What is lupus anticoagulant?

A girl ran to my clinic and looked anxious. I asked her what was wrong and what was uncomfortable? She came up with a test sheet: “I am going to be a test-tube baby, and my body is not uncomfortable, but after testing this indicator, they said there is a problem.” I took the report and looked at it alone. Condensate positive. I said, “Did your pregnancy go smoothly in recent years?” She broke the index: first pregnancy 8 years ago, fetal dysplasia at 8 months, induced labor; second pregnancy 5 years ago, spontaneous abortion at 5 months; third pregnancy 3 years ago, more than 40 Congenital heart stopped;… now she is going to do test tube, but…what is lupus anticoagulant? Lupus anticoagulant is a substance in the blood detected by a special method. It will cause the blood in the blood vessels to “coagulate”. Small emboli are produced in the blood vessels, which affects the development and survival of the fetus. Spontaneous abortion or forced labor induction . It will make women forced to experience the pain of giving up again and again in hopeful pregnancy. Fortunately, she is still young. Under the cooperation and observation of gynecologists and rheumatologists who have experience in the treatment of antiphospholipid syndrome, through comprehensive treatment methods such as low molecular weight heparin, antithrombotic drugs, close monitoring and observation, Generally speaking, patients will give birth to healthy babies. Bless the girl to get pregnant.