Joint maintenance for hemophilia

&nbsp.&nbsp. Some doctors recommend the use of knee pads, but long-term use of such items is not conducive to the operation of the blood. Some patients suffer from severe atrophy of leg muscles due to long-term use of knee pads, so this big method is more beneficial than profit.  When there is no bleeding, it is a good choice to take a hot bath, wash with traditional Chinese medicine or apply plasters to “maintain” the diseased joints.   If the joint hemorrhage cannot be stopped in time, it will cause more blood accumulation, slow recovery, and greater joint function damage. In the future, this joint will have more chances of bleeding, faster disability, more sins, and more money. Therefore, factors should be added in time for joint bleeding. At that time, a lot of money was spent at once, but recovery is fast, the chance of disability is reduced, and the quality of life is effectively improved. Physical therapy of hemophilic patients is also very important.  Be patient and don’t rush for success. Find a doctor who has professional experience in hemophilia. Otherwise, be more conservative and simply don’t do it! Once improper operation results in bleeding, it’s not worth the loss!