If you find your husband cheating, what will you do?

I often ask helpers, what should I do if my husband cheated? Do I need a divorce? Many women are very tough and divorce as soon as they grit their teeth and stom their feet. I have never opposed divorce, but I am opposed to blind divorce and divorce purely driven by emotions. Before you get a divorce, please consider a few questions. You divorced because your relationship was completely broken. Have you no longer loved this man? After your divorce, will your children become a drag on your remarriage or a burden on your life? Can you lose a child? Is your life after divorce better or worse than it is now? Can you find a man who is better than your current husband and who will never cheat? Every time someone talks about divorce in front of me, I will ask them these five questions, each of which can have an answer, not necessarily a positive answer, as long as you can think clearly and accept the consequences. As long as you have the answer, you can get a divorce. But unfortunately, I saw many people who didn’t think about their relationship and life at all. They just got divorced in a hurry because they couldn’t stand their husband’s derailment and broke down. I have even seen many women who took their children out of the house. They left the house and property to their husbands and mistresses in one breath. Her husband cheated, but she was responsible for the consequences. silly! Stupid to the extreme. I have always said that since it is a man who has cheated and betrayed, he must be punished. Even if he is going to get a divorce, he should go out of the house and even let him take responsibility for the child. Even if you can’t do without your child, you have to pay more for him every month. Be sure to let the derailed man’s future life drop several levels, while your life increase several levels. If you can’t live better, why should you leave? Is it because you divorced to let your husband and Xiaosan stay together? This kind of thought of sacrificing oneself and perfecting others should be saved. We should treat the right person and the man who betrayed us with the greatest punishment. For the man who is still in love, if you leave him, you divorce, in essence, you release him and punish yourself. So as long as there is love, as long as there is affection, as long as you are not sure that you can live better than the other, don’t talk about divorce easily. Once again, don’t let momentary emotions affect your long life. It is true that you will never be able to change the fact that your husband has cheated, but this fact, but it exists in the memory, and will not always be manifested. For a woman, what matters is not what happened in the middle, but what you want in the end. As I said before, I have seen countless women divorced because their husbands cheated, but in the end they were either depressed and old, or they still married a husband who would cheat, and their previous problems were not resolved at all. But what if it is a man who can’t escape your palm and can ensure that he will not cheat again? Do you still care about the previous things? Even if you care, can’t you think of him as a brand new man, a new husband? Don’t be fascinated by emotions, don’t be immersed in memories, be sure to strive for the results you want, only the last scene is decisive, and everything that happens in the middle is just passing by. For derailment, it can be explained by kite theory: everyone who has flown a kite knows that if the string is rushed, it is likely to be broken. Only by following the wind and picking it up a little bit can the kite be safely taken back. When the bad luck of life falls on you, you can cry, you can be angry, but please do it quietly. Those men are not worth crying to them. Then lower your head and meditate, think about what you want, and think about how your future life can be better. Please consider whether the kite string you are holding is torn off or put it to good use. Therefore, you must calm down before making a choice when encountering a husband cheating. If your heart is too painful and you cannot calm down, you can find a counselor to accompany you for a period of time to get out of negative emotions.