Condyloma acuminatum: the drug falls off twice, laser and photodynamic three times, and it keeps recurring. Where can it be cured?

Condyloma acuminatum is caused by the hpv virus. The warts we can see with the naked eye account for 20% of all viruses, and 80% of the viruses are lurking in the basal layer of the skin, which is the mucosal tissue, which is invisible to our naked eyes. To cure this disease, the first step should be to block the nutrition and replication of the virus, instead of removing the wart, it is considered a cure.     Although the traditional (laser, photodynamic, simple drugs…) can relieve condyloma acuminata to a certain extent, it cannot remove the latent virus in the skin lesions and is easy to relapse. Condyloma acuminatum often recurs, corrosive, harmful, irritating, and expensive, so be careful when choosing a treatment. The pathogen of condyloma acuminatum is HPV virus. To cure it, you need to cure the root. Combining the removal of the wart body and killing the virus can be cured. In the choice of eradicating the disease, you can return to traditional treatment and choose traditional Chinese medicine. Weixin jrsyer motherland medicine has been paying attention to the concept of “treatment of both symptoms and root causes, curing diseases and roots” since ancient times.     1. According to the different conditions of each person, a reasonable prescription and targeted treatment will vary from person to person. 2. Chinese medicine is taken orally and externally at the same time. The food is to clear away heat and detoxify the whole body, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, and improve immunity. The soak is to block the growth environment of genital warts, locally kill the virus, and leave no scars after healing. Contract treatment, no healing full refund.     3. Remote treatment is possible if the condition permits, and treatment can be guided by mailing medicines. However, there is a prerequisite: the patient’s disease cannot be condyloma acuminata in the cavity, such as the anus, cervix, urethra, oral cavity, etc., and the disease in special parts must be treated in the hospital.

Bladder hyperthermia chemotherapy

Due to the particularity of bladder cancer recurrence, after surgical treatment, supplemented by bladder perfusion can not only kill the remaining tumor cells, but also reduce its recurrence. Thermal bladder perfusion is a new treatment method developed on the basis of bladder perfusion to prevent recurrence of bladder cancer after surgery. Its working principle is mainly to heat the chemotherapeutic drug perfusion solution into the patient’s bladder at a constant temperature, circulate and continuously infuse it, and use the mechanical washing of the large-volume perfusion solution and the synergistic sensitization effect of thermochemotherapy to achieve effective clearance and killing after surgery The purpose of minimizing lesions and residual tumor cells remaining in the bladder cavity to reduce damage to normal tissues. At present, hyperthermic perfusion chemotherapy is more widely used, its technology is more mature, and the clinical treatment effect is more significant. However, its application in the bladder is still in the exploratory stage, and there are few clinical studies on it. Therefore, it is not possible to determine exactly which one is better for bladder hyperthermic perfusion chemotherapy or ordinary perfusion chemotherapy. When choosing, you can choose the appropriate perfusion regimen according to the patient’s own condition and the doctor’s recommendation. &nbsp.&nbsp.

Understand PD-1/PD-L1 immunotherapy in three minutes.

Understand PD1/PD-L1 in three minutes. 1: T lymphocytes in the human body are immune cells that can recognize and kill tumor cells; PD-1 is a regulatory protein of T lymphocytes, but inhibits the immune killing of lymphocytes. Benefits It is to prevent T lymphocytes from killing normal human cells. The disadvantage is that it reduces the killing effect of T lymphocytes on tumors, which leads to tumors; 2: PD-L1 is a ligand protein produced by tumor cells, which can interact with T lymphocytes. The combination of PD-1 cells suppresses the immune recognition function of T lymphocytes, so that T lymphocytes will not kill tumor cells with PD-L1, so that tumors can grow smoothly; 3: based on the above In principle, the PD-1 antibody can specifically bind to PD-1, thus eliminating the immunosuppressive regulation of T lymphocytes, so that T lymphocytes can kill tumor cells; 4: The PD-L1 antibody is Can be combined with tumor cell PD-L1, so that tumor cell PD-L1 can not be combined with lymphocyte PD-1, the immune function of lymphocytes can be restored normally, killing tumor cells. 5: There are currently two commonly used PD1 inhibitors, one is the O drug: Nivolumab. The other is the K drug: Keytruda. It is currently available in China. Generally, before using O and K drugs, it is recommended to conduct genetic testing to evaluate the efficacy of PD1/PD-L1. &nbsp.

To improve the prognosis of leukemia, “individualized” treatment is the key!

The treatment of modern leukemia is not simply to obtain relief, but to strive for long-term survival, and eventually achieve clinical cure and improve quality of life. & quot.Individualization & quot .—— The best core treatment idea of ​​leukemia. At the time of the initial diagnosis of acute leukemia, there are more than 10 * 9 leukemia cells in the body. The purpose of treatment is to quickly kill a large number of leukemia cells in a short period of time and restore the normal hematopoietic function and dirty Function. Many studies have confirmed that the key to the treatment of leukemia lies in the early stage, so it is advocated to use a strong, high-dose, combined program in the early stage of treatment to achieve CR in a short period of time, to maximize the killing of leukemia cells, reduce the number of trace residual leukemia cells, and prevent drug resistance form. Individualized combination therapy is the core of leukemia treatment, and the treatment is always implemented. Its purpose is to kill leukemia cells as much as possible. However, according to many years of clinical research, chemotherapy cannot kill 100% of malignant leukemia cells in the body. Patients with residual malignant cells are likely to cause a large number of malignant leukemia cells to proliferate again in the future due to incentives such as a cold and a fever. Therefore, in order to prevent such situations, leukemia patients need to take comprehensive preventive measures. Preventive measures involve daily life care, dietary guidance, and Chinese medicine. The treatment of leukemia is to completely remove trace residual leukemia cells in the body, prevent the formation of drug resistance, restore bone marrow hematopoietic function, and achieve complete remission as soon as possible to minimize damage. Normal tissues are designed to reduce the sequelae of treatment. Clinically, the treatment for leukemia should be designed according to the specific conditions of each patient, that is, “individualized”. In the past 20 years, due to the continuous emergence of new anti-leukemia drugs, the continuous improvement of new chemotherapy programs and treatment methods, and the participation of auxiliary drug conditioning, the prognosis of leukemia has been significantly improved. Further play the role of “enhancing efficacy and reducing toxicity”, that is to enhance the efficacy of drugs and reduce the adverse reactions of drugs. Every leukemia patient has a smooth treatment, a good quality of life, and a large resistance to disease. Naturally, he can obtain a considerable survival period and improve the recovery rate! This is the purpose of individualized combined therapy. It is currently the best treatment for leukemia. If you have any questions about this article or the disease, please feel free to follow us on WeChat and search for leukemia patients: dxbby120

Trump: Can disinfectants be injected with humans to kill viruses? Popular science rumors: try you first

According to the latest data from the epidemic, the number of new coronavirus infections diagnosed in the United States has exceeded 950,000. The growth rate does not seem to be slowing down. The pressure of the US government is also increasing. To what extent? President Trump, the big company, has begun to act as a medical expert. At the White House briefing on Thursday, Trump said in his speech: I heard that the disinfectant can kill the virus in 1 minute, we can inject it Into the lungs, this will indeed have a significant effect on the lungs, very interesting, it is worth trying. When Mr. President was still complacent in my own whimsy, the medical experts under the stage were already covered with black lines. The idea of ​​injecting disinfectant into the human body or even into the lungs to kill the virus is really unique. If this is really possible, we are still experimenting with new crown specialty drugs all over the world? Mr. President is not a medical expert, and is accustomed to lip service, we will not go too much comment on why disinfectants can not be injected directly into humans to resist viral infections, everyone laughed, but also understand what is the truth, today Just give everyone a simple science. When the new coronavirus enters the human body, it will combine with the human cells, causing great harm to human health and even endangering human life. However, in the natural world outside the human body, coronavirus is actually one of the easiest pathogenic microorganisms to kill. In China’s disinfection technical specifications, the difficulty of killing various microorganisms is ranked. The various viruses and bacteria are disinfected by disinfectants from easy to difficult. They are lipophilic viruses (with lipid membranes). Viruses), bacterial propagules, fungi, hydrophilic viruses (viruses without a lipid envelope), mycobacteria, bacterial spores, and epiviruses. The new coronavirus is a virus with a lipid membrane and belongs to a type of microorganism that is most sensitive to disinfection factors and most likely to be killed. Therefore, the general disinfectants can effectively kill new coronaviruses, chlorine-containing disinfectants, alcohol-containing disinfectants, hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) -containing disinfectants, ultraviolet disinfection lamps, high temperature disinfection, etc. In the external environment, the new coronavirus can be easily killed, but this is a disinfection method in vitro. Of course, these methods are not applicable to new coronavirus infections in the human body. After the virus enters the human body, it enters the host cell through the combination with the relevant cells of the human body, and uses the nucleic acid system of the host cell to complete its own reproduction. Harmful, if you want to control the virus infection in the human body, on the one hand, you need the body’s own immune system to produce antibodies to gradually kill and clear the virus, and the role of drugs is generally to enhance the body’s immunity and inhibit viral replication, or inhibit body inflammation Sexual reaction outbreaks and other aspects are carried out, and targeted drugs to kill viruses are currently not available. Why can’t there be a drug that kills viruses like a disinfectant? As Trump said: Direct injection of disinfectant into the lungs? If we understand the reason why disinfectants kill viruses, we know why this approach is not feasible. Disinfectants kill viruses or other pathogens by denaturing the capsule or nucleic acid structure of microorganisms through a certain chemical action. So as to kill the virus and bacteria, therefore, while the disinfectant kills the virus, it will also have a strong killing effect on other cells and host cells. Therefore, the disinfectant itself is a kind of human body cells. “poison”. Therefore, we cannot use disinfectant to inject into the human body to kill the virus. As a result, the virus may be killed, but the person who was injected will also kill. In the same way, our treatment of viral infections is usually unable to develop drugs from the perspective of killing viruses, but mostly from the perspective of inhibiting virus replication and reproduction to discover and develop drugs. Disinfectants, radiation disinfection, and high-temperature disinfection are all harmful to the human body. Therefore, we must pay attention to safety when carrying out some daily disinfection. Let ’s take the United States for example. Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the United States The poison data system (NPDS) information shows that from January to March this year, the poison control center received 45,550 calls for cleaning agents and disinfectants. These calls were consultation calls for health problems caused by misuse of disinfectants. The center also listed two typical

Helicobacter pylori infection, can it be killed without taking medicine? 5 rumors, one by one to clarify for you

Helicobacter pylori is the only pathogenic bacteria found in human stomachs at present. Because the stomach has strong acidic gastric juice and it also empties from peristalsis, therefore, there is no certain “skill”. It is really difficult for general bacteria to be in the stomach. Survive. Helicobacter pylori is such a high-strength bacteria. It is a micro-aerobic bacteria, which is suitable for survival in the micro-oxygen environment of the stomach. In addition, its bacteria can secrete urease, which breaks down the urea in the bacteria. A layer of “ammonia cloud” is formed around it to protect the bacteria from gastric acid. In addition, it can also secrete adhesin, which makes the bacteria adhere firmly to the gastric mucosa without being affected by the peristalsis of the stomach Emptying into the intestine, therefore, its characteristics determine its ability to survive in the human stomach. Helicobacter pylori survival in the stomach will cause certain health hazards to the stomach. Studies have shown that almost all people with Helicobacter pylori infection will have chronic inflammatory reactions of the gastric mucosa, and gastrointestinal ulcers, MALT lymphoma and other diseases The occurrence of H. pylori infection is one of the main causes of disease. Some friends, through inspection, found that there was a problem with Helicobacter pylori infection, but they did not want to take medicine and wanted to kill the bacteria. This idea is a paradox in itself. So far, there are no other ways to kill the bacteria without taking medicine. Some of the methods circulating on the Internet are not particularly reliable. Just come and slap a few rumors-1. Drink high alcohol: the alcohol concentration is indeed high It has a bactericidal effect, but liquor enters the stomach and will be diluted by gastric juice and other diets. Not to mention the effective bactericidal concentration, let alone drinking too much liquor, it may also cause the risk of alcoholism. 2. Eat probiotics: there are even people who will refer to the guide to recommend that this purely business marketing method, probiotics in the treatment of Helicobacter pylori, its role is to reduce the risk of intestinal flora disorder caused by taking large amounts of antibiotics, rather than Sterilization, therefore, it is impossible for probiotics to kill Helicobacter pylori. 3. Drink boiled water: high temperature can indeed sterilize, but the high temperature will burn the oral mucosa, esophageal mucosa, etc. When boiled into the stomach, the temperature has long been insufficient to sterilize. 4. Drinking XX tea is also a marketing method. Many medicine and food ingredients do have certain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, but their concentration cannot achieve the effect of killing Helicobacter pylori. Drink tea from the stomach, no objection, if you think it can completely kill Helicobacter pylori, it is too naive. 5. There are many rumors of garlic, onion, pepper, yogurt, broccoli about sterilization of diet, but the idea and practice of sterilization by eating more of these foods have not been scientifically proven and unreliable. Therefore, from the current situation, it is basically impossible to eliminate Helicobacter pylori infection in the stomach without taking medicine. If you do n’t want to take medicine, it ’s better to ask a doctor to assess whether it is necessary to completely remove Helicobacter pylori. Although we mentioned earlier that Helicobacter pylori infection almost always causes a chronic inflammatory response of the gastric mucosa, but a considerable portion of people with Helicobacter pylori infection have no symptoms of related diseases. A mild inflammatory reaction of the gastric mucosa is not necessarily It is chronic gastritis. For people with Helicobacter pylori infection who do not have related gastric diseases, it is worth evaluating whether they need sterilization treatment. Many friends want to remove Helicobacter pylori. On the one hand, they are worried that although this bacteria does not affect the health of the stomach, it may affect it in the future, and some friends are worried that they are infected with Helicobacter pylori and will infect people around them, such as themselves. Children at home, and for some people with H. pylori infection who have no symptoms and stomach-related indications, such worries are normal, but you must also understand these two issues-1. Take medicine to kill H. pylori Eradication, first of all, there may be a certain failure rate. It may be that after taking a half-day medicine, H. pylori has not been completely eradicated; 2. Even if it is completely eradicated, if you do not pay attention to your life, there is still a certain chance of being infected with H. pylori again. For these two problems, if there are two options, one is to keep the status quo without radical cure without relevant indications for radical cure, but pay attention to daily life, keep the stomach and stomach well and maintain good health Diet structure and eating habits, maintain a good mood, quit smoking and limit alcohol, avoid staying up late, etc., maintain stomach health from other aspects, minimize the possibility of other factors affecting stomach health. On the other hand, also