Easily sad and appetite decreased, am I suffering from retirement syndrome?

Mr. Wu, who has retired, said in the consultation: I have been in a bad mood recently and I don’t want to eat. I only have half of my usual appetite, and I can’t feel the joy of eating. My wife and children went early, and the children were not around. I often sit there alone in a daze. I don’t know what I can do. I feel depressed and easily sad. I also cry when I see people on TV crying. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, and I don’t know what I am going to do. How should I live my life? I feel like I have no goals. Is this retirement syndrome? This was not the case before I retired, it only became like this in the last few months. It may be that I have left the original working environment, and there is no one to talk to, and I don’t know what I am going to do all day. Please help me, teacher, as long as it can make me better, no matter what method, I will study hard and overcome difficulties. I feel like living a life like a year now. It is too uncomfortable. “The so-called retirement syndrome refers to the anxiety, depression, sorrow, fear and other negative emotions that elderly people cannot adapt to new social roles, living environment and lifestyle changes after retirement. Many people look forward to them when they are not in retirement. When I retire, I feel empty and bored and miss the busy days before. The main psychological characteristics of retirement syndrome are loneliness, emptiness, and melancholy. People who are originally optimistic may become depressed at this time and have too much time. They don’t know how to dispose of them. They also feel that they are useless and lose their sense of social value. At the same time, their body problems suddenly increase, their health conditions are swept through like a flood of a bank, and their mood is even more unbeautiful. Like. Mr. Wu’s situation is a manifestation of retirement syndrome. A person who was originally very optimistic, because he has no goals and no regular schedule, he does not know how to pass the day, and feels life is boring, even alive. It’s meaningless. I suggest that he write down his dreams when he was young and list them one by one. See which ones can be achieved under the current conditions. He listed a dozen of them, sorted by procedures from simple to complex. After looking at the sequence, I found that there are eight or nine things that can be achieved now. Mr. Wu has come to the spirit and intends to start with the simplest thing first. Then, realize them one by one. I have no worries about doing it for at least three to five years. Two months later, I received a photo from Mr. Wu from afar. It was a small town where he had stayed in his youth. He always dreamed of it for so many years, although it has changed a lot Big, but it still makes Mr. Wu full of memories. He took pictures and wrote his diary. When he saw the circle of friends he posted, there was a love of life between the lines. This is the same as the listless and depressed two months ago Mr. Wu, is really like two people. I am really happy for his changes. For old friends who have retired, if you have not adapted to the life after retirement, you feel that there is too much time. I don’t know how to spend this time. You can be like Wu Like sir, make a list of unfulfilled dreams to make your life full and happy after retirement.