The scalpel is cautious, be careful

Any doctor who treats invasive treatment, especially improper surgery, is not worthy of respect for the following knife. It needs to be carefully considered. First, ask whether the knife can be used, and then ask how much risk and gain the patient with the knife can have. Profit. Then ask if this is the most beloved one, would you prefer to use a knife, and finally ask the colleagues around you what your opinion is. In the end, it is necessary to comprehensively refer to the opinions of the family members and the patients themselves. I am most afraid of threatening the state of illness, I have no choice to deal with, I am most afraid of the promise of packaged tickets, I am even more afraid of deception with a generalized style, and I am even more afraid of Hua Tuo who is coming to use a wall of pennants as a cover. The rebirth of Zhongjing Rebirth. Surgery is small, but surgery is not the only treatment. Anesthesia and nursing may not be less than this knife in the overall recovery of the disease. More importantly, it is not because existing studies have shown that some operations are performed for surgery and do not need to be done at all. It doesn’t make much sense. The most regrettable is the loss of life after the operation and the complete loss of the opportunity to communicate with each other in the final life and death. Who should I believe, can someone else be credible if others can’t do it, can he be credible if the big hospital can’t do it, and big experts say it doesn’t make sense to be credible? He said he came here admiringly, did he still believe in seeking medical help? But it’s just gambling that takes the patient’s life unreasonably. The gambling is accidental luck. Turning around and forgetting is a cruel fact. Even if the patient and family are willing to take risks, it must be based on making full and meticulous sincerity and substantive communication. There are only a lot of roadside linen costumes that can cure all kinds of diseases. There has never been a true doctor who can save all people from death. No exception, occasionally cured, often helped, the medicine that is always soothing has not changed so far, and will not change in a short time. This knife given to the patient is really not random. There are two kinds of good doctors in the world. One is that he can cure other people’s diseases. He has always been able to cure others but will tell the patient to find another doctor who can really cure the disease.