Actress delivery, baby died due to shoulder dystocia and umbilical cord compression, why these two situations are so dangerous

Cara Keo, a famous American variety star, was very popular on the reality show because of his eye-catching performance. Although everyone was in danger during the epidemic, fortunately, the Cara Keo family is safe and sound, and Cara Keo Huai’s second child is about to be born. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. Unexpectedly, a few days ago, Carla Keo announced a tragedy on the social platform. She said that her son was born on April 6 and had a strong body weight of 11 pounds 4 ounces and a length of 21 inches. . However, during the birth of his son, he experienced shoulder dystocia, stuck his shoulders, and was also entangled with the umbilical cord, which eventually caused shoulder dystonia and umbilical cord compression. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. The doctor immediately rescued the child. However, the child died because of serious injuries. The sudden bad news made Cara Keo feel unacceptable. She mourned her son in sorrow, comforting her child just to go to a happier and happier place, where there was no sickness, no harm, only laughter. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. For laymen who have no midwife work experience, there is no intuitive understanding of the two terms of shoulder dystocia and umbilical cord compression, which may just be considered ordinary dystocia. However, for the medical staff in our delivery room, these two situations are extremely critical. If the rescue is not timely, minutes may lead to fetal death. & nbsp. Let me talk about shoulder dystocia. Generally, as long as the baby’s fetal head comes out, the baby will be born very smoothly. But there are also some fetuses, because the shoulders are too large and wide, causing the fetal head to come out, but the shoulders are stuck at the mother’s birth canal, and they can’t be retracted if they can’t get out. If the time is too long, it will cause neonatal asphyxia. “Shoulder dystocia” is the most dangerous situation. In our delivery room, before the pregnant woman is in labor, it is necessary to perform a prenatal B-ultrasound, including an estimate of the fetal weight. If the fetal weight exceeds 4500 grams, the maternal pelvis is medium in size. To prevent shoulder dystocia, a cesarean section will be taken Childbirth. If shoulder dystocia occurs during birth, the medical staff will immediately take the necessary measures to minimize the damage caused by shoulder dystocia. Such as adopting some technical means to change the degree of adaptation of the maternal pelvis and fetal shoulders, so that the fetus is delivered smoothly. Judging from the weight of newborns announced by this star maternal, 11 pounds and 4 ounces is about 10 pounds, 21 inches is about 54 centimeters, which is overweight. In China, the weight of newborns is 5-7 pounds. Suitable. Although Western neonates are heavier, the neonates are overweight. When babies are delivered in childbirth, shoulder dystocia is prone to occur. The incidence of shoulder dystocia is positively correlated with fetal weight. The incidence of fetuses greater than 9 kg is 8.4%. 22.6%. Umbilical cord compression is also dangerous. We all know that the umbilical cord is the lifeline of the fetus and the only energy supply. If the umbilical cord is exposed during delivery, the fetus may be squeezed into the umbilical cord during delivery, causing the umbilical cord to directly affect the blood supply and oxygen supply of the fetus. Once the umbilical cord circulation is blocked, 7 minutes will cause fetal death. In this crisis situation, it is necessary to reduce the pressure on the umbilical cord, and immediately perform cesarean section to end the delivery and let the fetus leave the dangerous environment. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. Think about it, if these two conditions occur during the delivery of the mother, it is too dangerous for the fetus. Finally, I hope that Carla Keo can gradually get rid of the pain. While recuperating after childbirth, he should also be careful not to be affected by the current severe epidemic. The family can survive the epidemic safely and happily and live happily.