A neat tooth is very important for many industries

   is now a society that looks at the face, most of the HR in the workplace are (taking people by appearance), and even more (taking people by teeth). Especially in developed countries, the oral cavity is very important. Untidy teeth can be considered rude or even cause poor interpersonal relationships. Needless to say, job search. A clean and tidy tooth is a stepping stone to find a decent job. How to use it well? How about your own knocking brick? It depends on whether you care about your teeth.   For example, flat models, models that often appear on the cover of magazines, color pages of newspapers, product posters, product catalogs, calendars, indoor and outdoor light boxes. Successful print advertising works often make viewers never forget and achieve the purpose of publicity. If the teeth are not neat, or the teeth are yellow, the effect of taking pictures will be greatly reduced. If you don’t have neat and clean teeth, the news anchors will be very clear on the camera when they are photographed, and the bad teeth may affect the speech. For those who want to be in the facade industry of broadcasters, in addition to having a solid The professional knowledge must also have temperament, and the requirements for the teeth are also very demanding.   And for beauticians and sales staff, strong public relations skills are very important. They can communicate with customers and be good at making friends with customers. No matter under any circumstances, can maintain a good image in front of customers. In this way, customers have a good impression on you, and sales and performance will certainly increase. Therefore, as a beautician, you should lead by example and build your own image to the best. Only in this way can you convince customers.  Want a neat tooth, orthodontics is very important. Orthodontics, as soon as possible.