Don’t let your children eat unsafe food anymore! Children can’t resist and are easily hurt

Food safety issues have always been severe. The country is rigorously investigating and cracking down on them. Many problems are found every day, making people concerned worry about their diet: There are so many substandard foods that we often eat! Many foods are substandard, but everyone After eating, there is no strong adverse reaction. There are two main reasons: one is that the body’s immunity resists these injuries, but this kind of food cannot provide nutrition for the body. The second is that the impact is relatively small. Some toxins will accumulate in the body and may not occur until many years later. It may be thought that the stimulation induced some disease.  The most serious threats to food safety are children. Children have incomplete growth and development, low immunity, common colds and constant coughing, and have no resistance to poisonous, expired, and spoiled food. In fact, the onset of many diseases in children is related to their daily diet, such as vitiligo.   Many children with vitiligo are found to be deficient in trace elements in their bodies as soon as they are checked. Trace elements can only be supplemented through diet, so if there is a problem with the daily diet, it may become an inducement for leukoplakia. One of the main reasons is that children eat too many snacks and cannot eat regular meals, and nutritional supplements will definitely fail to keep up. And all kinds of snacks in shopping malls have these hidden dangers:   1. The processed snacks will contain many chemical additives, such as dyes, sweeteners, preservatives, etc., and some even exceed the standard, and the hygiene is not up to the standard. Cause direct harm to children.  2. It interferes with children’s normal eating habits. Small foods and beverages are sweet and delicious. Children eat them as snacks at any time. After a long time, they cannot eat normally at the time, disrupting the normal eating rules.  3. Children cannot eat more snacks. Their digestive ability is not strong, gastric heat buildup, loss of appetite, even anorexia, partial eclipse, resulting in decreased immunity, affecting the normal development of the body, and inducing vitiligo is just one of the hazards.   The child’s diet needs to be carefully prepared by the parents. It should not only consider the nutritional issues, but also facilitate the absorption of the child. It is best to meet the children’s taste so that the child can thrive. Here I recommend three diets suitable for children: One of them: diced meat. Lean meat and beef diced meat are suitable for children with vitiligo to supplement trace elements and tyrosine. They are also rich in combination and can be served with tofu, carrots, green beans, etc. They are rich in nutrients and suitable for children’s taste.  Second: Soup. The nutrition in soup is not richer than the nutrition in food, but it is very easy to absorb. Adding some soybeans, kelp, radish, etc. when stewing the soup can supplement the missing nutrients. A balanced diet is more conducive to the growth of children.   Third: Yogurt. Milk is inoculated with probiotics and fermented to make yogurt. Various nutrients are decomposed, and the nutrients will not decrease, but it is more suitable for children and the elderly to eat, and it also helps digestion.   Adult food children don’t like it, and it’s not suitable. Parents pay more attention to their children’s diet and make more foods that suit their children’s tastes, which is more beneficial to their growth and development.

Will children get vitiligo from eating?

Our current quality and level of life have been improving, but we sacrificed the environment of nature in exchange for it. Maybe someday in the future, after the natural products are consumed by us, the world will become even more different. . It is precisely because of the destruction of the environment that the incidence of vitiligo has increased, causing more and more children to suffer from vitiligo. The question is, will children get vitiligo if they eat indiscriminately?    Eating indiscriminately can easily get vitiligo!    Nowadays children have the habit of eating disorderly. Although many parents usually pay attention to their children’s diet, children will also get pocket money. Buy snacks, or replace meals with snacks. This unbalanced diet will lead to malnutrition in the child, thereby reducing the body’s resistance and causing the appearance of vitiligo. Cultivate children’s correct eating habits. Since children eat randomly can cause diseases, correct eating can reduce the risk of illness. How can teenagers eat correctly?    First of all, cultivate children’s good eating habits. Don’t be overly picky. In order to strengthen disease resistance, it is very necessary for adolescent patients to ensure a balanced nutrition in their diet. They should not overly prefer certain foods and be picky eaters. During adolescence, the healthy development of the human body requires a variety of nutrients. It is especially important that children are in an important period of physical development, and it is necessary to prevent eating bad nutrition. Secondly, eat less snacks, desserts and high-calorie foods, because the nutritional value of snacks is not high, and polysaccharides are high in heat, long-term eating can induce diseases and affect the healthy development of adolescents. Therefore, parents should limit or even prohibit their children’s desserts and snacks. Never let desserts and snacks become the staple food of teenagers. The doctor reminded that eating desserts for a long time will reduce the body’s disease resistance, and it is easy to suffer from the infestation of diseases such as vitiligo. Will children get vitiligo if they eat indiscriminately? This is the end of the article. Teenagers are now the largest group of people suffering from vitiligo, so parents should be careful of the children at home and take preventive measures from now on to reduce their children’s illness. With a chance, give your children a healthy growth environment!

[Alert] What are the hazards of ADHD?

&nbsp.&nbsp.In daily life, because many parents do not understand the disease of ADHD, it is easy to ignore the occurrence of this disease, which seriously affects the healthy growth of children. Therefore, parents must pay attention to the occurrence of this disease, so as not to cause more harm to the child. So, what dangers should children with ADHD need to be aware of? Next, let us take you through this issue in detail. &nbsp.&nbsp.1. Attention is difficult to maintain: that is, the attention cannot be highly concentrated, and the retention time is short. Children with ADHD have poor learning initiative and self-consciousness. They have constant small movements in class, and their homework has to be supervised by their parents. At the same time, their attention is also difficult to sustain. Generally, it is not difficult for students aged 10-12 to maintain 40 minutes of continuous learning, and it is difficult for children with ADHD to do this. &nbsp.&nbsp.2. Poor transferability of attention: children with ADHD have a relatively narrow attention range, and the number of them mastered is significantly less than that of ordinary children, and the attention stability is poor, it is difficult to maintain attention, and they cannot master and understand all the content of the text and academic performance The fluctuation is also great. This reflects their insufficient attention span and unstable attention, which is not caused by low intelligence. Similarly, they have poor coordination, are not good at distributing attention, and are easily distracted. To complete a task requires separate control and coordination of the eyes, ears, brain, and hands. For example, in class, the eyes have to read books and blackboards, the ears have to listen to lectures, and they have to use their brains to think and take notes. At this time, they will appear confused and at a loss. &nbsp.&nbsp.3. Poor selectivity of attention: attention is divided into unintentional attention and intentional attention. Children with ADHD tend to respond to changes in the surrounding environment and new stimuli, but they cannot see things that should be paid attention to. When they are doing homework at home, they always listen to the conversations of adults and the noise outside the window. They are also attracted by the toys in the store on the way to school and forget to go to school. &nbsp.&nbsp. Knowing that ADHD can seriously affect the health of a child, when parents find that their child has symptoms of ADHD, it is best to take the child to a professional hospital for treatment.

How to choose children’s snacks, the standard is coming!

Children are growing and developing and have higher nutritional requirements. In addition to three meals, snack choices are also very important. Good snacks are a supplement to the three meals. On May 17, 2020, China Non-staple Food Circulation Association issued the group standard of “General Requirements for Children’s Snacks”, which will be implemented on June 15. What are children’s snacks? Children’s snacks mentioned here refer to snacks eaten by children aged 3-12. The group standard believes that children’s snacks cannot contain trans fatty acids; cannot be processed by irradiation; less salt, less oil, and less sugar; no preservatives, artificial colors, sweeteners… The request provides a reference for us to choose snacks for our children. Trans fatty acids are mainly found in margarine, potato chips or French fries. Both adults and children should limit the intake of trans fatty acids. If you want to avoid trans fatty acids, don’t give them to children. There are also some snacks such as egg yolk pie, especially those counterfeit products. Children’s snacks should be low in salt, oil and sugar. However, many snacks on the market are high in sugar, oil and salt. This is obviously not healthy enough. As a parent, try to provide healthy snacks to children and guide them to choose healthy snacks. Children’s snacks do not contain preservatives, artificial colors, and sweeteners. From a safety point of view, it is better for children not to eat them, but I personally feel that it may be a bit harsh if such additives are completely eliminated. As long as the intake is controlled, it is usually safe to take in small amounts occasionally. For example, in order to reduce the intake of pure sugar, I will formulate sugar substitute cakes for children. In order to prevent obesity in children, if you choose a bottle of sugar substitute beverages, you will consume a lot less calories than pure sugar beverages. Therefore, the snack standard is here. We can refer to the selection of snacks for children. The general principle is to keep children’s snacks healthy and to avoid potential harm to children’s health.

What to eat for children with anemia

Children grow and develop faster, and they have a large demand for nutrients in all aspects of the body, especially the demand for iron. Anemia will occur if you don’t pay attention to iron supplementation. Most of these anemias are nutritional iron deficiency anemia. Therefore, children with anemia can give him more iron supplements, and give him iron supplements. Iron supplements are safe and non-irritating, taste good without iron smell, children like to eat, and the effect of improving anemia is also very good.   Eat some poultry liver, kidney and blood, eggs, soy products, seaweed, red mushrooms, lotus root flour, black sesame seeds, mussel meat and other foods. You can also take iron fate tablets directly to supplement it, which is very suitable for children with anemia.   Taking vitamin C can help anemia. Because vitamin C can enhance the absorption of iron in the intestinal tract and combine iron into small-molecule soluble substances, which is conducive to the absorption of iron by the intestinal mucosal epithelial cells. Adding vitamin C to iron can not only increase absorption, but also It can also increase the body’s utilization of iron, thereby increasing the amount of hemoglobin carried.  Causes of illness   In addition to a few congenital physical effects, the main reason for anemia children is also related to their usual diet and living habits. Many children like to drink yogurt and chocolate as soon as they wake up. Some children wake up early in the morning and drink frozen milk and fruit on an empty stomach. Some parents do not have the habit of eating breakfast themselves, so their children often skip breakfast. A child who goes to bed late and gets up early does not have time to eat breakfast every day, and will suffer from anemia in the long run.   Pediatric anemia may have symptoms such as pale or chlorosis, fatigue, dizziness, tinnitus, low resistance, and decreased appetite. Anemia can affect children’s memory, concentration, behavior and intelligence. Due to hypoxia and abnormal brain cell metabolism, children often show temper tantrums, irritability, withdrawn personality, and low self-esteem.

How can children with autism go to kindergarten?

&nbsp.&nbsp. Children with autism are usually locked in their own world after they are sick, and there is no way to get out. At this time, parents will try their best to help children with autism return to society. There are many ways to help children with autism return to society. One of the most common ways is to let children with autism go to kindergarten. This is a very common thing for ordinary children, but it is very difficult for children with autism. So how can children with autism go to kindergarten? &nbsp.&nbsp.1, gradually adapt. For children with autism, entering kindergarten should not be rushed. Parents should first understand the kindergarten and choose a kindergarten suitable for children. Before entering the kindergarten, it is best to let the dean of the kindergarten know the situation of the children clearly, and don’t let the children be excluded by the school and classmates after entering the kindergarten. &nbsp.&nbsp.2, look at the development of children with autism objectively. In life, many parents with autism will pay too much attention to children with autism in their lives, but they did not expect that the symptoms of autistic children will become more and more serious. Therefore, for the sake of the health of children with autism, it is recommended that you look at the development of children with autism objectively and give them an ideal development space so that children can gradually adapt to normal social activities. &nbsp.&nbsp.3, encourage children. When just entering kindergarten, many children will have the problem of unsuitability. At this time, it is best to encourage children and let them have confidence in their own learning, so as to reduce harm. &nbsp.&nbsp.Finally, I hope that the knowledge of children with autism introduced to you today can help you understand whether children with autism can go to kindergarten and how to return to normal kindergarten.

A mother gave her child a medicine to improve his grades, and he had regrets before taking the test

The high school entrance examination and the college entrance examination have passed, but the mother of a high school girl still feels terrified and regrets it. A high school girl couldn’t calm down to complete the physics problem, so her mother gave her “clever medicine”. So in a short time, academic performance has been greatly improved. However, the child also showed other symptoms: severe hair loss, headache, frequent nausea, and even hallucinations. Moreover, the daughter began to show symptoms of addiction and must take medication frequently. My mother showed it to the doctor. The doctor introduced that this so-called “smart drug”, the real product name is “Ritalin”, “Focus on”, etc. The main ingredient is methylphenidate, which is a central nervous system stimulant , It can promote the release of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain. After eating, people will be excited, not easy to fatigue, and may be full of energy. But it is mainly used to treat children’s attention deficit syndrome and narcolepsy. This drug has a similar chemical structure to methamphetamine “propylaniline”, so the more you become addicted, the more doses you will eat later. Without this drug, he will not be excited and will have a negative neuromodulation effect. . Therefore, the so-called “smart drugs” are actually a new type of drugs. In December 1987, the 42nd Session of the UN General Assembly officially decided that June 26 each year would be “International Drug Day.” Everyone sees the dangers of drugs to people around the world. Drugs not only destroy one’s spirit, will, and health, but also destroy one family after another. Various countries around the world are making various efforts to fight drugs, but the rampant level of drugs is getting worse. Even more frightening is that in recent years, cases of drug-injured youths have shown a high incidence. Drugs appear in various disguise to attract young people, so that the young people inadvertently become addicted to drugs and fall into a terrible abyss. Every year there are many patients addicted to “smart drugs”, the youngest is only 14 years old. Although these drugs may improve the child’s performance in a short time, they are actually very harmful. Not only will it cause serious irreversible damage to the nerves, but it will also cause serious psychological dependence, which is addiction. Parents should keep their eyes open, treat their results rationally, and not be used by some criminals, otherwise their own children will be hurt in the end. In recent years, not only has the drug “smart drugs” emerged, but all kinds of new drugs have quietly been aimed at children after 00. For example, a cartoon sticker similar to a stamp, which contains the super hallucinogen LSD. Once a child took the “stamp” and jumped off the building to commit suicide. In addition, there are many new drugs, also disguised as a “pollution-free” look, made into a “milk tea bag, hopping sugar” appearance, hidden in life. Drugs are the common enemy of all mankind. Taking the first bite of drugs is like opening a “Pandora’s box”, pain and despair, depravity and depravity, disease and death will follow. Stay away from drugs, especially children. Responsible parents must do a good job of supervision and do not allow children to be contaminated. The “smart medicine” has a nice name, but it is actually a harmful medicine.

Does playing computer affect the treatment of tics? In fact, the treatment of tics should be combined with nursing

   Tics is a neurological disease. The main age of onset is children and adolescents, and adults rarely have tics. As some children are older, and as necessary to learn knowledge, many families have installed computers, so in the treatment of these tics children, it is possible to play with the computer. So parents want to know: Does playing computer affect the treatment of tics? In fact, the treatment of tics should be combined with nursing.   First of all, to talk about the problems of computers, in fact, except for eye diseases, other diseases can basically be played with computers, but it is also necessary to play computers in moderation. For example, if you play for half an hour occasionally, it basically does not affect the human brain nerves, so it will not affect tics. But if there is no time limit, every time you play for a few hours, or even stay up late, then even normal people can’t eat it. Another thing is that when children with tics are playing computers, it is best to avoid games and movies that are too hot and exciting.  Secondly, in addition to computer problems, it is necessary to do life conditioning for tics. For example, the diet should avoid foods with high lead content, because the higher the lead element, the more severe the tics will be. In addition, whether it is playing a computer, exercising, or reading a book, it can not make the patient too tired, otherwise it will also affect the body’s recovery, but it must be relaxed.  Finally, the key to recovery from tics is treatment. Although a small number of patients with tics will heal themselves in adulthood, after all, tics affect the child’s childhood, which indirectly affects the child’s life. And if it can be treated as soon as possible, most children with tics only need to be cured by medication, so parents should take time to treat their children.   Through this article, we can see that patients with tics can play with the computer, but the playing time should not be too long. In fact, whether it is tics or other diseases, you need to pay attention to medical treatment and life care. Only when these two aspects are done well can the condition recover faster. If you only focus on one aspect, even if you control tics in a short time, there is still the possibility of recurrence.  It can be seen from this article that patients with tics can play with the computer, but not for too long. In fact, whether it is tics or other diseases, we need to pay attention to medical and life care. Only when these two tasks are done well can the disease recover faster. If we only focus on one aspect, even if we control tics in a short period of time, it is still possible to relapse.

The children’s shoes are not selected properly, be careful to cause valgus!

Every month, a lot of parents consult me. My child has a little valgus, what kind of shoes should I wear better. Because of changes in lifestyles, children have fewer and fewer opportunities to walk barefoot on sand, grass, etc., and many children have valgus. Many parents are worried that the child’s foot valgus is corrected, because some habits in life will recur, then let’s talk today about what children should pay attention to in daily life? In life habits, the most closely related to foot health is wearing shoes. The baby’s feet are in a critical period of growth and development. Improper wearing of shoes will cause the baby’s posture, leg shape, foot shape and body bone development to be bad. influences. Which shoes can’t children wear in summer? 1. Sandals mainly refer to sandals with leaky toes and heels. The baby’s feet are particularly afraid of heat, so in summer many mothers will choose to buy sandals for their children. In fact, sandals, especially poorly wrapped sandals, are for baby’s feet. not suitable. Babies like to run and jump, lively and active, it is easy to kick foreign objects, sandals that leak toes have no protective effect on the feet, and it is easy to hurt the toes. It is best to have a support on the heel to help the baby’s ankles not run away. 2. The hole shoes are comfortable to wear, but the material is soft and easy to deform. There are often news that children wear hole shoes to ride the escalator, and the shoes are involved in the escalator, so parents should be extra special when wearing baby hole shoes note. 3. The high-heeled high-heeled shoes have a small ground bearing area and are prone to kicking; the forefoot is squeezed by the shoes, which can easily cause hallux valgus. 4. Second-hand shoes Each child’s walking habits are different, and the places where the shoes are worn are also different. Wearing second-hand shoes may affect the baby’s walking gait and foot health. How to choose children’s shoes? 1. Appropriate yardage is the most basic requirement. Too big or too small shoe size is not good for children’s foot development. Shoes that are too large can easily fall off, which can affect the gait of walking and are not conducive to heel and arch hair; too small can squeeze the growth of the foot. 2. The ergonomic arc sole should not be too soft, and the sole is easy to bend at one third of the sole. While supporting the arch of the foot, it also meets the growth and development needs of the foot. Never choose the middle of the sole that is easy to bend. Bow development is unfavorable. 3. The baby’s heel with a hardened heel valgus has a certain degree of force line tilt. At this time, the heel of the shoe is needed to provide stable support for the heel. Doctor Yao Jinghui, the Third Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University (Guangdong Orthopedics Hospital, Guangdong Orthopedics Research Institute), hopes to help everyone’s health!

Can I find a boyfriend?

I am an unmarried woman of 83 years. I work in a state-owned enterprise with an annual salary of about 200,000. There are houses and cars without burden. I want to find a boy between 85-80, do not mind the divorce (but require no children), and a boy between 173-180 in height. It ’s OK to earn about 150,000 to 200,000 yuan, and it ’s OK to have no room. Who does n’t matter, teacher, can I find such a boyfriend? Psychological counselor replied: Hello, the girl born in 1983 is already 37 years old. The girl at this age can be called an old leftover woman or a gold leftover fighter. There are few men who can match in the single market. Boys with better conditions are already married, and some have given birth to a second child. Divorced boys who have no children should have had children by the age of 37, so there are very few. If there are one or two such divorced boys without children, from the perspective of giving birth, men will not find a 37-year-old woman to have children. I haven’t solved the single because I am busy working every day. I have been exposed to girls, and I have not been able to meet more suitable men. This may be one of the reasons. The more important reason is that their own requirements are too high and the positioning is not accurate. Judging from the blind date requirements you wrote now, your requirements may be higher when you are younger. Looking for someone on a blind date, not from the perspective of self and demand, what kind of man I want to find, but from the perspective of the other party, what kind of man will find me? Obviously: between 85-80, divorced and no children, boys between 173-180 in height, men with income of about 150,000-200,000, you can choose a wide range of women, and even find girls after 90. If a man with a good height, appearance, and income is good, he may not like the financial conditions of a girl, and he prefers young, beautiful girls who are not too high in income. Therefore, as women with high education, high income, and high age, they feel very good about themselves. It is difficult to solve the single problem without adjusting their mentality and needs. We have always believed that there are two reasons why singles cannot be solved. First, their marriage and love needs are not properly positioned and they cannot meet the right person. In the process of finding an object, it is not that you are looking at the other party and the other party is not looking at you; or that the other party is looking at you and you are not at the other party. How to make the person you love to fall in love with you also requires ability. The second love ability is low. Now more than 80% of young men and women have been in love. Due to the problem of getting along, most of the love is ended with breakup. Talking about unsuccessful love and breaking up is the key to being unable to solve singles. Therefore, the real problem of singleness cannot be solved by giving someone a blind date. This requires improving one’s comprehensive ability to manage relationships, including knowing oneself and understanding one’s own ability. Only by knowing oneself and understanding oneself can one really know what kind of partner one needs, and spend one’s life with oneself.

Luo Zhixiang’s dark circles are hot discussions, do you know that children also have dark circles? Beware of hidden diseases

Today, Luo Zhixiang’s “My Black Eye Statement” was popularly searched, mainly because he emphasized that his dark eye was caused by staying up all night. It was such a news that I received a lot of treasure moms asking me such a question . “Does the child have dark circles?” Don’t even say that it is true, and children’s dark circles are not due to lack of sleep, they may be a symbol of disease! The picture comes from Sina Weibo, invading, deleting one, children also have dark circles? It is normal for us adults to have dark circles. We all know that it may be a problem to stay up late, but will children also have “panda eyes”? Maybe you will find it strange, then let’s look at a piece of news. 1 Case Analysis The media once reported that there was a 6-year-old kid Xiaodong, who had just entered the first grade of primary school for more than half a month, but his eyes appeared slightly black. At first, the mother thought that the child was going to school and was not getting enough sleep, so he urged the child to go to bed at 8:30 every night and got up at 7 in the morning to ensure 10 hours of sleep. But it is strange that after a period of time, Xiaodong’s dark circles did not subside, but instead became darker, and the symptoms of runny nose surprised her mother. Is she sick? So the child was taken to the hospital. You may have to ask, why do Xiaodong children have dark circles? 2 The reason for the children’s dark circles Following the news just now, Xiaodong was sent to the hospital and found that the child was suffering from rhinitis. Yes, you read it right. Your child’s dark circles are probably suffering from rhinitis. Speaking of which, some parents may have to say, “Oh, but it is rhinitis, and the dark spots on the eyes are not a big deal. If you think so, you are wrong. Second, what is pediatric allergic rhinitis in children? The doctor said that children’s dark circles caused by allergic rhinitis is a very common chronic nasal mucosal congestion reaction in children. The longer the rhinitis, the darker the dark circles. The children with allergic rhinitis have 70 & amp; .Up to 80% will have dark circles, and it is more common in preschool children under 6 years old. 1 Difference between children with allergic rhinitis and colds. Children with allergic rhinitis in children will have allergic reactions, mainly continuous sneezing, Itchy nose, stuffy nose, runny nose, runny nose, memory loss, tearing and other symptoms. These symptoms are very similar to the cold and often delay treatment, so how do we distinguish them? Article | Yuan crystal1) Allergic rhinitis Allergic rhinitis will There are symptoms of sneezing, stuffy nose, itchy nose, and runny nose, but the snot is clear. In addition, there will be tearing, redness, itching, and even edema. 2) Feeling The snot that comes out of the cold is not necessarily a clear snot, and generally there will be no symptoms of redness, itching, and edema of the eyes. Above we have learned how to distinguish between allergic rhinitis and cold, then what will happen to children with allergic rhinitis? Harm? 2 Harm of children with allergic rhinitis Some parents may think that children with allergic rhinitis, but there are dark circles, some cold-like symptoms, and it does not matter, in fact, this is not the case, children with allergic rhinitis harm Very large. 1) The formation of dark circles because the children’s nose and eyes are very close, because allergic rhinitis can cause nasal congestion, swollen nasal mucosa, and poor blood circulation, so venous blood will be blocked around the eyes, which will form Dark circles affect the appearance. 2) Induced otitis media. In many cases, the symptoms of allergic rhinitis are not very obvious, similar to a cold, so it is easy to be ignored by parents and delay treatment. When the condition worsens, it will induce secretory otitis media and tonsils Hypertrophy, chronic cough, and even obstructive dyspnea, resulting in hypoxia, further It can make the development abnormal. Above we have learned, what is allergic rhinitis in children and its harm, then the key question is, how should we prevent this disease? Third, how to prevent allergic rhinitis Pediatrician How to prevent allergic rhinitis, The following suggestions are given: 1 Dark circles When our parents find that children who are not too tired usually have obvious dark circles, they must be alert. If they have allergic rhinitis, they need to go to the hospital for treatment in a timely manner. 2 The second point of less contact with objects is to stay away from pollen and dust mites. Because these bacteria grow faster, they are more likely to induce allergic rhinitis. At the same time, they are allergic or have allergic rhinitis. Paint, flowers, pets

Rumor: Adults with skin cancer are more likely to suffer? Children should pay attention, be careful of 8 situations

The 5-year-old Yangyang clamored to ask her mother to take it out for play. Before she left, her mother applied sunscreen to her, and she put on a small hat and a small umbrella for the baby. The mother-in-law was very puzzled, “Why do you use an umbrella, and it doesn’t rain.” “It’s a sunscreen for the baby.” Yang Yang answered. “It’s good for children to get more sun, grow taller, what kind of sunscreen do you want.” Mother-in-law was a little angry on the side. “Mom, I’ve seen in newspapers that children’s skin is thinner than adults, and it’s delicate and more prone to sunburn, and even skin cancer!” So, in the end, Yang Yangma said, the child’s view of sun protection is correct, or the mother-in-law Say, is it right for children to get more sun? Will children also have skin cancer? 1. Do children need sun protection? Although the necessary ultraviolet radiation is necessary for the body, because the body can synthesize vitamin D, but it can not be basked in the sun. Because sun exposure is not good for children. Children’s skin is more prone to sunburn than adults, and sunburn will manifest itself many years later. Therefore, the sun should be moderate, it is best to avoid the sun from 10 am to 4 pm, because this time, the sun is strong. Our skin is red or tanned, but it is actually damaged by ultraviolet rays UVB and UVA. And UVA ultraviolet rays are not affected by clouds, glass, water surface, and the damage can be accumulated and irreversible. Text | Yuan crystal According to estimates by the American Skin Cancer Foundation, a person receives UV damage before the age of 18, accounting for 80% of his life. Only one blister sunburn in childhood can double the risk of skin cancer in the future! So children, like adults, should pay special attention to sun protection. We have learned why children should pay attention to sunscreen, so the question is, why should children’s sunscreen prevent skin cancer? 2. Why should children be careful of skin cancer? Many people think that cancer is caused by adults, children rarely have cancer, especially skin cancer, and it has nothing to do with children. In fact, children ’s cancer is different from adults, because children ’s cancer is not affected by external environmental factors and may be born Some cells are defective, so they are more prone to cancer. The occurrence of skin cancer is probably related to the ultraviolet rays received in children. Studies have shown that the rising rate of childhood cancer cases has reached a shocking trend, with more than 80% of children from developing countries. In advanced countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States, the ranking of childhood cancer has gradually entered the top three. As we have learned above, why do children need sunscreen and prevent skin cancer from an early age, then the key question is, how should children apply sunscreen? 3. How do children apply sun protection? 1 The choice of clothes Children go out, try to wear dark clothes. Scientific research shows that children wearing dark clothes have better sunscreen effects than lighter clothes. And cotton polyester is better than man-made cotton, pure cotton, silk and other ultraviolet rays. 2 Hat children go out and put on visors. 3 Apply sunscreen. For older children, in addition to going out with a hat, umbrella, and clothes for sunshade, you can also apply sunscreen. Especially in summer, avoid direct sunlight from 11 noon to 3 pm. We have learned how to prevent skin cancer in children, so some parents may have doubts about what their children do and need to be vigilant. Should they go to the hospital to see a doctor? 4. What are the conditions to go to the hospital? When the child has the following performance, he needs to go to the hospital for treatment in time. 1 Unexplained tiredness, pale face. 2 Unexplained persistent fever. 3 unusual lumps, or swelling. 4 Continuous pain in some part of the body. 5 Sudden changes in eyesight 6 Sustained headache or vomiting 7 Walking or exercising and suddenly losing balance. Research experts speculate that childhood cancer may be caused by genetic mutations in early childhood, and even during the fetal period in the mother’s belly, genetic mutations have already occurred. So, who is prone to skin cancer and needs to be vigilant? 5. Who is prone to skin cancer? The following categories of people, especially need to be careful to prevent skin cancer, because the probability will be higher. 1 have a family history of cancer 2 have been exposed to the sun for a long time 3 have a history of sunburn 4 have freckles on the skin, turn red 5 born with golden or red hair 6 have a lot of moles on the body 7 in the sun, the skin becomes pain 8 Unable to tan 6. Summary Yuan Yuan reminds you: 1 Children should also pay attention to sunscreen to prevent skin cancer. 2 Sun protection for children can be prevented by 3 methods. 3The child has some special conditions and needs to go to the hospital for examination and treatment