What are the treatment methods for infertility infertility in Kunming?

At present, there are also many men with azoospermia in Kunming. Pregnancy requires a large number of sperm with good overall quality as a prerequisite. If the sperm is not high in vitality and cannot “go forward”, it will not be able to complete the pregnancy process, so it is weak. Spermia often causes male infertility. In Kunming, what are the current treatments for infertility? There are many causes of asthenozoospermia, such as men’s long-term smoking and drinking, exposure to toxic substances, sexual confusion, long-term high temperature environment or malnutrition , Are likely to cause weak sperm disease. At present, in Kunming, artificial assisted pregnancy technology has made progress. For men with asthenozoospermia, artificial assisted pregnancy technology can be tried to solve the problem of infertility. Artificial insemination is suitable for weak sperm disease. After the doctor optimizes the patient’s semen, only the sperm with vitality is left, and then these sperm are injected into the female genital tract. Under the condition of ensuring the quality of the semen, To a large extent help patients to have children. Test-tube babies are suitable for patients with severe sperm or severely impaired reproductive tract and artificial insemination. The doctor selects healthy sperm from semen and injects sperm into the egg with a very thin needle to promote fertilization. After that, the fertilized eggs are cultured as embryos, and then transplanted back to the woman’s uterus for implantation and development. Kunming Aiwei Aif Hospital specializes in artificial fertility treatment. Whether it is artificial insemination or IVF, it has accumulated rich clinical experience and the quality of service has been unanimously recognized by patients.