What are the misunderstandings of eye plastic surgery?

Eye plastic surgery occupies an important position in the entire facial plastic surgery, and it has a finishing touch on a person’s appearance. But some people have entered the misunderstanding of eye plastic surgery. Let’s take a look at the misunderstandings of eye surgery. Misunderstanding 1: Pay more attention to rest after eye plastic surgery. Many people think that the success rate and maintenance time of double eyelid surgery mainly depends on the superb skills of the doctor. As long as you pay more attention to rest, your double eyelids will return to their natural state in 2-3 days. In fact, this is the process of double eyelid scar regeneration. Doing exercises to lift the eyelids and look upwards in advance can shorten the recovery time. After double eyelid surgery, you need to do postoperative eye exercises to make the double eyelids look more natural. Misunderstanding 2: Applying repair ointment after surgery can speed up recovery. Some people think that the eyes will be red and swollen after eye plastic surgery. Applying a spot repair gel can quickly reduce the swelling and speed up the repair process. But this is wrong and can easily cause bacterial infection and inflammation. People with poor resistance need to take anti-inflammatory drugs after surgery, and keep the wound from touching water for a week. Before removing the stitches, avoid the wound, soak an appropriate amount of lotion with a cotton pad and wipe once a day. Misunderstanding 3: Eye plastic surgery should be as early as possible. Some people think that early plastic surgery will have beauty. In fact, this is wrong. Try to do double eyelid or eye plastic surgery after the age of 18, because after the age of 18, the eye shape is fixed, and the aesthetic and psychological outlook has become mature. However, people with drooping eyelids or struggling to open eyes need to be corrected as soon as possible. Drooping upper eyelids in middle-aged and elderly people can easily form wrinkles. Double eyelid surgery can be beautiful and can remove wrinkles. Misunderstanding 4: Double eyelid surgery damage is as small as possible. There are three ways to cut double eyelids: partial incision, total incision and embedding method. Most people think that the smaller the incision or the double eyelid without incision is the most natural. In fact, this is wrong. Asians have a lot of fat on the eyelids, and the eyelids are slightly swollen. The bulging fat is removed as much as possible during the operation. After the operation, the folds of the double eyelids look realistic. The incision is too small and the amount of fat removed during the operation is limited. The embedding method is suitable for beauty lovers with thin upper eyelids and low fat. The conventional incision method does serious damage in a short time, and the response after the operation is obvious, but in the long run, the effect of this method is maintained for a long time. Myth 5: “Korean double eyelid” is suitable for everyone. “Korean double eyelid” seems to be very popular at present, but there is no concept of “Korean double eyelid” in the world. Anyone who has been to Korea knows that most Koreans’ faces and eyes are generally small. The so-called “Korean double eyelids” are just relatively small double eyelids made by Korean doctors based on the facial and eye shapes of their own people. There is no fundamental difference in other countries and regions. Any double eyelid surgery is not about blindly pursuing any Korean or Japanese methods. The key is to design the shape of the double eyelid individually according to each individual’s specific situation to achieve the desired cosmetic effect. Misunderstanding 6: Double eyelid surgery is a minor surgery. Any doctor can perform eye surgery and ranks third in the international standard difficulty ranking list, second only to three-dimensional facelifts and facelifts. Only professional ophthalmologists can perform eye surgery. Misunderstanding 7: Beauty salons can hire external doctors. The surgery beauty salon itself does not have a medical license and is a life beauty center that has been reviewed and approved by the national health department. It does not have the necessary conditions for performing an operation. It is not allowed to hire external doctors to do plastic surgery of. Misunderstanding 8: The eyes can be made as you want. The eyes are the window of the soul and the first of the five senses. They can reflect the shape, style and characteristics of a person, do not follow the characteristics of the eye structure, and the comprehensive characteristics of the face. The eyes of racial traits are failing and unsightly.

What should I pay attention to after Korean rhinoplasty?

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. The tall nose makes the face more three-dimensional and better-looking. Nose collapse makes the face too flat. Korean rhinoplasty can create a beautiful nose shape and realize the beauty of the face. So what do you need to pay attention to after Korean rhinoplasty? Let us follow the experts of Hangzhou Time together to understand it through the following article.  What should I pay attention to after Korean rhinoplasty?   1. After Korean rhinoplasty, some antibiotic ointment needs to be applied to the wound, and antibiotics can also be taken orally for 3 to 5 days. This is to prevent inflammation of the wound. Some people may have redness and swelling in the nose bridge wound after undergoing Korean rhinoplasty, but rest assured that this is a normal reaction after the operation. This phenomenon generally begins to subside on the 4th day after the operation, and 6-7 after the operation Remove the sutures.   2. Keep your face clean after Korean rhinoplasty and do not get infected.  3. Try to rest on your side when you go to bed after rhinoplasty to prevent the nose bridge from being crushed and deformed. At the same time, it is also conducive to the blood circulation of the nose, which has great benefits for the recovery of the nose.   4. After the Korean rhinoplasty, you should eat spicy and stimulating food, and eat more vegetables and fruits in your life to speed up the recovery. But try to eat foods that are easier to digest and avoid obstructing wound healing by chewing.   5. Within a month of Korean operation, the shape of the nose has not been completely fixed, so the nose must not be subject to any impact from the outside, otherwise it will affect the appearance of the nose. Hangzhou time experts said that Korean rhinoplasty is a comprehensive operation and revision of the entire nose. It is not a single cushion of the nose. The operation has certain safety. At the same time, the operation is careful and meticulous. Korean rhinoplasty surgery uses minimally invasive technology to ensure the safety of the operation In contrast, Korean-style rhinoplasty surgery uses a small internal incision, and no traces of the surgery are visible, and the surgical effect is breathtaking.