What does a healthy private part look like?

In the traditional Chinese culture of shyness and poor expression, sex has always been given a lot of negative colors, and even many new generations will find it difficult to face up when they mention physiological hygiene courses, so that many women or men will not treat their private parts until they are adults. Know well&nbsp.. Let me share with you what a healthy and normal private part looks like: 1. The normal genitalia of a woman who looks like a woman, that is, the female external genitalia, is mainly between the inner femur, with the pubic symphysis in the front and the perineum in the back. , Mainly including vulva, labia majora, labia minora, clitoris and vaginal vestibule, and these are called vulva. For prepubertal girls, the healthy vulva is pale pink, the labia are symmetrically distributed, there is no obvious redness and swelling, and there is no adhesion of the labia. For women who have been menstruating or have sex, a healthy vulva is located in the vulva, with obvious pubic hair distribution, and there will be deposits of melanin in the labia, the amount of which will vary from person to person, especially if they have given birth For women who have been, melanin deposition will be very obvious. For girls with mustard pedicles, they can be improved by medical means, but they must go to a regular hospital and avoid menstrual periods. Every woman’s labia, color, shape and size will be different. Generally, the labia size is not symmetrical twice. This is normal, so don’t worry too much. The labia minora and labia majora are in a closed state, and there are no obvious masses or protruding abnormal vegetations in the vulva. However, if the length of the labia minora exceeds 4 cm in width or obviously exceeds the labia majora when exposed, this is called labia hypertrophy. There will be frictional discomfort when walking, which affects the couple’s life experience and must be corrected by surgery. 2 Tightness “Tightness” generally refers to the tightness of our vaginal wall. The vaginal wall is composed of mucous membrane, muscle layer and fiber layer. It is about 7 to 9 cm long. There are many muscles and ligaments attached around it to keep it With a certain inclination angle and proper tension, the folds on the vaginal mucosa increase its firmness. As you grow older, suffer from certain diseases, or give birth multiple times, you can cause relaxation of the private parts. In fact, you can measure the tightness of the vagina with your hands. Wash your hands clean and insert your index finger or middle finger into your vagina. Generally, Asian women’s firmness is around two fingers. Frequent life of couples or postpartum will cause vaginal slack. If couples are living, there is a clear popping sound or leakage. Urine is vaginal relaxation. 3 Under normal odor, a woman’s private parts will have a faint fishy smell, and the degree of it is different because of the different conditions of each person. If you do not pay attention to the hygiene of the private parts, the smell may be stronger. However, if women’s private parts emit irritating fishy, ​​foul, or fishy odors, it may be a signal of the arrival of certain gynecological diseases, and it is necessary to go to the gynecological hospital for examination in time. 4 Humidity During married life, affected by estrogen and progesterone, the woman’s private parts usually secrete wet liquid during orgasm. These liquids come from the cervix and vestibular glands and can play a lubricating effect. As for causing the man’s penis to destroy the vagina, these fluids play a vital role in the harmony of sexual life. If women are affected by excessive cleansing, tension, pressure, fatigue and other factors in their lives, they are likely to cause vaginal dryness and anhydrous. Long-term vaginal dryness not only causes pain during intercourse, but also seriously affects couples’ lives. 5 Smoothness The uterine cavity of the uterus that breeds a baby is comfortable and flat, and the cavity is covered with mucosa-that is, the endometrium, which is soft and smooth, and is deeply affected and affected by ovarian hormones. 2/3 of its surface is The functional layer can periodically produce menstruation, and the remaining 1/3 has no periodic changes, called the basal layer.

What is a successful labia minora reduction plastic surgery?

Female labia minora hypertrophy affects their daily appearance or married life, or feels that they are ugly. If you want to pursue a beautiful vulva, you can consider undergoing labia minora reduction plastic surgery. &nbsp.Successful labia minora reduction plastic surgery means that there is no discomfort, no swelling, symmetrical appearance of the labia minora, and no obvious scars. In addition, successful labia minora reduction plastic surgery will not affect sensitivity, and has no effect on sexual life and fertility. The failure of labia minora reduction and plastic surgery is mainly to observe whether there is serious asymmetry and obvious scar hyperplasia after the operation. If there is, the operation effect is not ideal. Therefore, it is very important for the doctor to do this operation. The girls must clearly communicate their needs with the doctor before the operation and understand the operation plan. “Labia minora reduction plastic surgery must avoid the menstrual period. Before the operation, it is necessary to ensure that there is no inflammation of the vagina and the patient’s blood coagulation function is normal. The operation is not complicated. Simply put, it is to make a prismatic incision on the extra labia minora to remove the excess part. After the bleeding is tightly stopped, absorbable sutures can be used to suture. If you want to ensure that the labia minora is symmetrical and free of scars after the operation, it is recommended that the patient choose an experienced doctor for the operation. There will be an incision in the operation. The doctor is not a god. But an experienced private plastic surgeon must have aesthetic awareness. I understand that beauty seekers have a desire for beauty and sexiness, and they will never simply perfunctory when it comes to stitching. Those who have undergone surgery can get scars after surgery. Ignorable. After the operation, the beauty seeker must strictly follow the doctor’s advice, take good care of it, and help recovery.

In addition to double eyelids, our privacy also needs plastic surgery

With the increasing popularity of modern plastic surgery techniques, eye plastic surgery has almost become an acceptable plastic surgery program for men, women and children. However, many young women and women after childbirth have the need for eye plastic surgery, and the demand for private plastic surgery is also increasing. &nbsp.According to incomplete statistics, 40%-60% of women suffer from labia minora hypertrophy. Labia minora hypertrophy is often accompanied by clitoral foreskin hypertrophy. The impact on aesthetics is predictable. Due to prolonged friction after hypertrophy, local appearance The appearance of “black fungus” is the main reason why many asexual women are private and dark. It can also cause discomfort in women’s walking, affect the satisfaction of sexual life, and cause repeated internal vaginal infections in severe cases. &nbsp. The causes of labia minora hypertrophy: ① congenital causes; ② frequent friction or trauma: masturbation, cycling, horse riding, childbirth injuries, sexual stimulation, etc.; ③ repeated inflammation stimulation; ④ senile peripheral tissue degradation. For different reasons, it needs to be combined with corresponding surgical procedures. For simple hypertrophy, surgical resection is possible. For those with clitoral foreskin hypertrophy, it needs to be combined with clitoral plastic surgery. For patients with senile peripheral tissue atrophy and degeneration, it also needs to combine vulvar fat filling and vaginal tightening to achieve The desired effect. &nbsp.Dear crushes, don’t ignore the beauty here~

Hypertrophy of the labia minora causes psychological pressure, what should I do?

A pair of mother and daughter came to the clinic last week. The mother came in first. The little girl followed. She kept her head down during the face-to-face consultation. She did not dare to raise her head to communicate with me. I learned that the little girl has labia hypertrophy. Pants will always show the outline. Adolescent girls love beauty. With such embarrassment, the little girl is a little inferior and only dares to wear particularly loose pants or skirts. The little girl’s mother had previously consulted on the Internet. Considering that this problem affected the child’s mental health, she felt that the child would be operated on during this holiday. Regrettably, I rarely meet mothers who take their children to do private plastic surgery. I have encountered them before, but very few, many of them are girls in their 20s. I found labia hypertrophy in junior high school, but when I came out to work, I went to the doctor quietly. . What I want to say is that there is no need for us to dare not face or seek medical treatment because of private issues. Only timely medical treatment can prevent the problem from further affecting the body and mind. The exact cause of labia minora hypertrophy is unknown, but is generally related to genetics, hormone levels and infection factors or artificial stretching. It can be divided into congenital and acquired. The latter is related to chronic infection, stimulation, hormones, especially androgen use, artificial stretching, excessive masturbation, premature sex, obesity and multiple pregnancy. Strictly speaking, labia hypertrophy is not a disease, but over-enlarged labia will have some effects on women. Some people with labia minora do not feel or feel uncomfortable at ordinary times, and some people will develop partial discomfort, such as: walking Discomfort and pain appear when the enlarged labia minora rubs against the underwear. Hypertrophic labia can accumulate dirt and bacteria, which can easily cause gynecological infections; labia minora can also cause women to miss the urinary line when urinating, and the labia minora is close to the urethra. If the labia wraps the urethra and vagina for a long time, it will not Good ventilation can easily lead to urethritis. In addition, the hypertrophy and asymmetry of the labia minora affect the beauty of the private area, which will cause psychological pressure on women. Because of the privacy problem, many people dare not go to the doctor, resulting in greater psychological pressure. This adolescent little sister is just like this. Fortunately, her mother paid attention to the girl’s problems early. In fact, some children may not be aware of it. Therefore, mothers also need to be careful. If you find that the labia hypertrophy has adverse effects, it is best to be as early as possible To improve, when women reach the age of 16 or reach adulthood, they can undergo private labia minora plastic surgery. I hope this little girl can be more cheerful and confident after solving this problem. &nbsp.&nbsp.

How is the labia normal? ?

Regarding the labia, everyone should have a lot of doubts: Why is my labia so dark? Why is my labia so prominent? Why is my labia different from others? &nbsp.So what exactly does the labia look like?&nbsp.The labia is divided into two parts: the labia majora and the labia minora. The labia majora is relatively large, rich in fat, and envelops the labia minora, generally about 7-8CM long and 2-3CM wide. , Has no effect on our lives. &nbsp. The labia minora is the skin fold under the labia majora, and its length is very important~, the height of the labia minora of normal women (between the center of the base to the outer edge of the labia minora) is within 2CM, if it exceeds 4CM, it will be It is called labia minora hypertrophy. It’s okay if you can’t measure the length of the labia minora. It can be regarded as an abnormality of the labia minora if: 1. One or both sides are abnormally long and wrinkled; & nbsp.2. When the legs are brought together, it is obvious from the labia majora Exposed in the middle; 3. Severely asymmetrical size or shape on both sides; 4. Severe drooping and feel heavy; 5. Too dark color or large bilateral chromatic aberration. There are many surgical methods for labia minora hypertrophy. We will adjust them according to personal circumstances and the requirements of those who seek beauty. The operation will be performed under anesthesia. There will be no scars after the operation, and it will not affect the sensitivity of the labia. It will make your partner feel strange, it is a minor operation without sequelae, so don’t worry. However, you must communicate with your doctor before the operation, tell the doctor what you need, what shape you want, follow the doctor’s instructions after the operation, and pay attention to the maintenance of the labia daily.

I am worried after the labia minora surgery? What should Dr. Wu tell you?

For the girl who is determined to do labia minora plastic surgery, here is a post-operative advice for you-Question 1: How should I pay attention to my diet after the operation? After the operation, please bear with me, no smoking, no alcohol, no spicy food! Order light food and fruits and vegetables to restore the labia minora steadily. Question 2: Why do I have a strong pain after the labia minora surgery? Mild pain is normal, but there are several reasons for the special pain, such as: the body is sensitive to pain, the precision of the operation is poor, and the care is poor. The problem of poor surgical precision will affect the results, and people will also suffer: So choosing a good doctor is very important! If you feel too painful, you can take some painkillers. Generally speaking, the pain after labia minora surgery is within a tolerable range. Otherwise, what should I do if I have a baby later? Question 3: How can I make the swollen labia more comfortable in the early postoperative period? You can apply ice to the labia minora within 24 hours after the operation, but try not to get wet. Many hospitals will prescribe some anti-inflammatory drugs after the operation. Question 4: What should I do if the results are not satisfactory after the labia minora surgery? Girl, if the labia minora plastic surgery fails, such as size problems or asymmetry, as well as jagged incisions and scars, as long as the width and length of the labia minora are sufficient, the failure can be repaired. After the second operation, it can be more perfect. Effectiveness, the specific situation is recommended to the hospital to let the doctor decide the operation plan. However, if the jagged shape is very deep, and the last time the surgeon has almost removed the labia minora, the long width of the labia minora will be difficult to support. It’s the second operation, so it is recommended that girls who do labiaplasty should communicate with the surgeon in advance. While maintaining symmetry and correcting labia hypertrophy, try not to completely remove it in one cut just in case. &nbsp. Generally, after three months of labia surgery, the effect is basically finalized. If the effect is not good after three months, or there is obvious asymmetry, it is recommended to go to a large private plastic surgery hospital for examination. Question 5: How long can the stitches be removed after the labia minora plastic surgery? This depends on the doctor. After the operation, the doctor will judge whether you need to remove the stitches according to your personal physique. If necessary, the stitches are usually removed within a week. Question 6: How long will it take for the labia minora to recover completely after plastic surgery? In fact, the labia minora plastic surgery will not only vary from person to person, but the surgical technique is also an influencing factor. Now we can basically make it slightly swollen. For instance, it will take about a month. Finally, remember! Do not despise labia minora plastic surgery because it is a minor operation, and venture into unlicensed beauty salons. The simpler the operation, the more the internal strength of the doctor is tested. Just like an exam, some students with average grades will perform beyond the standard. This relies on hard work and luck, but the best students in the class often have very stable grades&nbsp.

Popular science||What is the use of female labia?

Today, I will give you some popular science about our private part-labia. The labia is divided into the labia majora and the labia minora. The labia majora is a pair of oblong and plump skin folds close to the inner sides of the two strands. Most of the pubic hair grows in the labia majora. The labia minora is the gatekeeper of women’s privacy. Generally, women’s labia minora are only two thin pieces. When the legs are brought together, the two labia minora naturally close together to completely cover the urethra and vaginal opening. This not only protects these two parts from being injured by friction, but also prevents external infections. , Keep the vagina moist. However, some women have overdeveloped labia minora, exceeding the normal range, some are very narrow, and some women grow very long, with their legs hanging together to the outside of the labia majora. This type is called labia minora hypertrophy. &nbsp. The size of the labia directly affects the quality of sexual life. A pair of good-looking labia majora are full, elastic, and pink. When a woman enters sexual excitement, the labia majora will become congested and swollen, which is a kind of caress for men. “effect. However, with the increase of age, fertility, weight loss and other factors, the rich adipose tissue and connective tissue under the labia majora pass away, leading to shrinkage of the labia majora, and the shriveled labia majora will reduce the quality of sexual life. Under the stimulation of sexual excitement, congestion and swelling of the labia minora will also occur. However, if the labia minora is excessively enlarged, it is easy to be involved in the vagina during sex, and painful intercourse. The size of the labia directly affects women’s privacy and health. After shriveling, the labia minora can no longer provide strong support. After losing the support, the labia minora cannot be closed perfectly and begins to leak. The labia minora is the first door to private parts, protecting the vagina and urethral opening from bacteria. &nbsp.But the door could not be closed, and it began to leak out, and bacteria would naturally invade without any scruples. It can lead to repeated vaginal inflammation, and can also cause vaginal dryness and reduced sensitivity. In addition, the labia minora is in direct contact with the underwear. When women perform activities, friction occurs, causing pain, and in severe cases, it can also cause inflammation of the labia minora. &nbsp. If a female friend finds that the labia majora appears shriveled, abnormally enlarged labia minora affects private health and life, they should seek improvement in time. I hope more women will pay attention to their private health.

Grasp symptoms and self-examine 5 major vulvar diseases

  I. Vulvar injury  Vulvar injury is one of the common symptoms of women. Most of the causes of the disease are straddling injuries, such as accidental sudden braking when riding a men’s bicycle, or violent collision of the genitals when getting on and off, and violent blows to the vulva. In this case, there is a severe contusion of the vulva, which may be painful, and you can see subcutaneous congestion or hematoma.  II. Condyloma acuminatum  Condyloma acuminatum is a sexually transmitted disease, generally associated with unclean sexual intercourse. At the onset, the vulva was itchy and secretions increased. The skin and mucous membranes of the vulva in the early stage are rough and uneven, and then small nodules or lumps can be touched, which look like burrs or grayish white masses like cauliflowers and celosias of varying sizes, mostly distributed on the inner side of the labia minora. The interlabial sulcus, perineum, and anus between labia major and minor.   3. Pseudocondyloma    Pseudocondyloma is not a sexually transmitted disease. On the inside of the labia can be seen a light red rash of millet size, symmetrical on both sides and evenly distributed.   Fourth, vulvar tumors    Female vulvar benign tumors, such as papilloma, fibroids, etc., are rare. They are single tumors that grow outside the labia majora. A common malignant tumor is “vulvar squamous cell carcinoma”. Indurations or masses can be felt in the vulva, often accompanied by pain or itching, and some patients may have ulcers that do not heal in the vulva.   V. White vulvar lesions    White vulvar lesions, also known as “chronic vulvar malnutrition”. There is a white lesion of the vulva, which generally occurs in women between 30 and 60 years old. The main symptom is that the vulva is itchy and unbearable, and it is accompanied by local pain after scratching. The vulva skin thickens, mostly dark red or pink, with clear white patches. If you find vulvar leukoplakia, you should go to a detailed examination and actively treat. People with white lesions should keep the vulva area clean and dry. Do not use soap or other irritating drugs to clean the vulva. Do not scratch with your hands. Do not eat spicy food. Be generous in clothing. Fiber underwear.

Condyloma acuminatum in the cervix

  Condyloma acuminatum occurs in different parts, there may be a slight difference in symptoms, but all are similar. In general, the initial stage of genital warts is light red papules or small acne, which gradually grows and enlarges, and will form typical cauliflower-like, cockscomb-like or nipple-like neoplastic protrusions, keratinized edges, moist and soft, touching Easy to bleed.    According to medical data, the environment suitable for the growth of genital warts needs to meet the two conditions of “warm and humid”. Therefore, genital warts may grow in the private parts of men and women and in the perianal and anal areas. For example, the inner plate of the male foreskin, the urethral opening, the perianal area, and even the groin, the female-sized labia, the inner side of the labia minora, the vaginal wall, the cervix, and the surrounding urethral opening. Mouth, the above are common common sites. Many patients go to the hospital for photodynamic therapy after diagnosis of genital warts. In fact, photodynamic therapy is the same as laser treatment, which belongs to physical treatment methods. Although the warts can be removed in a short time, but the symptoms are not cured, the doctor asks jrsyer to remove the warts. After coming down, there are still a lot of viruses in the body, and it will relapse again soon. The specific relapse time varies from person to person.    It is important to know that the treatment of condyloma acuminatum not only removes the warts, but also removes subclinical viruses and latent viruses. This is the case with photodynamic power, and it is still necessary to go to a regular professional hospital for scientific and standardized treatment and choose advanced radical treatment techniques to recover as soon as possible.

These diseases can cause vulvar ulcers

 Female vulvar skin and mucous membrane ulcers, often feel itching, redness, burning pain of vulva, this is the basic symptoms of vulvar ulcers. Vulvar ulcers mostly occur inside the labia minora and labia majora, as well as around the vestibular mucosa and vaginal opening. Pathogenic microbial infections, sexually transmitted diseases and cancer can all be the cause of vulvar ulcers.  Non-specific vulvitis   Non-specific vulvitis is inflammation of the vulva that occurs under the stimulation of bacteria, vaginal secretions, or other physical and chemical factors. The inflammation is generally limited to the inside and outside of the labia minora. In severe cases, the vulva is swollen, congested, and ulcerated. Women should keep the vulva clean and dry, and wear less chemical underwear.   Behcet’s disease Behcet’s disease is a systemic inflammatory disease of blood vessels, characterized by mucosal ulcers. Almost all patients will have oral ulcers, and then there will be fewer genital ulcers.   Female Behcet’s genital ulcers are mainly in the vulva and vagina, with deep ulcers, severe pain, and slow healing. At present, the etiology of Behcet’s disease is not clear, and it may be the result of multiple factors such as infection, genetics, environment and immune function.  Sexually transmitted diseases Some sexually transmitted infections can also cause vulvar ulcers, such as genital herpes and syphilis. Genital herpes is caused by herpes simplex virus type II. The virus enters the human body through the respiratory tract and damaged skin. When the body’s resistance decreases, the latent virus is activated to cause the disease. Genital herpes type II is almost always caused by sexual contact and is highly contagious. Unclean sexual intercourse is the main cause of infection. Syphilis is a chronic, systemic sexually transmitted disease caused by Treponema pallidum, which is mainly transmitted through sexual means and is a disease unique to humans. The genital ulcer mainly occurs in the first stage of syphilis. The ulcer is mostly oval, with clear boundaries and no pain and itching.  Vulvar cancer is mainly squamous cell carcinoma of the vulva. It most commonly occurs in the labia majora and labia. About 1/3 of the vulvar cancers are ulcers in the early stage and do not heal for a long time. If the tumor is adjacent to or invades the urethra, dysuria and dysuria will occur. Vulvar ulcers are not just simple skin diseases, but may also be a symptom in other diseases. A vulvar ulcer has occurred, not just anti-inflammatory and itching, but also to find out the cause and apply the medicine.

The color of the female labia minora is black, what causes it?

Many women in the clinic often worry about the color of the labia minora and worry about the misunderstanding of the partner in the future. In fact, the color of the labia minora is largely determined innately, not what we think is “promiscuity.” It is undeniable that friction is a factor that causes the color of the labia minora to increase, but not all black labia are due to frequent sexual life. We know that the color of the skin depends on the number of melanocytes. The number of melanocytes in the skin of intimate areas is often more than that of other parts of the body. As a colored person in the East, the pigmentation of the labia minora will be more obvious, and the whites will be light Coffee color and pink, yellow people are mostly coffee color, dark coffee color or even chocolate color. So, what determines the number of melanocytes? The promoting effect of sex hormones on melanocytes is the main reason for darkening the color. For example, during pregnancy, progesterone will cause more melanocytes, so the color will become darker, but it usually fades slowly after delivery. In old age, the melanocytes in the skin will decrease, and with the reduction of hormones, the color will become lighter. In addition, genetic factors will also determine the number of melanocytes, so even if some women do not have sex, have not been pregnant, and have strong estrogen secretion, they will appear black. If you use some drugs with too much estrogen, such as birth control pills, it may also cause the color to increase. Moreover, some women usually wear too tight, such as trousers, thongs, etc., which makes the blood circulation poor, and the fabric rubs frequently with the body, causing melanin to accumulate. Of course, if you care about color, you can also use laser treatment to remove melanin and lighten the color.

Female minor labia hypertrophy surgery, marginal resection, wedge resection … How should I choose?

Female minor labia hypertrophy surgery, marginal resection, wedge resection … How should I choose? The marginal excision method is to gently retract the labia minora laterally. According to the hypertrophy, determine the excess part to be removed. After marking, the excess part is directly removed along the designed incision line, and the wound margin is sutured. In general, the marginal resection method is suitable for women with a suitable length of the labia minora but a large width. & nbsp. Wedge resection method is to design a wedge-shaped incision line at the most prominent protrusion of the labia minora, and remove the protruding part along the design line. After complete hemostasis, the layered and intermittent suture is applied. Advantages, it is suitable for patients with large labia minora and large length and width. In addition, there is a central epithelial suture method. According to the condition of hypertrophy, mark the part of the labia minora to be epidermal, and remove the epidermis along the marked range. After the hemostasis is complete, the wound margin is sutured. This method can retain the original contour to the greatest extent and achieve the effect of natural beauty, but it is not suitable for the originally hypertrophic patients, only suitable for patients with mild hypertrophy and thinness of the labia minora.

you guess! Among female private surgery, which one has the fastest clinical growth?

you guess! What is the fastest-growing operation among female plastic surgery (SexualPlasticSurgery)? Surgery for the enlargement of the labia minora is one of the fastest growing plastic surgeries in the world. In China, this operation is also increasingly recognized by the majority of women. Combined with case data, among the surgical indications of physical / psychological discomfort caused by hypertrophy of the labia minora, the improvement in aesthetic appearance was about 87%, the discomfort in dressing was 64%, and the discomfort in physical exercise was 26%. Husband and wife Life discomfort accounts for 43%. Regarding the classification of labia minora hypertrophy, the most commonly used clinical practice is the 1993 Franco classification method, which is divided into 4 levels according to the distance from the base to the end: Franco Ⅰ, <2cm; Franco Ⅱ, 2cm-4cm; Franco Ⅲ, Between 4cm-6cm; Franco grade IV,> 6cm. The clinical indications for the surgery for the reduction of the labia minora hypertrophy are still not very clear internationally. Generally speaking, under the subjective appeal of the patient, anyone who has a need for improvement in aesthetics and function can correct it. surgery.

Hypertrophy of female labia minora is related to sexual life?

Hypertrophy or hyperplasia of the female labia minora is a common problem in clinical practice, but due to the excessive rendering of a lot of network information, it often brings a colored vision to the public, and also brings huge psychological pressure to the patient. The current situation is facing future problems of marriage and childbirth. Not only faced with physical discomfort, but also worried about being misunderstood by future partners. In fact, many of the labia minora are congenital developmental problems and have a family history of inheritance. This cannot be avoided. In addition, some inflammatory stimuli can also lead to local hyperplasia, and it is not easy to draw an equal sign with the promiscuity we think. Of course, it cannot be denied that the life of men and women is one of the factors, but not all privacy problems are caused by this factor. The labia minora surgery is a small outpatient surgery. Rather than repeatedly entangle anxiety, it is better to repair it as soon as possible, completely throwing away this psychological shadow.

you guess! Among female intimate surgery, which operation is the fastest growing?

you guess! What is the fastest-growing operation among female plastic surgery (SexualPlasticSurgery)? Surgery for the enlargement of the labia minora is one of the fastest growing plastic surgeries in the world. In China, this operation is also increasingly recognized by the majority of women. Combined with case data, among the surgical indications of physical / psychological discomfort caused by hypertrophy of the labia minora, the improvement in aesthetic appearance was about 87%, the discomfort in dressing was 64%, and the discomfort in physical exercise was 26% Life discomfort accounts for 43%. Regarding the classification of labia minora hypertrophy, the most commonly used clinical practice is the 1993 Franco classification method, which is divided into 4 levels according to the distance from the base to the end: Franco Ⅰ, <2cm; Franco Ⅱ, 2cm-4cm; Franco Ⅲ, Between 4cm-6cm; Franco grade IV,> 6cm. The clinical indications for the surgery for the reduction of the labia minora hypertrophy are still not very clear internationally. Generally speaking, under the subjective appeal of the patient, anyone who has a need for improvement in aesthetics and function can correct it. surgery.

Several diseases similar to the symptoms of genital warts

The symptoms of condyloma acuminatum will appear as pale red or dirty red miliary-sized neoplasms, such as papule-like, papillary, cauliflower-like, cockscomb-like, delicate in nature, slightly pointed at the top, painless and itchy, and the pimple will be Gradually grow up or increase. The neoplastic base is slightly wider or banded, there are particles on the skin surface, and there are symptoms of swelling. Several diseases similar to condyloma acuminatum 1, Pseudocondyloma, also known as hairy labia minora. It is characterized by multiple collective granular papules and villi-like protrusion abnormalities on the inner side of the labia minora. The damage is from the size of the needle cap to the size of the millet, which looks like a roe and has a normal mucosal color or reddish color. Can exist for a long time. Asexual history. Histopathology without vacuole cells. Acetic acid white test is negative. 2. Pearl-like papules on the penis Pocket-sized small papules occur along the edge of the coronary sulcus or glans, arranged in a ring or arranged in one or more rows. Skin color or light red, can also be silky or sharp hairy. Acetic acid white test is negative. Histopathology has no hollow cells (cavitation). 3. Papular papules is a yellow-white soft small papules adjacent to the men’s foreskin, most of which appear in 2 to 3 pairs, and there is no long-term change. The surface is smooth and the size of the needle tip. Acetic acid white test is negative. 4. Sebaceous gland ectopic disease occurs in the glans, scrotum, labia majora, and yellow papules with flattened millet size, distributed in clusters. Histopathological examination showed mature leaflets of sebaceous glands. Acetic acid white test was negative. It can be seen that condyloma acuminatum is extremely harmful. If it is not effectively treated, it will not only harm individuals, but also cause serious harm to the happiness of the family. After 7 years of clinical application verification, it was awarded the national invention patent again in 2011 ( Patent No .: 2011101665723), according to the individual’s condition, the reasonable prescription “oral + bubble wash” combined medication, to achieve the purpose of removing warts and clearing poison. ※ Health column: My country ’s national academic journal “Chinese Sex Science” published a research paper: exploring a new method of patented Chinese medicine prescription for treatment of huge perianal condyloma acuminatum

The labia minora surgery is not done, when can the second repair be performed?

Many women after the operation of the labia minora hypertrophy, the anxiety value will reach the peak on the third and fourth days because the labia minora is at the peak of swelling at this time, the appearance is far from expected, and many patients may even suspect that they have failed the operation, thus Losing trust and turning to other doctors for help, there are also many patients who are eager to perform a second operation in order to achieve the desired results, which is actually unreasonable. I would like to remind everyone: before the local swelling of the labia minora, do not perform a second operation! Even if it is really necessary to perform secondary correction, it must be done after ensuring complete swelling. Otherwise, a skilled surgeon can hardly make accurate judgments. Once there is too much labia tissue removed during the operation, it is difficult to Make up!

Can a female’s labia majora be enlarged only through surgery? Are there any other treatments?

Can a female’s labia majora be enlarged only through surgery? Are there any other treatments? Although regrettable, I can only answer: no! Hypertrophy of the female labia minora is not a bacterium or a foreign body. It is its own muscle tissue, which cannot be shed by drugs or physical methods. In fact, plastic surgery of the labia minora is only a small outpatient operation, no hospitalization is required, and only a few days of rest after the operation can work and live normally, once and for all. If the labia minora is hypertrophy or hypertrophy, friction and discomfort when walking, affecting urinary flow or urinary flow direction, or even affecting the life of couples, consider reducing the surgery. Of course, most women in clinical practice still want to improve their aesthetics.

Doctor, I don’t have any private life without checking, but why is the labia minora enlarged?

A girl entered the consultation room and asked timidly: Doctor, I don’t have any unchecked points, but why is the labia minora enlarged? In fact, there are many reasons for labia minora hypertrophy, not necessarily related to private life, let alone impose unchecked hats, such as: 1. Genetic factors: Many people are hereditary labia minora hypertrophy, this kind of problem has a family genetic history. 2. Acquired factors: Prolonged slow stimulation or continuous friction may also cause the labia minora to be enlarged. Due to the long-term stimulation of inflammatory secretions, the labia minora will slowly grow and become hypertrophic, and cause local roughness and increased pigmentation. Hypertrophy of the labia minora generally requires surgical treatment to improve the appearance through surgery. At the same time, if local pigmentation is more obvious, laser treatment can be used to lighten the pigment later.

Vulva plastic surgery-reduction of labia minora (Reduction of lab

Labia minora reduction (RLM) is one of the most widely performed vulvar plastic surgery. It is generally believed that the prominence of the labia minora beyond 3 cm outside the labia majora is diagnosed as hypertrophy of the labia minora and affects the appearance. In 1984, Dr. Hodgkinson and Dr. Hait reported the experience of minor labiaplasty. The main surgical methods used in these years are: arcuate resection or oval resection of the labia minora, wedge resection, epidermal removal, laser labia minoroplasty, radiofrequency labia minoroplasty, etc. The principle of minor labiaplasty is not to destroy the blood supply and nerve distribution of the labia minora and the shape of the vaginal opening. In 2005, a kind of minimally invasive removal of most of the labia minora was removed to retain a very small amount of tissue, that is, the labia minora is less than or equal to the labia majora, achieving a looming appearance, which is loved by most people. In a case of 238 patients who wanted to undergo RLM, 98% of women wanted to reduce the labia minora to be flush with or below the labia majora. Another reason for the popularity of this surgical method is that it can remove the edges of the darkened labia minora, which makes the female vulva significantly improved in appearance and color. This operation is called “Barbie”. The labia minora reduction surgery can be performed under local anesthesia, or under sedative anesthesia or general anesthesia. Studies have shown that RLM has a high degree of post-satisfaction satisfaction, and it has greatly improved in terms of appearance, function, psychological and self-confidence. The incidence of complications of RLM is relatively low, mainly including postoperative infection, hematoma, inflammation, asymmetry, poor healing, overcorrection or insufficiency, urinary retention, scar formation. Suitable people to implement RLM include: dysfunction, aesthetic needs, or both. Dysfunctions include difficulty maintaining genital cleansing, chronic eczema erosion at excess skin folds, irritation when wearing tights, rubbing pain during cycling or similar exercise, and discomfort caused by zipper pressing on the labia minora. Aesthetic reasons include a bulge in the perineum when wearing clothes, or a small, enlarged labia leading to unconfidence in the relationship between the sexes. Because surgery has both functional improvement and aesthetic effects, RLM is not only a therapeutic measure but also a cosmetic surgery. It is recommended that patients in need go to the plastic surgery department of the regular top three hospitals. & nbsp.