315 exposed only chaos in the enterprise? It exposes the greedy, impetuous heart

Every year, 315 will expose a group of unscrupulous enterprises and companies, but unscrupulous merchants and unscrupulous people are always exposed repeatedly. Why is this happening? All kinds of illegal and unintentional phenomena are used in every way. The rapid development of society should bring about the progress of civilization, the improvement of the soul, the improvement of happiness and happiness. However, we often see more greed, impetuousness, anxiety, conflict, which is “out of touch” which performed. Most people’s lives are filled with too much impetuousness, they have been busy, and have little time with their families, and they have no time to calm down, to perceive their own hearts, and see the emotional problems that plague them until After getting depression and anxiety, and unable to work, he had to go to the doctor and ask for medicine, and suffered. Quitting the mind seems to be a problem that many people need to pay attention to. Perhaps most people have the idea that I am busy now for the future, when I earn enough money, and when I am successful, I can enjoy life. As everyone knows, too much busy, so that his heart does not keep up with the pace of the body, unconsciously, separation of body and mind. Either there is a problem here, or there is a problem there. When we stopped, we found that we were scarred and exhausted… We all want to pursue happiness, walking, but found that happiness is getting more and more away from us Far away, being tortured by negative emotions all day and being tortured by physical symptoms, where is happiness? We always have too many reasons to be busy. For example, we can’t let our children lose at the starting line. For example, we can’t waste our lives. These reasons allow us to keep walking in the running, without time to think, to enjoy life, and to have no time to calm down and perceive our own heart. Our hearts are anxious and exhausted. In this way, we cannot hear the happy footsteps. We should calm down our hearts and listen to the voice of happiness. There is a master full of wisdom, his speech is very exciting. A village invited him to give a speech. He accepted the invitation. When he arrived in the village, there were already hundreds of people waiting for him. After the grand welcoming ceremony, the master began to speak on stage, and everyone on the stage listened carefully. The master said: “Fathers and fellow folks, I am honored to stand here to study with you all. I want to ask, do you know what I am going to talk about today?” The whole audience cheered and shouted, “Yes!” The master gestured to make everyone quiet, smiled, and said, “Since everyone already knows, then I don’t need to talk any more, right?” So, he walked away without saying a word. The people in the village were very disappointed. They decided to invite the master again, and the master readily agreed. The day came, and the master was greeted by a traditional ceremony. When he was about to start, he asked the same questions as last time. This time, everyone was ready. Everyone on the stage shouted together, “I don’t know!” The master stopped and the smile on his face was a little bit Naughty, said: “My friends, if you don’t know anything, I will talk in vain if I don’t know much, right?” The master has already left before we can all react. Everyone was stunned. They thought “Don’t know” was the answer the master wanted to hear. Everyone didn’t give up, they opened a discussion in the village, they discussed how to answer the master’s questions, and then thought about many countermeasures, and felt that this time the winning ticket was in hand, they invited the master again. The master is here. Everyone is excited and nervous. Similarly, the master is still the same problem. Everyone did not hesitate, half of them shouted “know”, half shouted “don’t know”, and then waited for the master’s response. The master said: “Well, someone who knows teaches those who don’t know.” This is a blow to everyone present. The master left quietly before everyone could relax. What should I do now? The people in the village did not give up and decided to try again. The master came, still the same problem, this time no one said anything, the audience was silent. The master finally spoke, and his wise words flowed into everyone’s heart. The master said: “Only when we are quiet can we hear the voice of wisdom. The first time everyone answers’know’, it is an expression of pride and arrogance. When a person’s mind is full of information, just pretend Not going in, like a glass filled with water, when a drop of water is added, it will overflow; the second time everyone answers’I don’t know’, this is a very negative answer. A negative brain cannot accept high wisdom. ,

Children like to spend money arbitrarily, without money concept, three skills to cultivate children’s money concept

A friend left me a message in the background, saying that his son likes to spend money and spends money indiscriminately. Obviously, there are stationery, and if you see beautiful ones, you have to buy them. All the toys in the family can be opened in small shops. When you get to the supermarket, you still have to take a few. If you don’t buy it, you will cry. After buying it, the child still doesn’t know how to cherish it, and often makes the toy lack arms and legs, or can’t find it directly. The husband and wife are very upset about spending money for their children. Once the child followed them to the supermarket and saw a new schoolbag, immediately asked his mother to buy it for him. After the mother refused, the child asked: “Mom, why don’t you buy me a new schoolbag? Are we free of money?” The couple was speechless for a while, so they wanted to ask what to do about this situation? The child spends money indiscriminately, and does not cherish it, because it is too easy to get. Now that the living conditions are good, the average child will be satisfied with whatever parents want, so that the child does not have the concept of money, nor does he know the value of this thing, and naturally does not know how to cherish it. Coupled with the fact that some elderly people do not want their children to be wronged, and their parents do not buy them, they buy them, which also leads to the behavior of the children spending money arbitrarily. To change this behavior of children, we need to let the children know that making money is hard, money is limited, and money needs to be tempered. The most important thing is to spend money on planning and bookkeeping, although the child also needs to know, but if the child is too young, it may not be able to achieve the purpose. Because when I helped Dabao establish the concept of money, bookkeeping and planned consumption failed, so I focused on the first three methods. 1. Buy, buy, buy without restraint, start with restrained consumption! Dabao in my family likes to go back to his hometown for the summer vacation. I didn’t pay much attention at first. Later I found out that she just went back to her hometown to spend money. Seeing the children’s toys and snacks, she would immediately run home and find her grandparents to buy for herself. Grandpa likes to spend money on her. If you don’t go to the store every day, you can’t survive almost that day. Sometimes they also think that the child is asking too much, and will deceive the child into saying that they did not bring the money, but the children remember well, either let the grandparents go home to take the money, or remind them to take the money when they go out. If they don’t buy it, they will be tumbling! When I found out about this situation, I also communicated with the old man, but in the old man’s opinion this is the performance of love. Even if I collected the information and elaborated on this issue in detail, they were also violating Yin and Yang, and said verbally He bought it, not bought it for him. The result was that the nephew hit the lantern as usual. So I set a rule for Dabao. When I go to a supermarket, I can only buy one thing at a time, and the price is within the controllable range. After having the rules, take her to the supermarket. Before going, tell her that she can only choose the same. Once she plays in the supermarket, she will be taken home and will not take her out for a week. I was punished twice at the beginning, and then I could only choose the same every time. At this time, I praised him for his self-control and his ability to restrain himself. Now she not only knows that money should not be squandered, but also knows that it is a good habit to restrain herself. 2. Money is limited, and it will be gone after spending it! When Dabao was young, I once went out without a cell phone and no money purse. She wanted to eat a burger. I told her that she didn’t bring any money. She pointed me at the bank and said, “Is it okay if I don’t have money to go inside?” In order to let her know that the money is limited, it’s gone. I took him to the bank the next day He opened a card, saved 100 yuan, and then took out 10 yuan, and asked for a change of 1 yuan, giving her 5 cards as a week’s pocket money. She is free to dominate, but she is not allowed to ask for money after spending the week. With five brand new one-dollar notes, the first thing she did was go to the community supermarket and buy a lollipop for her sisters. There were two missing photos at a time, and he still felt a little distressed. Later, I took him to the stationery store to buy stationery. She saw that she used 3 yuan to buy a particularly beautiful eraser. As a result, she didn’t have a dollar and a white eraser clean. I took the opportunity to tell her that things had different prices. There are also different values, expensive, beautiful is not necessarily suitable. Later, when she bought stationery, instead of choosing beautiful ones, she began to choose practical ones. Less than a week later, the money in the small bag was used up, but the things he wanted to buy were not bought, which made him very disappointed. This let him know that the money in the bank needs to be deposited by himself. Take it out endlessly, and know that the money is gone! 3. Making money is hard because I want to buy new pencils and beautiful homework notes

Psychology: When you know someone you should n’t love, when can you forget it?

Brief description of the case: Falling in love with someone who shouldn’t be loved, accidentally becoming Xiaosan. She is a very beautiful girl, thin and tall, with white skin and transparent, pure temperament. She was very young, only 20 years old, sitting timidly in front of me. The first sentence said, “Teacher Zhang, I used to be a third person for others, wouldn’t you look down on me?” I said the consultant is objective Neutral, no judgement, she still doubts my eyes, but still says: “I want to talk to you about him, I just want to find someone to talk to him.” Number of consultations: 5 cases Category: Marriage and Emotional Techniques: Comprehensive consultation and consultation: The girl holding the coffee in her hand, began to tell her and his story, how to fall in love at first sight, and how to know what to do but fell into the head, the relationship only lasted for a few months, The man offered to break up. She quietly agreed. It has been half a year now, but she doesn’t know why. She just couldn’t let him go, thinking about him every day. Towards the end, the girl looked at me faintly and suddenly asked: “Mr. Zhang, can you say he can come back to find me?” I can feel that for the identity of “Primary Three”, her psychology is conflicting and intellectually ( (Consciousness) feels repulsive, but deep down (subconscious) there is a strong “attachment”, so she can calmly accept the breakup, but can’t relieve her after the breakup. I looked at her with a smile: “I don’t know if he can come back, but if he comes back, what will you do?” She replied: “I don’t know what will happen? I know that we are not suitable between us There is no future! Sometimes I want him to come back, sometimes not? I seem to be contradictory! “This visit does not seem to have a clear consultation goal. She did not necessarily have to restore the relationship, nor did she want to do a complete separation and seek psychological What is the practical role of the consultation, she is at a loss, and for such a visit, the consultation can only follow the trend, and I want to get the “point” in the information that she does not know. Then through consultation and discussion, let her gradually clear up! Know what to do and how to choose! The next four consultations, the only and necessary content, she only wanted to talk about “he”, and nothing related to “he”, she was not allowed to appear in the consultation time. He was not handsome and young, but he was able to attract her. She was her first man. She did n’t need his money or his power. She thought he was good enough for her. She did n’t understand why he wanted to leave (the reason he gave, she did n’t believe), she was n’t sure if he had any feelings for herself, she did n’t know if he would think of her again after she left, she was n’t sure they would return in the future Are there any intersections. She didn’t know what she had to do for this relationship. She just felt that she couldn’t let go of him, and she didn’t want to forget him, although she was now very uncomfortable and painful. Although she kept asking me to talk to him only, I gradually understood why she sought me. She wanted to find answers for those she didn’t know and didn’t understand. She wanted to come out of her painful state. The psychological drama role-playing is an application of restoring scenes. She and I replayed the last scene before they broke up. She realized that her relationship with him was not as perfect and happy as she described. Gap and dissatisfaction. In fact, there is very little communication between the two of them. The visitor is not very good at speech, and her boyfriend is also reluctant to talk. They are relatively dull together. In fact, she has a lot of dissatisfaction with him, and she can’t be together well every time. Through the use of exploring subconscious technology, she found that she had loneliness and shame in this relationship, which made her very uncomfortable. Using the “Couple Facebook” technique, she found that he still matched his wife better. He wouldn’t abandon his wife and children to stay with her for a long time. The sooner they break up, the less harm they might cause to her. The pattern of parental intimacy affects the child to a certain extent. I helped her make a simple family arrangement. She understood that she was repeating the behavior of the mother she was averse to. Because she lacked the care of her father, the “he” might be in To some extent, she became the replacement of her “father”. She could not let go of him, just like a child could not give up her father. As her “why” found answers, her mood became calmer and calmer, and her face slowly recovered. At the end of December 2019, it was the last time I saw her. We did not talk about “he” in this consultation. Her consultation goal was interpersonal relationship. She had a quarrel with her girlfriends