeball until the Lao Gong acupoint is directly facing the eyeball for 5-10 seconds. Repeat this action again, and the insufflation lasts for 5 minutes. 5 minutes from the station, 5 minutes to open the palace, and 5 minutes to inflate. Basically you can do it in 15 minutes! This is a must-have item for Bates Institute ’s entry-level vision training for high myopia. Many friends keep asking me how to get started with Bates method. I said that it is enough to get started from here. Keep in touch every day, make training records, and do the naked eye vision test after training every day. (A standard logarithmic vision chart of 5 meters can be posted at home) Through this introductory training, combined with nutritional medicine for the maintenance of the fundus. Such high myopia can not only improve the vision of the naked eye within a certain period of time, but also reverse the pathological changes of the fundus, such as early and mid-term dry macular disease. It has a very good repair and reconstruction effect on the problem of retinal and choroidal atrophy. Okay, so much to share with you today. Have any welcome letters and me