Don’t kiss children casually. There is a kissing disease that is very harmful to children and is caused by virus infection.

I saw a piece of news a few days ago, saying that the groom-to-be born in Hangzhou was troubled by “kissing disease” and could only postpone the wedding. Yesterday, the famous expert Professor Zhang Wenhong introduced the “kissing disease” in TikTok, introducing the origin of this disease and its impact on the body. Recently, some netizens also consulted, saying that family relatives like to kiss the baby every time they visit the baby, and they are worried about whether they will be infected with kissing disease. Today we will talk about the legendary “kiss disease”. Kissing disease, its official and official name is infectious mononucleosis, and the culprit is Epstein-Barr virus. So kissing disease is an acute proliferative disease of the mononuclear-macrophage system caused by EB virus primary infection. Infants and young children are more common, and the peak incidence in my country is 4-6 years old. When parents carry the virus, they may be infected by kissing their children, sharing utensils, or chewing food. In addition to kissing, Epstein-Barr virus can also be spread through droplets and blood transfusion. Infectious mononucleosis is a self-limiting disease, most of which have a good prognosis, but a few may have serious consequences such as hemorrhagic syndrome. The typical triple presentation is “fever, angina, and lymphadenopathy.” 1.&nbsp. Fever The degree of fever varies, and the body temperature fluctuates around 38.5~40℃, which can last for about 1 week. Children may have low fever. 2. Half of the patients with angina have sore throat, posterior pharyngeal wall, uvula, tonsil congestion and edema, and ulcers or pseudomembrane formation on the tonsils. 3. More than 70% of patients with lymphadenopathy have lymphadenopathy. Swollen lymph nodes in the posterior occiput and neck are the most common, and the regression is slow, which can last until the acute symptoms disappear for about a few months. 4.&nbsp. Other symptoms Liver and spleen enlargement, hepatosplenomegaly will occur in about 50% of the cases, hypersplenism will lead to hemorrhagic syndrome, and the decline of whole blood cells. In severe cases, liver and spleen may even be ruptured. The virus can also invade the nervous system, and very few people will develop meningitis, encephalitis and other diseases. Many people mistake infectious mononucleosis for the common cold. There is still a big difference between the two. Although the early symptoms are similar, infectious mononucleosis lasts for a longer time and the course of the disease is long. The patient indicates a serious condition and is prone to complications. In the treatment of infectious mononucleosis, symptomatic and supportive treatment is the main treatment, bed rest, and vigorous activity only 3 months after symptoms improve. Anti-fever treatment during high fever, anti-viral therapy, glucocorticoids are needed when there are severe throat edema and other organ complications. The infection rate of Epstein-Barr virus is very high among normal adults. About 90% of adults have Epstein-Barr virus antibodies, which are mainly transmitted through saliva. Most Epstein-Barr virus infections are invisible infections, long-term or even life-long latent in the body’s white blood cells. Once the body’s immune function is low, it will make people uneasy and prone to repeated attacks. Epstein-Barr virus infection is closely related to lymphoma and nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Couple dating comes standard with a “three-piece suit”, hug and hug each other, you know, it’s also risky. In addition, it is best not to kiss babies who are not yet full, especially when they are sick, and learn to refuse special close contact between relatives, friends and children.

Harmonious sexual life is not only a good relationship between husband and wife, but more importantly the body language between husband and wife

   To let the TA know your desire for sex, you don’t need to say it, and you can also let the TA feel your desire. You can use your body language to tell him your desires and let him know how you feel. Our eyes, mouth, arms and even feet can send out ambiguous signals. In fact, the partner’s response often depends on the communication of body language. Let’s take a look together below.  Five body language that can make the relationship better:   1, kissing:   Kissing will increase human hormones, so you must be dedicated when kissing. It is the first lock to stimulate sexual desire. Kissing must make the other person comfortable before the other person will respond to you affectionately.  2, hug:    you can hug each other more and say something they love to hear. Let the other person feel your love and you can talk and kiss the earlobe on the other person’s ear.  3. Love talk:    Both men and women like to listen to nice words. Therefore, the couple who loves talk will have a good relationship.  4. Touching:    After the previous message is delivered, the other party also responds, and then we can touch a sensitive part of the other party’s body.  Experts remind: A happy couple will follow the rhythm of each other, and in a problematic relationship, it often happens that he is already drinking tea when her main course is halfway through. And these limbs also indirectly help us ease the relationship between husband and wife and make them love and happier in life.

When women tell, are men unreasonable? How to do?

& Nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Author:… Liuying Ya woman is very depressed. Whenever he said something to his husband, he always wanted to reason, and he kept reasoning with me. One thing he always told me was who was right and who was wrong, and that should be the case, until the end, but he would cry. & nbsp. & nbsp. expressed sympathy for twelve points. & nbsp. The man here has not been able to empathize, but also to refute. Women feel squeezed and compressed again, more depressed, and more emotionally helpless. More men have these “failures”, reasoning and methods, not to haunt you. * Why is it so easy for men to have love? Because men usually suppress and avoid their feelings. Culture requires a man to beat his teeth and swallow blood, to be quiet, a man to tears, and so on. Even now, you have n’t seen the gentle men expressing their emotions and feelings everywhere. Men are less likely to tell who they are so painful, uncomfortable, and in need. Men suppress their emotions and agree with the demands of these cultures on themselves. Because they suppress their feelings, men also ignore women’s feelings, are insensitive to women’s emotional feelings, and even resist women’s feelings. When a woman tells a man, the man will want to reason to help the woman and accompany the woman, but the woman often can’t stand this cold and rational model. The more a woman cannot be comforted and managed by him in this way, then the more anxious the man is, and the more reason he is with you. Men seem so impatient. In fact, he is not necessarily unwilling to listen to you, unwilling to accept the feelings of pitying you, but avoiding his own feelings, while at the same time being anxious, anxious or even angry because he has not helped you. & nbsp. So, why are some men masters? Because I know how to “receive” women. & nbsp. & nbsp. * Women like to kiss and hold high. & nbsp. Reasoning with women is a very cost-effective thing, but men are used to reasoning with their own women. Moreover, in many cases, men are reasoning with twelve points of piety and love, but they are hard to please. Even make women feel that you do not love me. & nbsp. In fact, if you are not a man’s “self”, a man will not “reason” with you. & nbsp. However, to reason with a woman is better to hug and hug. This kind of effort is more useful and more meaningful than telling her a systematic way about it. & nbsp. Men, when a woman tells you or complains. Kissing and holding high will make you more powerful. Two aspects: including physical and psychological demands. Kiss and hug physically, and kiss and hug her, and try to listen to her and understand her, so that she will be very useful. & nbsp. & nbsp. Are there any gains after reading? Follow me, teach you to use psychology to analyze the phenomenon and confusion of marriage and love, and help you understand love and marriage. & nbsp. Liu Yingya: Master of Psychology, National Class Two Psychological Counselor, Marriage and Bisexual Emotional Family Researcher, Personal Physical and Mental Growth Researcher, Lily Marriage and Love Emotion Tutor, Enterprise Staff Growth Consultant for more than ten years of psychology work, focusing on family Marriage and affection, personal physical and spiritual growth. Public number: psychological consultant Liu Yingya WeChat: psyajfz Weibo: