The regret of famous star Ku Juji

The famous singer Ku Juge has made great achievements. Both the songs he sang and the characters he portrayed in the TV series “Deep Love and Rain” and “Han Zhu Ge Ge” and other dramas left a deep impression on people! But in his life, there is also a regret, that hand sweat has always been with him, which makes him feel very inconvenient. Although he has generously admitted that he has hand sweat on several shows, he said that he has broken a lot. He has a microphone with hundreds of thousands, and wiped sweat on He Jiong’s body while joking in a show, making He Jiong look disgusted. It should be said that his opponent Khan is very calm now. Many friends with sweaty hands say that Gu Juji is so rich and famous that he did not have sweaty hands surgery, so I don’t have to do it! It is true that Ku Juji did not perform hand sweat surgery because he was born on August 18, 1972 and is 48 years old this year. The best age for hand sweat surgery is between 12 and 30 years old. Because at this age, life has a lot of social needs and room for improvement, I really want to get rid of hand sweat! Standing at 30, after 30 years old, many people are already bearish on the world, and surgery is not so urgent. When he was 12 years old, in 1984, Mr. Ku Juji had no thoracoscopic surgery. And when he was 30 years old. It was in 2002. Thoracoscopic surgery was still immature. At that time, it was still debating whether the hand sweat should cut off T2 or T3. At that time, it was for the thoroughness of hand sweat surgery. Most of them choose to cut off the nerve chain of T2, which is now called R2, which will cause severe metastatic hyperhidrosis. That is to say, the head, arms, and upper body above the nipples do not sweat, but a lot of sweat is concentrated on the waist and thighs, and the head will sweat normally. If the head does not sweat, the body is really sweaty when it is hot that day Many patients cannot accept this situation after surgery. So in the mid-1990s, Taiwanese patients once filed a lawsuit in court, demanding that hand sweat surgery be prohibited! Until 2007, through continuous research by doctors, hand sweat surgery is truly more mature, not cutting T2, only cutting T3 or T4 alone, so that hand sweat is significantly reduced, and metastatic hyperhidrosis will not be too much! It should be said that when Mr. Ku Juji was at his best age, this operation was immature. Although he also complained to his friends that sweating was troublesome, he did not go for the operation, and when he was successful, he couldn’t sweat it. The impact on his life is not too great. However, Taiwanese artist Xiao S, who is 6 years younger than Ku Juji, bravely accepted this operation when she was less than 20 years old. People are much happier now. This summer, we have performed hand sweat surgery on a few 12-year-old children, because the surgery can be done if they are over 12 years old. At the age of 12, most people just graduated from elementary school and are going to junior high school. At this time, surgery is the best time. At this time, children just enter puberty, learning tasks begin to be heavy, and social needs are more numerous. At this time, surgery on them will solve many of their problems. . So today, some patients with hand sweat syndrome said, you see, Gu Juji did not have hand sweat surgery, he is so rich and does not do it, why do we do it! That’s because you don’t understand the pain in Mr. Ku Juji’s heart. Why doesn’t he want to do it? It was because the technology was immature at that time and he didn’t do it at the best age. So he has no chance to be the best himself. Especially when you clenched your hands with others during filming, it’s not to mention embarrassing! When he is old, he will come back for this operation. The desire is indeed not particularly urgent. When he is old, it will not affect him too much if he has a career. For most young people, hand sweat causes inconvenience in study, inconvenience in life, inconvenience in work, and inconvenience in making friends. You are not as successful as Gu Juji, so why bother not to do such a minimally invasive surgery that only takes 15 minutes? Among our patients, there is a 72-year-old man who is still dripping water on his hands and strongly urges to be an old man with sweaty hands. There are also young parents who were brought by their parents when they were three years old. They said that their children had been discriminated against in kindergarten and wanted to have surgery as soon as possible. The 72-year-old man had high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and many other underlying diseases, so we did not dare to operate on him. The oldest one we have surgery is 66 years old. As for a three-year-old child, since he does not have such strong social needs, we do not recommend surgery either! It is generally recommended to have surgery before entering puberty at the age of 12. Hand sweat syndrome, axillary sweat syndrome is caused by excessive excitement of thoracic sympathetic nerves