【Original】On how does eyebrow cutting change the shape of double eyelids?

If a beauty seeker already has double eyelids, but the skin is too slack, or the width of the double eyelid becomes too narrow with age, if you want a wider double eyelid at this time, or restore the double eyelid when young Appearance, then, do not have to do double eyelid surgery, eyebrow cutting is another option, and sometimes the effect of eyebrow cutting is better than double eyelid. Through eyebrow cutting surgery, you can change the width of the double eyelids, raise the upper eyelid, and improve the crow’s feet. The knife edge can be designed on the upper edge of the eyebrows (this can raise the drooping eyebrows at the same time), but it is more designed on the lower edge of the eyebrows, because the knife edge is more concealed at this position, the disadvantage is that the shape and position of the eyebrows cannot be adjusted. In the standing position, design the amount of skin that needs to be removed, and then align the suture, so that the skin under the incision will be effectively lifted up, just like the curtain is cut too long and the suture is cut. Therefore, the essence of this eyebrow cutting operation is a part of facial lifting, but the lifting part is mainly the upper eyelid and a little eye tail part. The biggest benefit of cutting eyebrows to enhance the double eyelids is the natural effect. The entire upper eyelid is evenly lifted. The upper eyelid skin is obviously stretched and thinned. This is the most obvious effect on people with swollen eyes. If these people with swollen eyes do double eyelids Surgery, the folds of the double eyelids will be very thick and very fake, and cutting the eyebrows will make the upper eyelid skin flatten and thin, effectively improving the swollen eye. Although the scar on the blade is red early, it can be covered with a thrush, and after half a year, the blade is basically a white stamp, which becomes very vague.

[Original] How to prevent infection of the knife edge after double eyelid surgery?

Serious infections after eye surgery are relatively rare. The most common occurrence is local infection of the knife edge. Generally, there is no obvious effect on the shape of the double eyelid, which may cause delayed healing or a slightly more obvious scar. Some measures after the operation can significantly reduce the knife edge Infection rate. 1. & nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. The external dressing should be removed on the second day after the operation to do local cleaning. The method is to use sterile cotton swab dipped in saline or water for injection, and wipe the knife carefully to prevent local scabs or dirt contamination Above the blade, it affects healing. If you can wipe the knife edge with an alcohol cotton ball, it is better, but you must be careful to prevent alcohol from irritating your eyes. 2. & nbsp. & Nbsp.After the stitches are removed, the knife edge has healed well. Some people dare not clean the knife edge and fear that the wound will split. This is a big mistake. It should be cleaned like a normal face wash. Of course, the force used is natural Be gentle, but all facial cleansers or soaps can be applied. The knife edge is cleaned, which is conducive to improved tissue growth and slight scarring. 3. If the person seeking beauty has trachoma, conjunctivitis, skin infection around the eyes, acne, or local allergies, then disinfectable eye drops such as topaz and others, as well as ointments such as chlortetracycline and erythromycin eye ointment , Or Baidubang, treat these lesions. In short, eye surgery is a relatively safe operation. Most of the problems are mainly the satisfaction of the beauty seekers. This can be solved through in-depth communication between the doctor and the patient before the operation, but serious organic nature rarely occurs. Damage, this is the reason for those seeking beauty can choose surgery with confidence. This article is the copyright of Dr. Liu Tianyi. Please do not reprint without authorization. Read more of my articles. [Original] How to do double eyelid postoperative rehabilitation massage? ° 【Original】 What is the key point of hot compress after eye plastic surgery? ° [Original] What should I do if the double eyelid stitches just feel that the curvature is not good?

[Original] How to recover as soon as possible after double eyelid surgery

The speed of recovery of double eyelid surgery depends on many factors, some factors are force majeure, but some factors can indeed be achieved through some technical treatment to achieve the purpose of rapid recovery, the following are introduced separately: 1. & nbsp. & Nbsp. Early treatments at home include cold compresses, reduced activity, keeping eyes closed and resting, head up, drinking less water, calm emotions and not being too excited, if you feel pain, you can take oral pain medications, etc., all help to reduce edema and maintain The blood pressure is stable and comfortable and painless. 2. After removing the external dressing the next day, carefully clean the knife edge with a cotton swab dipped in sterile saline to prevent local scab formation. On the one hand, the infection of the knife edge can be avoided, on the other hand, the healing is accelerated and the scar is slight. 3. & nbsp. & Nbsp. Normally remove the suture in about seven days. After two days, you can apply anti-scar ointment to inhibit scar formation. At the same time, you can do local hot compress, if you have time to recommend local massage. 4. & nbsp. & Nbsp.There will be local scar scar hyperplasia within three to four months after the operation, there is almost no good situation after the knife edge, the local wound is stiff, and the edema is obvious in the morning, and the eye at night The activity will be significantly reduced within a day. This is mainly because more eye movements can effectively soften the scars and promote the return of the lymphatic system. Therefore, it is recommended to do more eye opening and closing activities. 5. & nbsp. During the recovery period, eye makeup can be used, but it is not recommended to be too thick and too thick to prevent local irritation of these chemicals. As for some Chinese medicines, or remedies for hearsay, we suggest that you still use scientific methods to detect that these things are indeed effective, and it is more reliable to use them when they are harmless. This article is copyrighted by Dr. Liu Tianyi, please do not reprint without authorization

[Original] Is the weather hot for cosmetic surgery?

The reason for those who seek beauty is that the weather is too hot to be operated on because of the following reasons: 1. Through their common sense of life, they simply and intuitively think that too hot weather may cause the protein to deteriorate easily, and the knife edge is prone to inflammation and infection, affecting healing. 2. & nbsp. & Nbsp.The weather is too hot to recover slowly after surgery? Because of excessive sweating and dampness around the knife edge, wound healing is affected. In fact, the heat metabolism is faster and the swelling is faster. 3. & nbsp. & Nbsp. The weather is too hot for surgery. Because the temperature is high, you can not take a bath, and your body is uncomfortable. 4. & nbsp. & Nbsp.The weather is too hot for the operation. Due to the bandage of the knife, there may be some discomfort early in the postoperative period, and at the same time, not too much activity, which affects the mood. Post-operative relaxation, peace of mind, and home is more important. In fact, all these worries are not necessary, because the living conditions have been greatly improved, and the popularity of air conditioning, even in the hottest south, home or hospital With air conditioning equipment, the temperature is kept under the most comfortable conditions, and the temperature is basically the same as that in spring and autumn, so it is not the reason for stopping or postponing the operation. This article is copyrighted by Dr. Liu Tianyi, please do not reprint without authorization

[Original] How to minimize the scar of the scalpel?

Scars are one of the most important issues for beauty seekers for skin lift surgery. In addition to the factors of surgical operation, what methods and treatments can patients use to achieve the slightest scar after surgery? 1. & nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. Knife edge cleaning: After the operation, the doctor will change the medicine regularly, if there is bleeding and effusion will be dealt with accordingly, but after discharge, you should often observe the exposed knife edge. If you have bleeding or scab, you can wipe it carefully with a 75% alcohol cotton ball or cotton swab to keep the blade clean and dry. Do not use colored disinfectants such as iodine, iodophors, purple syrup, and thimerosal. 2. & nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. Drugs: After a few days of thread removal, the blades are longer and stronger. With the permission of the doctor, you can gradually use anti-scarring drugs, including films or ointments. It is inconvenient to use the patch. The scar-removing ointment is preferred because it contains silicone. Usage After the blade is partially cleaned, use ointment to completely cover the scar of the blade. Do not use cosmetics around it. You can use 5-10 times a day to keep the part covered with ointment. 3. & nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp.Massage: When using ointment at the same time, or when there is no ointment (it is not convenient to use ointment at work), you can gently massage the scar of the knife with your fingertips, the number and time are not limited , The more the better, insist on applying 4. & nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. Photoelectric therapy: people with conditions can apply radio frequency or laser to make the scars become soft under the effect of the photoelectric effect, the color becomes lighter, and the scars are accelerated Mature. 5. & nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp.Injection therapy: In a very small number of people with scar physique, the scar will appear red and hard, and sometimes it is accompanied by an itching or pain, and the doctor will inject a small amount of hormone Drugs that inhibit vascular hyperplasia strongly suppress scars, and then continue to use the above methods. In short, after the careful operation of experienced doctors and the comprehensive measures to prevent scars after the operation, most of the scars after peeling are very slight and vague, and they are not obvious in these hidden parts. Read more of my articles ° [Original] What is the role of wearing a hood after skin lift (facial lift)? How to wear it? ° 【Original】 Which one to do first? ° [Original] Will the double eyelids made with thick eyelids also be thick?

Who is suitable for internal eye bags

Eye bags trouble many people and make their eyes look unremarkable, especially old. There are two types of eye bag removal surgery: internal eye bag removal surgery and external eye bag removal surgery. Its surgical methods, advantages and disadvantages, suitable for personnel and recovery process. Endoscopic eye bag removal surgery, also known as internal suction bag removal, internal removal of eye bags, transconjunctival removal of eye bags, is a very effective method of removing eye bags, most suitable for young people’s bags, some middle-aged people Also applicable. 1. Surgical method 1. On the mucous surface of the inside of the eyelid at the eye bag, cut a small knife edge of 1 to 3 mm in length, and through the small knife edge, remove the enlarged fat of the eye bag to eliminate the eye bag. 2. In the operation, combined with the use of laser, can reduce bleeding and have a certain lipolytic effect. But in fact, a well-technical doctor, even without a laser, has very little bleeding during surgery, no more than 1 milliliter; as for the fat-dissolving effect of laser, it is also limited. Besides, a well-technical doctor can accurately control fat removal The amount of light; therefore, the use of laser has a certain meaning, but the significance is not very great. 3. There is no need to sew on the edge of the mucosal surface, and the edge of the mucosal surface will heal by itself, so do not remove the thread. 4. The cut edge of the eye bag is cut inside the conjunctiva on the inside of the lower eyelid. There is no cut on the face, so there will be no cuts and scars on the face. 2. Advantages 1. Less invasive. 2. Fast recovery. 3. There is no need to make a cut on the face, so no traces or scars will be left on the face. 3. Disadvantages 1. Unable to remove loose skin, so it is most suitable for people with no severe skin loosening and wrinkles; it is also suitable for people with mild skin loosening, because the skin will automatically shrink and tighten after the eye bags are removed. 2. The orbicularis oculi muscle, orbital membrane, and skin cannot be tightened, so it is suitable for those with mild or moderate eye bags, and those with severe eye bags are not suitable. Fourth, suitable for personnel 1, young people: young people’s eye bags are generally mild or moderate, the eye bags are not too heavy, and there is no sagging and sagging of the skin, no eye bags or light bags, so most young people It is suitable for cutting eyes under the eyes. Occasionally, a small number of young people have serious eye bags, severe sagging skin, and eye bags, which is not suitable for endoscopic eye bag surgery. Only external eye bags can be removed. 2. Middle-aged people: The eye bags of middle-aged people are different. Mild or moderate eye bags, and the skin of the eye bags is not serious, and the eye bag lines are not serious. It is recommended to perform an intraocular eye bag removal operation, otherwise, it is recommended Surgery to remove eye bags. 3. The elderly: Generally, the bags under the eyes are heavier, and there will be serious sagging and sagging skin of the bags under the eyes, and the bags under the eyes will also be severe. It is recommended to perform surgery to remove the bags under the eyes; Degree, you can also perform an internal eye removal surgery. 5. Recovery process 1. There is no knife edge on the face, so there is no need to cover the gauze, and do not come to the hospital to remove the thread. 2. On the second to third days after surgery, the eyes will be a little uncomfortable, but it will not affect the eyesight. You can go to work normally. It is recommended to take a proper rest and do not use eyes. You can use your eyes normally on the 4th to 5th day. 3. There will be redness and swelling at the bags under the eyes, but it is not serious. A few people will still have bruises, which can be eliminated and returned to normal within a week. 4. A small number of people will have congestion in the whites of their eyes and turn red. Some people will have blisters, which will disappear in about a week and return to normal. 5. Don’t drink alcohol and eat spicy food for a week.