Matthew effect

[Matthew Effect] refers to the phenomenon that the strong become stronger and the weak become weaker. It was first proposed by an American scientist researcher, Robert Morton in 1968, to describe a peculiar phenomenon in the history of science. The more prominent the scientist, Usually the easier it is to get a higher prestige, and later people use it to describe the polarization in various fields, the strong takes all. The Matthew effect comes from a parable in the “Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament of the Bible”. Once a king had to go on a long journey, he was handed over to three servants before leaving, each with a silver coin, and said: You go to do business Come see me again when I come back. When I brought the king back, the first servant said that you taught me an ingot, I have earned 10 ingots, so the king rewarded him with 10 cities, and the second servant reported to the master. , You gave me a silver coin. I have earned 5 coins, so the king rewarded him with 5 cities. The third servant reported that the master you gave me the silver coin, I kept it in a handkerchief, for fear of losing it. Did not take it out. So the king gave the coin that was saved by the third servant to the first servant. He said that all the things that are small, even his possessions, will be taken away, and that of the many things, he will be given to him, so that the more the better. This is Matthew The origin of the gospel. – “Murphy’s Law” today’s perception: accumulation is the fastest change.

About the law pattern

If the nose is the “king of the five senses”, then the nasolabial lines extending from both sides of the nose are the “king of wrinkles”. Look, after these two wrinkles appear, the old-fashioned air will spread. : How to improve the nasolabial folds: &nbsp. For the concave nasolabial fold, apply hyaluronic acid filling to solve it. &nbsp.For nasal base depression to deepen nasolabial lines, nasal base can be filled. There are three main types of nasal base filling materials: prosthesis, hyaluronic acid, and autologous fat. &nbsp.Due to aging and gravity pulling, the skin thinning, elastic fiber breakage, SMAS layer sagging, soft tissue atrophy, etc. caused aging-type nasolabial folds, you can choose hyaluronic acid filling and thread carving to enhance. &nbsp. Since these problems may be concurrent, the effect of combination therapy will be more ideal.