Learn to be grateful for the “enemy” career will succeed

A person of Yungui Fan’s traditional Chinese medicine, no matter what ideals you establish or what career you do, if you want to achieve something and achieve success, you must learn to be grateful for two types of people. One is to value your personality, report a positive attitude towards you, admire, trust, respect, support, persevere, and praise those who follow you. This type of person gives you the confidence and courage to accomplish your career. Because they believe in your abilities and value your personality. In the eyes of these people, you have a perfect image. When you are in a trough, with their trust and support, you will increase the courage to overcome difficulties. When you get a certain result, these people are happy for you from the bottom of the heart! So no matter the length of time these people get along, whether they have too close contacts or not, they are all the nobles in your life. Remember, in this life you must treat these people kindly and be grateful to these people, because of their existence, you will have a friend and you will have the conditions for success! Another type of person is your “enemy”. Of course, the enemy I’m talking about here is not a real life-and-death, a tit-for-tat person who has conflicting interests with you. It’s people who look down on you, people who often degrade you, people who deny you, people who don’t look at your strengths and only look at your shortcomings, people who expect you to be more happier than they hope to get rich, and on the surface they respect you well. Someone who talks bad about you. These people may be people you think you are familiar with, or they may be former friends, classmates or other close people. You have to be grateful for these people too! You have to have this mind. As the saying goes, the prime minister can hold a boat in his belly. When facing these people, you must not only be not angry, not angry, and not hold grudges. And be grateful to them. Because of their appearance, you can constantly discover your shortcomings and weaknesses and correct yourself in a timely manner. Their contempt for you is the force that arouses your fighting spirit. There will be an extraordinary desire to work hard in your subconscious, and you will secretly surpass yourself and others. Constantly force yourself to reach new heights, and finally achieve career success! Therefore, being grateful for your own enemy is the cornerstone of your career success! Repaying the benefactor who trusts you is the embodiment of perfect personality. If you are a doctor, you should never forget to treat those who believe in you, beg of you, and cooperate with you wholeheartedly. Yours, even the patients who entrust their lives to you, it is their existence that reflects your value!