Silky Kinetic Energy, the King of Liquid Skinning

The smooth and delicate skin and the rosy and white face possessed by the smiling stars standing in front of the camera, in addition to the innate factor of “natural beauty”, rely more on meticulous care. They depend on it-Silky Kinetics & nbsp. First talk about Silky Kinetics? ♀️ It is the French CYTOCARE silky known as the “ultimate youth housekeeper”, which has long been among the top anti-aging products in Europe. It has an exclusive patent original research technology CT50, which mainly fights against oxidation and effectively solves the aging problems of fine lines, sagging, dull complexion, enlarged pores, sagging lines, sagging apple muscles and so on. In France, every woman over the age of 28 has experienced it. & nbsp. What is the anti-oxidation ability of Silka Kinetics? The authoritative laboratory data shows that a large part of the natural aging of the skin is due to oxidation, but rigorous laboratory results show that only Silka Kinetics (CYTOCARE) has protection under radiation The effect of the stratum corneum is also the only product with antioxidant effect and anti-aging effect. & nbsp. Next is the applicable content for each age group ~ (focus) 1️⃣Cytocare502: suitable for under 35 years old, hyaluronic acid content 2mg & nbsp. (collocation recommendation: in fact, 502 has a low hyaluronic acid content, so it can be used directly as a water light needle! The effect is much higher than that of Japan and South Korea Shuiguang, it is more suitable for girls with particularly good foundation.) & Nbsp.2️⃣Cytocare516: suitable for 35-45 years old, hyaluronic acid content 16mg (public model, basically everyone is suitable. 502 nutrients are more basic, but 516 Nutrition is very sufficient, this one does not need to be calculated by age, and the price is relatively high) 3️⃣Cytocare532: suitable for people over 45 years old, hyaluronic acid content 32mg (hyaluronic acid concentration is extremely high, especially suitable for people with high skin requirements) The final role: 1. Provide excellent water-locking nourishing and anti-wrinkle effects for dry and dehydrated and sensitive skin; 2. Change the self-healing ability of waking cells, strengthen the skin prevention ability, contain skin rejuvenation and antioxidant effects, provide skin needs Nutrients and oxygen; 3. Enhance skin absorption function, tighten pores; 4. Drain out precipitated toxins Resist radical, wake up from deep inside human cells, to restore the normal rate of cell division, differentiation regenerate new cells, the cells more dynamic, leaving the skin soft and smooth. 5. Comprehensively improve all kinds of stains, crow’s feet, melanin and other aging skin caused by various reasons; 6. Can quickly make the skin fair, firm and moisturized youthful state; 7. Improve the contours to make the face youthful state; 8 , The content of hyaluronic acid is more, and its nutrients are more than 15 kinds! Infuse the skin with various nutrients required for cell growth; 9. Maintain and brighten the skin’s gloss, solve the dull and dull skin, yellow gas phenomenon; OK ~ baby, come here today, if you have any questions, please leave a message Oh ~