Type 2 diabetes, how much blood sugar is safer after meals? How effective is Chinese medicine?

7.8 is the ideal control value for blood glucose after a meal. If judged by doctors, Chinese medicine and regular lifestyle habits may even curb the development of diabetes. [Traditional Chinese Medicine] It must be personalized, because patients cannot be standardized. There are many common clinical types, including spleen deficiency, kidney yin deficiency, kidney yin deficiency, spleen and kidney yang deficiency, qi stagnation and blood stasis, etc. The above syndromes can also be combined, combined with physical fitness, and more complicated. A single hypoglycemic agent may not be effective and long-term physical fitness Unable to adjust, under the action of western medicine, it will cause unexpected harm to the body. [Traditional Chinese Medicine Method] The method of Chinese medicine is multi-dimensional, and the treatment of diabetes requires dimensionality reduction. “Moreover wins less” is the idea of ​​Chinese medicine. “More” refers to multiple methods, and “less” refers to reducing the risk of diabetes complications. [Healthy lifestyle] On the basis of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, dietetic medicated diet is a very good supplement and must be used under the guidance of a doctor. For example, some commonly used ingredients should not be combined without authorization. Medicine is like using soldiers. These “soldiers” cannot be controlled without a doctor. For example, Pueraria lobata, itself is no problem, ta’s “hypoglycemic” effect is through the “Weiwei Jiuzhao” under the theory of Chinese medicine, not directly lowering blood sugar like insulin. [Diet and living quarters of Chinese medicine] For example, frequent cleaning, frequent ventilation, larger home space, etc. These Chinese habits are suitable for most Chinese people. One side, the other side.

The kidney is good, everything is good, the kidney is bad

The kidney has three main functions: one is to store essence, the other is to hold qi, and the third is to produce bone marrow. That is to say, the kidney is responsible for the growth of bones, and the birth is the marrow. According to the ancient Chinese medicine “Huang Di Neijing”, the marrow is divided into brain marrow, bone marrow and spinal cord. Bone marrow is used for hematopoiesis. Bone marrow deficiency is due to insufficient kidney essence and kidney qi. The kidneys decide whether the body is good or bad! Kidney is not good before aging! The kidney is good, everything is good, the kidney is bad, and the disease is full of kidney deficiency. It is a general term. It is mainly divided into kidney yang deficiency and kidney yin deficiency. These two symptoms are different. Patients with kidney yang deficiency are afraid of cold and edema, cold and pain in the waist and legs, frequent urination, chronic diarrhea accompanied by sexual dysfunction, impotence, nocturnal emission, and premature ejaculation. Patients with kidney yin deficiency are mainly haggard, sore back, and weakness of lower limbs. Diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, cerebral thrombosis, uremia, renal failure, etc. are all complications of nephropathy caused by the late stage of kidney deficiency. In the early stage, they only felt a bit of kidney deficiency. Most people think they are not sick and will not pay attention, so they ignore The maintenance of the kidneys. As everyone knows, nourishing the kidneys, in fact, is often supporting their own lives! The following three, beware, your kidneys may have developed symptoms of weakness. Symptoms of kidney deficiency in men 1. Excessive sexual intercourse When you are in bed with your girlfriend or wife, “please do not think of Shu” Kidney deficiency phenomena such as forgetfulness, backache and so on! If this balance is broken, men will develop impotence, premature ejaculation, synovial fluid, semen disease and other diseases. 2. Hair loss and gray-haired mental workers have been under high pressure for a long time, and have no time to take care of exercise. In addition, the imbalanced diet causes weak kidney qi and weak blood and qi. Both are causes of gray hair. If the hair turns white or the kidney qi is weak, . 3. Backache and backache Chinese medicine believes that “the waist is the palace of the kidneys”, and kidney deficiency can be reflected as backache, which is characterized by painful pain after fatigue! Low back pain is basically due to kidney deficiency, chronic illness, or excessive fatigue. Long-term work in the same fixed posture (using a computer, driving, etc.) will damage kidney qi over time, resulting in insufficient kidney essence. 4. When the fatigued kidney function is not good, many wastes are difficult to be excreted from the urine, and there will be feelings of lack of energy, fatigue, fatigue, etc. Kidney disease, protein and other nutrients leak from the kidneys, and excreted through the urine, there will be boring performance. 5. Loss of appetite does not want to eat, anorexia, or even nausea, vomiting, is also a common symptom of kidney disease. Some patients always go to the Department of Gastroenterology or Hepatology first to see if they have stomach or liver disease. If they don’t have stomach or liver disease, they leave it alone and forget to see a nephrologist, which delays their condition. Many women think that kidney deficiency is only a man’s business. Kidney repair is a man’s patent. If you often have pain in your lower back, you may find that your face is dull, dark circles around your eyes, and lack of luster after removing makeup. This may be the cause of kidney deficiency. The kidneys are good, everything is good, the kidneys are not good, the symptoms of kidney deficiency in women with a variety of diseases 1, hair loss, a lot of hair on the pillow when you wake up in the morning. The woman’s breasts began to sag, and fat accumulation in the waist and abdomen. 2. Insufficiency of blood and energy, he looks dauntless and yellow every day. He doesn’t dare to go out without makeup. He has dry skin, dying hair, dry and cracked nails, dizzy eyesight, numbness of hands and feet, tiredness, insomnia, dreaminess, forgetfulness, palpitation, and trance. Kidney deficiency causes qi and blood to fail to function properly. 3. Decreased sexual performance Your husband clearly expressed sexual requirements for you, but you often feel exhausted and have no desire. The husband even suspects that you have an affair. Teacher Zhelong 4. Urinary problems: I often get up at night. I have frequent urination during the day (deficiency of kidney yang) or symptoms of low urine volume (deficiency of kidney yin). 5. Insomnia often can’t sleep at night, even if asleep, and always dreaming, the quality is very bad. 6. The memory has dropped. What I thought about yesterday is not remembered today. Teacher Zhelong 7. Irregular menstruation Irregular menstruation, often pushed back or more than a week in advance, menstrual leak, menstrual period is long, the amount is small but dripping, even leading to infertility. 8. The waist and knees are sore and stooped for a long time or a little exercise will feel backache; a little standing time will feel leg pain. 9. Dark circles and bags under the eyes wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and find that your eyes become fisheyes, and there are terrible bags under your eyes and dark circles. You often feel pain in your eyes, and your eyes are dazzled. There is no longer a bright sense of seeing things. Kidney is good, everything is good, kidney is bad

Kidney deficiency may cause hair loss, but hair loss is not necessarily due to kidney deficiency

The sky full of kidney tonic ads has already conveyed the concept of kidney deficiency to everyone. In fact, kidney deficiency is a term with Chinese characteristics. Looking at the world’s medicine, only Chinese medicine discovered the relationship between the organ of the kidney and the metabolism. Although the kidney function can be self-regulated, it is also very susceptible to the influence of lifestyle habits and other diseases. For example, the main cause of “kidney deficiency” in young people is excessive fatigue and excessive stay up late. These excessive behaviors will cause the body There is no buffer time for self-healing, which in turn leads to weakened kidney function. The main symptoms of kidney-yin deficiency are backache, dryness, night sweats, sweating, and dizziness. The severe external manifestations of kidney-yin deficiency are characterized by poor hair quality, hair loss, and zygomatic flushing. However, although kidney deficiency may cause hair loss, this method of hair loss exists on the top of the entire head and will not be limited to a certain area. Before the hair loss, it will be accompanied by the deterioration of the entire hair quality, and there are obvious signs. Sex. In contrast, most of the current hair loss, the hair loss status is continuous and the hair loss area is fixed, the body does not have obvious characteristics of kidney yin deficiency, this is the difference between male hair loss and kidney deficiency hair loss, hair loss is not necessarily all The source of kidney deficiency. The typical feature of male hair loss is the fixation of the hair loss area. The males are generally at the frontal angle, the top of the head, and the hairline, and the females are mostly at the center of the hair at the top of the head; The most important thing is that most people with androgenesis do not have the morbid characteristics described by kidney deficiency. The reason for this is that androgenesis is a hereditary type of hair loss. In hair follicle cells carrying androgenes, the formation of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) after the reduction of androgen affects the health of hair follicle cells through metabolic behavior, which in turn causes the inactivation and shrinkage of hair follicle cells, and ultimately the ability to grow hair. And this damage is a continuous one, as long as the presence of dihydrotestosterone in the hair follicle cells, the health of the hair follicle cells will always be affected. In addition, compared with the physical weakness caused by kidney deficiency, most of the males in the androgenetic group do not have these characteristics. On the contrary, because of the slightly higher levels of male hormones in the body, they will be slightly more energetic than normal people. An evolutionary advantage of the body is just not very aesthetic in today’s world. The correct treatment method for androgenesis is clearly that there are only two drugs and one operation. The two drugs are minoxidil and finasteride, which are familiar to many hair friends. The surgery is only hair transplantation. There is no example of curing orgasm through the kidney. But it is not that hair loss is not due to kidney deficiency, so you don’t need to pay attention. In fact, some hair friends are mixed types of hair loss, which is male and male, but because of poor living habits or other life reasons, the body is in a similar Kidney deficiency is not a state of kidney deficiency, which in turn accelerates the development of androgenesis. However, this state can be fully recovered through lifestyle adjustments. There is no need to use various so-called kidney remedies for conditioning, timely hair follicle detection, and the use of correct medical treatment for androgen, which can completely affect the health of the body. Full hair is restored. Therefore, based on maintaining good living habits and correct medical methods as the main method, it is the right way to treat the detachment.

7 criteria for identifying whether a woman has kidney deficiency

Symptom 1: Advance menopause This is the most concern of all women. The so-called menopause, without further explanation, is a female physiological transition that cannot be changed by God. Most women appear to be menopausal around 50 years old, while women with “kidney deficiency” show menopausal symptoms such as amenorrhea, low libido, irritability, anxiety, and suspiciousness. Symptom analysis: Chinese medicine believes that the essence of deficiency is aging. People with “kidney deficiency” who have been injured for a long time are aging faster. Modern epidemiological investigations have also found that elderly people often have kidney deficiency. Speaking of which, it is clear that the kidney is the congenital basis, the physical age of people with kidney deficiency increases rapidly, and the symptoms of menopause appear earlier. Remedy: Rest is very important, and of course you should exercise more. It’s not asking you to do anaerobic exercise that consumes a lot of energy, or aerobic exercise that tests endurance, but it is a gentle, peaceful traditional exercise method-Tai Chi. This exercise uses the waist as the hub, because the kidney is located in the waist, so it is very suitable for those with kidney deficiency. I believe that after this long-lost slow-paced trick, there will be your health and beauty. Symptom 2: Puffy eyelids, increased dark circles, and pale complexion. Many women look up in the mirror after waking up in the morning, and they will find a completely strange self: puffy eyelids (sometimes reaching the lower limbs, I don’t know if you noticed), ugly black. Eye circles, pale and dull. Don’t simply think it’s because you don’t have makeup, so you don’t look used to it! Now remind you that the reason may still be kidney deficiency. Symptom analysis: kidney is the main water, kidney deficiency is unfavorable for water metabolism, causing edema, and the eyelid is the most easily found part. As for dark circles and pale dullness, it is due to kidney deficiency that causes blood circulation problems. Remedy: Drink less water before going to bed, you can do strong kidney exercises: feet are parallel, shoulder width is the same as shoulder width, eyes are looking straight up, arms are drooping naturally, palms are stuck to the seam of the pants, fingers are open naturally, heels are lifted, continuous Breathe 9 times without falling to the ground. Symptom 3: Whether people in the office who are afraid of cold and cold feel the right temperature will always make you tremble, making it difficult for you and your colleagues to agree on the temperature of the air conditioner. And whether you always wear more clothes than others, and whether you diarrhea when you get cold. Chinese medicine believes that these are caused by kidney-yang deficiency. Symptom analysis: As recorded in “Lingshu·Hundred Diseases”, kidney deficiency is cold. Clinical studies have found that people with kidney deficiency have hyperparasympathetic nerves, resulting in slow heartbeat, blood pressure, and low basal body temperature. Remedy: You can pay attention to choose mutton, dog meat, beef, leek, chili, onion, ginger, longan and other foods that warm the kidney and yang in the daily diet. These are the favorite of the kidney in the state of yang deficiency. Symptom 4: Women who suffer from insomnia, dry heat, and difficulty concentrating are likely to be irritable, have difficulty concentrating, and often suffer from insomnia and dreaming. In addition, the waist and knees often feel sore. (Deficiency of kidney yin and deficiency of kidney yang, one cold and one heat, no matter which one it takes, is enough to cause a big headache. Symptom analysis: deficiency of kidney yin is false and internal disturbance, it makes people irritable. At night, yin qi cannot be admired, which leads to Insomnia, dreaminess. In addition, the deficiency of yin deficiency leads to bone infertility, so people with kidney and yin deficiency often feel the waist and knees sore. Remedy: huge work pressure, nervous mood, excessive sex, or eating a lot of warm and dry After food, kidney yin deficiency may occur, so daily life must be restrained. In addition, you can eat more duck meat, soft-shelled turtle, lotus root, lotus seed, lily, wolfberry, fungus, grape, mulberry and other foods in your diet. There is no need to worry about being unable to sleep at night, and delaying work because of inability to concentrate. Symptom 5: Infertility, infertility and unbelief? Due to uncooperative kidneys, it is very likely to affect your lineage generation and cause infertility! Symptom Analysis : Chinese medicine believes that “kidney essence” is the main reproductive development. The female reproductive system gradually matures under the care of essence. If the kidney essence is insufficient, it will affect the reproductive ability. If you do not take good care, your birth plan may be I really want to make a big question mark. Remedy: You can take Liuwei Dihuang Pills under the guidance of professionals. Chinese medicine believes that the feet are the place where the body’s turbid gas declines. It is often rubbed to benefit the kidneys and prevent premature aging. In addition, it causes kidney deficiency Insomnia, lower back pain, etc. also have a certain effect. Symptom 6: Fatty is not fat? This is almost every woman who has to ask her questions repeatedly in the face of the dressing mirror, but few people will associate body fat with kidney deficiency. Oneself

Kidney deficiency, can’t eat tonics indiscriminately!

Kidney deficiency, can’t eat tonics indiscriminately! Spermatorrhea belongs to kidney yin deficiency, and impotence belongs to kidney yang deficiency. Do you know? The performance of kidney yang deficiency: the waist and knees are sore and painful, cold and cold limbs, especially the lower limbs, or male impotence, female palace infertility; or prolonged bowel discharge, Wuxian diarrhea; or edema, lower waist Very much, palpitations and coughing. The tongue is pale, fat and white, and the pulse is weak. Treatment: Jinguishenqi pills. Symptoms of kidney yin deficiency: waist and knee pain, dizziness and tinnitus, insomnia and dreams, men’s spermatorrhea and premature ejaculation, women’s menorrhagia and amenorrhea, or seeing alopecia, weight loss, hot flashes and night sweats, five upset and hot, dry throat and zygote The stool is dry, the tongue is red, and the pulse is counted. Treatment: Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, Zuo Gui Wan.