In just 5 years, from diabetes to diabetic nephropathy, such as those who drink water, they know how cold they are

I am the father of two children. I am 45 years old. I am from Chengde. My hometown is in Dashan. My eldest daughter just graduated this year and majored in medical nursing. My youngest son only went to junior high school this year. My two lovely children are my life. Of solace. I am the son of a farmer. When I was young, my dad was a simple and honest man who scrabbled in the ground. I felt that it was too hard to be a farmer all my life. In addition to the pain of labor, it was more spiritual pain. I felt that this would be worthless, so I took advantage of my youth to come to Beijing to study auto repair. There were not as many cars in my hometown at that time, but there were already a lot of cars in Beijing. I imagine that one day I can learn the technology well. At that time, there will be more and more people buying cars in my hometown. Going back to my hometown to open an auto beauty shop by myself is considered a skill and a career of my own. Unexpectedly, with the development of my career, my body also had major problems, which also changed the trajectory of my later life. In just 5 years, from diabetes to diabetic nephropathy, such as drinking water, I didn’t expect that I would stay in Beijing for 20 years. I slowly took over my wife, children and the elderly, and slowly moved to Mentougou, Beijing. The district stabilized, and got used to everything here, and gradually felt a little home. Looking back at my hometown, I didn’t even have a place to live when I went back. There was only one dilapidated earthen house left in ruins. In the past two decades, I have less and less contact with relatives and friends in my family, and I have no sense of belonging in my hometown. As the child grows older, I feel that it’s not okay to work blindly. It’s better to open an auto beauty shop. My parents don’t have money to give me, so I can only borrow money. During this period, I also saw the warmth and coldness of the people and the cold world, and I can borrow your money. They all truly trust you, and the pressure of debt also gives me a feeling of frugality and repayment as soon as possible. I started from scratch. In the process, with the increase in business volume and in order to pay off debts more quickly, I have been busy day and night, I have no time to eat, I eat when I have time, and don’t eat when I don’t have time, even in the early morning. At two o’clock there was a call to fix the car in the trailer. At first, I didn’t think there was much. As time accumulated, I felt that my body was overwhelmed. I went to the hospital for an examination and found that I had diabetes and needed insulin for life. I was 40 years old. . After that, I started to pay attention to my diet and try my best to eat as often as possible. In March of this year, I went to the hospital for a physical examination and found that my blood creatinine had started to rise, rising and falling, edema in my legs, and poor appetite. The doctor said that it was chronic nephritis caused by diabetes for 5 years. After comparing Chinese and Western medicine, I felt that Chinese medicine was treating the symptoms again. Cure the root cause, so prepare Chinese medicine treatment. The patient has been suffering from diabetes for 5 years, sore waist and knees, edema of the lower limbs, depression, blurred vision, tooth marks on the tongue, yellow coating, and thin pulse. Urine routine: glucose (+++), protein (+), fasting blood glucose 8mm, normal range of renal function. The syndrome is insufficient kidney yin, dampness check internal resistance, the treatment plan is to replenish kidney yin, promote blood circulation and promote dampness. Second visit: The patient felt swelling of both face and lower limbs, especially in the afternoon, joint muscle pain, numbness of hands and feet, and conscious palpitation. Thin yellow coating, red tongue, narrow pulse, blood pressure 135/85mmHg, fasting blood glucose 6.5mmoL/L, urine routine: urine sugar (-), protein (-). Summary: In this case of diabetic nephropathy, the main manifestations of the first diagnosis were deficiency of kidney yin and internal resistance to dampness and blood stasis. The treatment was mainly to replenish kidney yin, dissipate dampness and promote blood circulation; in the second diagnosis, it was manifested as insufficient yin fluid and dampness and blood stasis. Mainly, for patients with diabetic nephropathy, while controlling blood sugar, the treatment of nourishing yin, clearing heat and promoting blood circulation has achieved good results in improving the symptoms of patients and reducing proteinuria. After the appearance of nephritis symptoms, I became more vigilant. In addition to diet, I also recruited two employees. From then on, I am not so desperate to eat meals strictly. For people my age, I am more willing It doesn’t matter if you spend more time with your family and children and earn less money. Only by keeping a useful body can you stay with your family for a lifetime.

Cough is not only related to the lungs, but also closely related to the kidneys

A kidney cough was first seen in Neijing. “Suwen·Cough Theory” says: “Kidney cough, cough will cause pain in the back and back, and even cough up saliva.” Because the kidneys store yin and yang, the qi and yin of the lungs originate from the kidney, and its meridians Qi runs through the meridians, so the deficiency of yin and yang in the kidney often affects the lungs, and the diseased qi of the kidney can dry the lungs, causing the lungs to become depleted and cause coughing. Therefore, “Suwen·Cough Theory” has five internal organs and six internal organs that make people feel Cough, not the lung alone”. It shows that the occurrence of cough is not only closely related to the lungs, but also related to multiple organs. Among them, those who cough due to kidney disease and lung gold are called renal cough. Such as Zhao Xian can think : “If the kidney is affected by evil, the lung will benefit the disease. “The theory of Confucianism, Cough Divided into Six Qi, Do Not Constrained by Cold” also pointed out: “Those who cough and bother injustice have the inverse of kidney qi.” “Coughing is not only related to the lungs, but also closely connected to the kidneys. The kidney vein runs through the spine and the back, connecting the liver, spleen and lungs. “Lingshu·Benzhu” says: “Shaoyin belongs to the kidney, and the kidney connects to the lung. “The kidney and the lung meridians are connected and closely related. In terms of function, the kidney governs the absorption of qi, and the lung is responsible for breathing. The kidney is the root of qi, and the lung is the master of qi. If the two functions are coordinated, breathing is normal. Because the lung and kidney are physiologically They are closely related, and they will inevitably influence each other pathologically. “Yiguan·Cough On Treatment” pointed out: “The golden qi of the lungs is hidden in the kidney water when lying at night. Now because the lungs are affected by the evil of the heart and fire, they want to avoid them. In the water, but the kidney water is not dry, there is no room for fire, so the disease reappears. “Therefore, kidney disease can affect the lungs and cause coughing. From a clinical point of view, the occurrence of renal cough is mostly due to poor congenital endowment and uncontrollable cravings, such as excessive drinking, early marriage of young people, excessive fatigue, or serious illness after long illness. Loss of nourishment will result in the depletion of the essence and qi of the kidneys. 1. Lung-Kidney Yin Deficiency The formation of this syndrome is mostly caused by long-term illness and loss of lung yin, or excessive sweating or long-term love of evil heat in the lungs and damage to lung yin. It is caused by the kidney. “Medical Commentary Cough” says: “The deficiency of lung gold is mostly caused by the depletion of kidney water, and the kidney and lung are the respiration of the child and mother, and the gold and water regenerate. If the yin is damaged by the lower, the yang is lonely on the upper , Lung is suffering from dryness, and cough is endless. Although cough is in the lungs, it is actually in the kidneys. “Due to the deficiency of kidney yin in the lower part, the lung gold is lost to moisturize, the lung fluid is insufficient, the dryness and heat endogenously, the lungs are inactive, and the qi is reversed, resulting in coughing. 2. Yin deficiency and fire are mostly caused by old kidneys. Deficiency, or fatigue to hurt the kidney, or chronic kidney deficiency, insufficient kidney yin to restrict the heart fire, and heart fire offends the lungs. The “Roche Meeting Doctor Mirror” says: “The left kidney is water, and the natural essence is also; right; The kidney is fire, and the innate Yuanyang is also… because water deficiency cannot be matched with fire, and virtual fire is inflamed. “It can be caused by excessive exertion, damage to yin essence, or due to yin and body loss after febrile disease. For example, “Ming Yi Zazha·Luocha” pointed out: “Men’s lust is excessive and damages essence after twenties. Blood will cause yin deficiency and fire, night sweats during sleep, and fever in the afternoon…..Even cough and salivary blood. Cough is not only related to the lungs, but also closely related to the kidneys. Due to loss of kidney yin, deficiency of fire, inflammation, burns of lung yin, loss of lung moisturization, upset lung qi, and coughing 3. Lung and kidney qi deficiency, excessive strain, and vitality after illness Unrecovered, or chronic cough, chronic asthma and damage to lung and kidney vitality; or due to kidney deficiency, the metaplasia of qi is insufficient, so that the main qi of the lungs and the function of receiving qi of the kidneys are weakened, and cough is seen, and it is often accompanied by shortness of breath and asthma 4. The deficiency of yang and the excess temperature of kidney yang, the lungs are not cold. If the kidney yang is weak, the life gate is weakened, and the qi is not good enough, the water will stop inwardly, and the phlegm will be used to drink, and the lung will be attacked by the upper rebellion, resulting in coughing, spitting, and thin phlegm. This syndrome is mostly caused by old age and weakness, or chronic cough and asthma, which damages the kidney yang. Deficiency of kidney yang, qi does not transform water, and flooding of water evils may be accompanied by edema of limbs. “Suwen·Ni Tiao Lun” says: “The kidney is dirty, the body fluid is the main body, and the main sleeper and asthma.” “Cough Theory” also said: “Kidney cough, cough will cause pain in the back and back, and even cough salivation… If the kidney cough is endless, the bladder will be affected, the bladder will be coughed, and the bladder will be coughed and drowning.” Kidney cough has four basic symptoms: shortness of breath, inability to lie down, back pain, drowning, and salivation. Because kidney deficiency is nothing more than yin and yang, the symptoms of cough are twofold: people with kidney yin deficiency mostly have dry cough and little sputum, and people with kidney yang deficiency usually cough, vomit, thin sputum or salivary foam. The disease location of renal cough is mainly kidney and related to lung and kidney. Lung and kidney are closely related in physiology and influence each other in pathology. Generally speaking, patients who cough and wheeze for a long time, the poor will reach the kidneys, the kidney qi is impaired, and they can’t take in the breath and cough. Or cough, spit, salivation, white and thin, or cold limbs, a phenomenon of deficiency and coldness in the lungs and kidneys. The kidney is pre-existing, involving the lungs, and can also cause cough. This cough is often prolonged with repeated kidney disease

Kidney nourishment has no effect, come and see if you are good?

&nbsp.&nbsp.Many people suspect that they have kidney deficiency and will take some tonics or kidney-tonifying foods. The strange thing is that they have eaten a lot and spent a lot of money, but they have no effect. The most likely reason is that you have not made up for it. Kidney deficiency, as a traditional Chinese medicine concept, is actually divided into many types. You can’t take any kidney medicine. Kidney deficiency has differences in Yang deficiency, Yin deficiency, Qi deficiency, and essence deficiency. Tonifying the kidney has the difference of nourishing kidney yang, nourishing kidney yin, nourishing kidney qi, and replenishing kidney essence. Only by correcting the kidney can the symptoms and signs of kidney deficiency be improved. Nowadays, nourishing the kidney and keeping in good health are often misunderstood. Some people abuse the kidney and yang drugs for quick effects, but purely using aphrodisiacs can easily damage the kidney yin, resulting in sores in the mouth and tongue, bleeding in the nose and mouth, and patients with high blood pressure are also likely to induce cerebrovascular disease. Some people often take medicine that nourishes kidney yin for health preservation, and if kidney yin is overdone, it will damage kidney yang and make yin and yang out of balance. Many people have some misunderstandings about kidney deficiency: 1. As long as it is kidney deficiency, eat whatever has the effect of nourishing the kidney. In fact, it should not be like this. Chinese medicine divides kidney deficiency into kidney-yang deficiency, kidney-yin deficiency, kidney-qi deficiency, and kidney-essence deficiency. Therefore, before invigorating the kidney, we must first identify what needs to be supplemented and choose a suitable kidney medicine. For example, it is obvious that the kidney yin is deficiency, but taking aphrodisiac medicine will only make the deficiency worse and the situation will become more serious. &nbsp.Second, nourishing kidney is impotence, this is a wrong concept. Chinese medicine for invigorating the kidney covers many aspects, including reproduction, urinary, nerve, bone, endocrine and so on. Reproductive function decline is just one symptom. &nbsp. Third, women do not need to invigorate the kidney, on the contrary, if the female kidney-yang deficiency, they need to invigorate the kidney. The proportion of women with kidney-yang deficiency is higher. Regulating and invigorating kidney-yang deficiency can improve female physique and improve symptoms. &nbsp.&nbsp.How to invigorate the kidney is correct? A big principle for nourishing the kidney: The emphasis is on balancing yin and yang. Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the harmony of qi and blood and the harmony of yin and yang. To make up, first use to determine whether one is kidney deficiency. If the kidneys are healthy, and blindly tonic, it will only break the balance of Yin and Yang in the body. Therefore, the replenishment should have a clear pertinence and should be considered from adjusting the balance of yin and yang of the human body, and should not artificially destroy the balance of yin and yang of the body.