Little finger deformity (Kirners deformity and lateral deviation deformity of fingers)

In daily life, some people often encounter the little finger is not straight, accompanied by different degrees of lateral deviation and flexion, which affects the appearance. Therefore, today we will talk about this type of deformity, mainly including kirners deformity and finger lateral deformity. Kirners’ deformity (finger tip deformity) Kirner’s deformity is characterized by deflection of the finger tip, in addition to deflection, accompanied by palmar flexion, usually involving the little finger. This deformity has less effect on hand function. The operation is mainly to restore the shape of the finger. The surgical method was multiple segment osteotomy of distal phalanx + Kirschner wire fixation. This patient is a Kirners deformity. The picture above is a comparison photo before and after surgery. Finger lateral deformity (finger skew). Finger deflection deformity is the angled deformity of the finger. The deformity is different from the kirners deformity, mainly involving the middle phalanx, mostly due to abnormal epiphyseal plate. The surgical method is to correct the lateral deformity of the abnormal bone osteotomy. This patient’s little finger lateral deformity, x-ray shows that the middle phalanx is trapezoidal, and the appearance and x-ray&nbsp. 9th Floor, No. 500, 13:30 every Saturday afternoon