Can you kiss if you have genital warts? Will kissing infect genital warts?

Core reminder: Condyloma acuminatum is a contagious disease, it will seriously affect our lives, so we must carry out effective treatment in time, if the patient is in love, kissing is an unavoidable situation, but The possibility of it being spread by kissing is very small, unless there are some special circumstances, such as some damage in the patient’s mouth, it may be infected. There are large and small diseases in our lives. They may affect our lives to a certain extent and reduce the quality of life. The most common one is condyloma acuminatum, which can seriously harm our body and must be timely. For effective treatment, let’s get to know it first. Condyloma acuminata is a skin disease caused by an external viral infection. Generally speaking, it is caused by the appearance of papilloma virus. Most of its concurrent parts are reproductive organs, and it may also be external Some relatively small substances are produced, and they are contagious. They are usually spread through sexual contact. Of course, they may also be spread indirectly due to some external reasons. When many patients are in love, if they suffer from this disease, they are worried about whether they can kiss. Let’s talk about it below.   Under normal circumstances, if the patient kisses, the disease will not be transmitted, but if the situation is more special, it may be spread to other people. If there is some damage in the oral cavity, it may enter the body of another person through the gap in the oral cavity, so this must be avoided. Of course, kissing is not contagious under normal circumstances. At present, we have not seen sexually transmitted diseases that can be transmitted through the oral cavity. If it occurs, it may be transmitted by oral sex, which is different from simple kissing.   The vast majority of STDs are generally in the genital area. Although some diseases can be transmitted through the oral cavity, they are basically rare. The possibility of transmission is relatively small, so patients can rest assured. The above is the transmission method of this disease. Patients should decide whether they can kiss according to their own conditions, but for the sake of the other’s life and health, they must respect each other, try to kiss after treatment, and usually pay attention to personal hygiene. This can effectively prevent the occurrence of infection.

Can you kiss happily after rhinoplasty?

A collapsed nose means that the nose collapses and destroys everything! Many people who love beauty hope that they have a tall nose. Many people are not calm when they talk about rhinoplasty. Today we discuss a problem that everyone is most concerned about. Can you kiss happily after rhinoplasty? Will you be touched? ps: Single dogs can choose to drift by…Theoretically speaking, after the rhinoplasty has just been done, of course you can’t kiss! After all, the prosthesis has just been put on during the recovery period and the prosthesis has not been completely fixed. At this time, avoid collision with the nose, but after the recovery period, the prosthesis has been firmly fixed on your nose unless it is a huge impact! Is huge! (For example, I was severely koked by Captain America~~) Then maybe you can’t see it whether it is a prosthetic rhinoplasty or your own original ecological nose~ Otherwise, kissing and rolling will be problematic~ [Summary] Rhinoplasty It will not affect the nitrogen content of kissing. Whether you can kiss happily also depends on the value of your face. The nose is the “king of face”. Having a perfect nose can make you more beautiful and temperament. Therefore, rhinoplasty surgery is becoming more and more popular. Choosing the right method for surgery is very important. As long as you change the nose shape a bit, you will feel that the temperament is doubled, and the lady will cry out regret after finishing her nose. “Obviously I could become beautiful earlier, but I was ugly for so long~” After specific communication and research, Dean Lin Jinde formulated the most suitable rhinoplasty plan for her. This young lady is a well-known Internet celebrity. I have been rejected by many film and television companies because of the nose problem. Now the fans have skyrocketed after the restoration of rhinoplasty~ but, if the prosthesis is unqualified and the nose is crooked because of factors such as greed and cheapness, then it is ” Human tragedy”~ This young lady was blindly pursuing a high nose bridge half a year ago, and under the attractive advertisement of a local plastic surgery institution, she underwent a comprehensive rhinoplasty with ear cartilage + silicone nasal prosthesis, but it was a nightmare. The nose looks very abrupt and the nose bridge is not only not padded, but also very unnatural, the nose is deformed, and the oblique prosthesis also shines. The repair is to repair the entire nose. Miss is very satisfied with the repair effect~ For this kind of problem, the experienced experts of the Friendship Plastic Surgery Department of Nanjing Medical University will comprehensively consider the nose and the entire face according to the customer’s face shape and combined with Chinese physiognomy. Eyebrows and contour bones are equal to tailor a suitable nose shape for each customer

Is kissing condyloma acuminata contagious?

   Condyloma acuminata is a highly infectious and harmful sexually transmitted disease, and it is also one of the eight most important sexually transmitted diseases in my country. It is mainly spread through sexual intercourse, followed by indirect infection. These two modes of infection are the most common clinically. Then, some patients may ask, can kissing with genital warts be contagious? Today, let’s meet together.   If the infected person’s disease is located in the genitals, perianal area and other non-oral areas, in this case, kissing by the partner will not be a problem. However, it is not advisable to kiss patients whose disease site is in the oral cavity, otherwise the HPV virus in the oral cavity will invade the partner’s oral cavity through kissing and cause mutual infection. Therefore, whether or not to kiss a patient with genital warts depends on whether the infected party has oral disease or carries the HPV virus. This must be figured out first to avoid cross-infection.   In addition, let me give you a popular science test on oral genital warts. In clinical practice, many people who suspect that they have oral genital warts are basically not found when they go to the hospital for examination. Most of them are normal oral or sublingual gland tissues. When infection is suspected, it is recommended to go to the dentist for examination first, because dentists are more experienced in diagnosing oral foreign bodies. If it is not condyloma acuminatum, it can usually be diagnosed. Before being diagnosed, try not to directly kiss and have sex with your partner. Reprint please indicate: Nanjing Institute of gifted Ka medical wart virus Lixing Chun, otherwise declined to reprint.