From side-face paralysis to side-face killing, how to counterattack the “nose” ancestor of dazzling skills?

With the addition of celebrity celebrity photos, it is not difficult to find a general rule: most impressive photos are taken from a side angle. The reason is that when the light falls on the side face, the outline of the facial features will be more distinct, and the characters will show more temperament. If you want to have a photogenic side look, you must pay attention to the curvature of your own root-nose. Only the three-dimensional nose can hold up an elegant curve, making the entire facial features harmonious, elegant and unique. If you are not one of the lucky ones in a million who are born with such an exquisite nose, then the acquired rhinoplasty can help you get rid of the ugly nose and have an exquisite three-dimensional profile. The Friendship Plastic Surgery Digital Customized Rhinoplasty of Nanjing Medical University can easily create a three-dimensional and beautiful nose, so that it is not afraid of kneading, it is naturally curved, the nose tip is stable, safer, and it looks full and round, vivid and not stiff. ProgramIntroduction adopts 12-dimensional positioning and comprehensive personalized design, and uses autogenous cartilage or various high-end prostheses according to the specific conditions of customers, and personalized sculptures to achieve all-round nose shape reshaping, and realize the fusion of nose tip, bridge, and wing. As a whole, no rejection, no displacement, restore the natural “physical dynamics” of the nose, and the effect is natural and stable. Advantages of digital customized rhinoplasty 1. No structure damage: 12-dimensional multi-view tomography technology, the nose, nose tip, and back of the nose can all move independently. 2. The shape is lifelike: the nose tip is finely carved, and the shape is delicate and round, not easy to detect. 3. Natural touch: the whole nose is comprehensively shaped, natural and stable, not afraid of kneading. Carefully crafted natural beauty 01 multi-faceted three-dimensional design, from the root of the nose to the tip of the nose is considered as a whole, and 21 fine parts such as the root of the nose, the back of the nose, the tip of the nose, the columella, and the wings of the nose are precisely set. Comprehensive use of prosthetic materials or autologous tissues such as ear cartilage, nasal septal cartilage, cost cartilage, fascia, etc., in accordance with the aesthetic “hyperbolic” design proportions, finely sculpted between the square inches of the nose, making the front and side curves of the nose delicate and smooth , To create a personalized, three-dimensional nose shape suitable for beauty seekers. 02Science and safety of minimally invasive operation With the characteristics of fine and minimally invasive, fine operation under a high-power microscope, avoiding blood vessels and nerves, accurately peeling off the periosteum and fascia, and placing the prosthesis or autologous tissue in it, making the nose soft Naturally, it has good stability, and there is no need to worry about displacement caused by kneading or collision. Combining the characteristics of different materials and complementing each other to achieve the best shaping effect.

How to care after thread carving? Must understand after surgery!

1. Avoid high temperature environment. After finishing the line carving, pay attention to not to go to high temperature sauna, high temperature yoga and other high temperature environments within 1 month, and do not expose to sunlight. High temperature will cause the body temperature to rise, the body will sweat and dissipate heat, and the wound after the wire carving may cause inflammation and infection after contact with the sweat. Therefore, it is best to avoid going into the high temperature environment after the wire carving. 2. Avoid the spicy stimulation of diet. After finishing the line carving operation, you should also pay attention to the diet. Try not to eat spicy and greasy food, and do not eat too salty food. The use of salty and chili-containing foods is not only detrimental to recovery, it may even lead to longer recovery times. The daily diet is best based on light and oil-free foods. You can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Do not consume irritating foods such as alcohol and coffee. 3. Avoid kneading. After finishing the line carving operation, be sure to protect the line carving part from being impacted or kneaded by external force, because the partner should avoid squeezing the line carving part because the line body of the line carving is in the recovery period It is not stable, and it is easy to cause displacement of the material of the wire carving due to external force. During the period when the thread body was just implanted, there will be some tightness, but this is relatively normal. The material used for thread carving is a gradual process. It will gradually alleviate this phenomenon over time. It is enough to protect the line carving part from being squeezed and kneaded by external force. 4. Avoid exaggerated expressions During the recovery period (at least one week), avoid exaggerated expressions, do not cry and laugh, and avoid kneading the surgical site. Because the thread body after the thread carving operation is still unstable, if you do some exaggerated expressions and kneading movements, it will easily affect the effect of the thread carving. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid over-excited emotions after doing line carving and not to make some exaggerated large-scale expressions. 5. Non-sticking water In the five days after the line carving, be careful not to get water on the face, especially around the wound. If the wound is accidentally wetted with water, it may cause infection. Therefore, just after the line carving operation, you can neither wash your face nor wash your hair, let alone use facial cleanser. In addition, follow the doctor’s instructions to take antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs. 6. Ice compress must be performed after ice compress operation, because ice compress can shrink capillaries and eliminate swelling after thread carving. But pay attention to the ice pack, you can crush the ice pack thinner, and then directly fold the ice pack 90 degrees and place it on the uncomfortable skin, which can eliminate edema and hematoma. 7. Do more rest. Do not stay up late after finishing the line carving, because staying up late will lead to poor recovery of the line carving part, the shape may be affected, and it will also cause a burden on the body, which is also unfavorable for the wound recovery of the line carving operation. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure sufficient sleep time and go to bed early to get up early, so that the wound of the thread carving will also recover faster.