Five small daily symptoms, you can see whether the male is kidney deficiency

Kidney deficiency refers to the deficiency of kidney essence, yin and yang, and there are many types, among which the most common are kidney yin deficiency and kidney yang deficiency. The symptoms of kidney-yang deficiency are backache, cold limbs, chills, and even edema, which are “cold” symptoms. Poor sexual function can also lead to kidney-yang deficiency; the symptoms of kidney-yin deficiency are “hot”, mainly including Backache, dry heat, night sweats, sweating, dizziness, tinnitus, etc. &nbsp. When a person suffers from kidney deficiency, whether kidney yin deficiency or kidney yang deficiency, will lead to a decrease in the person’s immune capacity, the treatment of kidney deficiency should be combined with prevention and treatment. &nbsp.1.&nbsp.Yawning frequently: Yawning is a common physiological phenomenon, yawning when the body is tired and lazy, or when there is not enough sleep. But if you yawn frequently regardless of time period, you must pay attention, because this is a manifestation of kidney deficiency. In addition to mental fatigue, people who yawn again and again often have cold limbs, increased nocturia, and swelling of the abdomen due to lack of food. They need to be alert to kidney health problems. &nbsp.2.&nbsp. Salty mouth: Nothing to eat, but there is a salty bitter taste in the mouth, which is a sign of kidney deficiency. People with salty mouth usually have symptoms such as dry throat, dizziness, tinnitus, waist and knees, five upset and hot, insomnia and dreaminess. If you look at your tongue, you will also find red tongue and thin tongue coating. &Nbsp.3.&nbsp. Unreasonable panic: Kidney deficiency can cause good fear, and it is also accompanied by forgetfulness, blank brain, back pain, knee pain, upset and insomnia. &nbsp.4.&nbsp. Fear of cold: Traditional Chinese medicine believes that if the human body has sufficient Yang Qi, it can resist the cold and maintain the body temperature without feeling cold. On the contrary, if the Yang Qi is weak, you will be afraid of the cold. Cold hands and feet. The kidneys happen to be the source of Yang Qi and the energy source of the human body. The treatment of all types of chills involves the problem of warming the kidney yang. Chills caused by kidney-yang deficiency are often accompanied by symptoms such as lack of energy, aches and weakness in the waist and knees. In addition, if a man has kidney deficiency, he will have premature ejaculation and slippery sperm. &nbsp.5.&nbsp.White nails: As the end of the human body, nails can usually reflect many situations. If the part above the half-moon mark is ruddy and full, it means that the body’s blood is sufficient and can fill the end, but if the nail Pale color and white spots, which must represent kidney deficiency.

Kidney nourishment has no effect, come and see if you are good?

&nbsp.&nbsp.Many people suspect that they have kidney deficiency and will take some tonics or kidney-tonifying foods. The strange thing is that they have eaten a lot and spent a lot of money, but they have no effect. The most likely reason is that you have not made up for it. Kidney deficiency, as a traditional Chinese medicine concept, is actually divided into many types. You can’t take any kidney medicine. Kidney deficiency has differences in Yang deficiency, Yin deficiency, Qi deficiency, and essence deficiency. Tonifying the kidney has the difference of nourishing kidney yang, nourishing kidney yin, nourishing kidney qi, and replenishing kidney essence. Only by correcting the kidney can the symptoms and signs of kidney deficiency be improved. Nowadays, nourishing the kidney and keeping in good health are often misunderstood. Some people abuse the kidney and yang drugs for quick effects, but purely using aphrodisiacs can easily damage the kidney yin, resulting in sores in the mouth and tongue, bleeding in the nose and mouth, and patients with high blood pressure are also likely to induce cerebrovascular disease. Some people often take medicine that nourishes kidney yin for health preservation, and if kidney yin is overdone, it will damage kidney yang and make yin and yang out of balance. Many people have some misunderstandings about kidney deficiency: 1. As long as it is kidney deficiency, eat whatever has the effect of nourishing the kidney. In fact, it should not be like this. Chinese medicine divides kidney deficiency into kidney-yang deficiency, kidney-yin deficiency, kidney-qi deficiency, and kidney-essence deficiency. Therefore, before invigorating the kidney, we must first identify what needs to be supplemented and choose a suitable kidney medicine. For example, it is obvious that the kidney yin is deficiency, but taking aphrodisiac medicine will only make the deficiency worse and the situation will become more serious. &nbsp.Second, nourishing kidney is impotence, this is a wrong concept. Chinese medicine for invigorating the kidney covers many aspects, including reproduction, urinary, nerve, bone, endocrine and so on. Reproductive function decline is just one symptom. &nbsp. Third, women do not need to invigorate the kidney, on the contrary, if the female kidney-yang deficiency, they need to invigorate the kidney. The proportion of women with kidney-yang deficiency is higher. Regulating and invigorating kidney-yang deficiency can improve female physique and improve symptoms. &nbsp.&nbsp.How to invigorate the kidney is correct? A big principle for nourishing the kidney: The emphasis is on balancing yin and yang. Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the harmony of qi and blood and the harmony of yin and yang. To make up, first use to determine whether one is kidney deficiency. If the kidneys are healthy, and blindly tonic, it will only break the balance of Yin and Yang in the body. Therefore, the replenishment should have a clear pertinence and should be considered from adjusting the balance of yin and yang of the human body, and should not artificially destroy the balance of yin and yang of the body.

Man sissy? Lack of Yang Qi? Beware of these hazards

If a man lacks yang energy, he will have a sissy tone when speaking, and some more feminine movements will appear. Although this is a superficial phenomenon, it has not been properly regulated, and it can also cause health problems such as kidney yang deficiency, affecting the heart and lungs, prone to liver cirrhosis, and causing digestive tract discomfort. 1. Deficiency of kidney yang is a syndrome that occurs in the kidneys and is a symptom of insufficient kidney yang. We all know that everything is divided into yin and yang, and the kidneys are also divided into yin and yang. If it is weak, there will be symptoms of weakness such as fear of cold and cold limbs, and men may also experience dysfunction. Once these symptoms of kidney yang deficiency occur, male friends should take care of them in time, no matter how busy they are, so as not to aggravate the symptoms. 2. Insufficiency of Yang Qi in the heart and lungs will not only cause changes in the tone, but also have a response to the individual’s heart and lungs. Especially after strenuous exercise. Compared with other people, you are prone to chest tightness, shortness of breath, emotional irritability, and even chest pain. This is a symptom that can be felt intuitively, so when you have these conditions, you should pay attention to whether your body is in a sub-healthy state with insufficient Yang Qi. 3. Liver cirrhosis can cause liver disease due to insufficient Yang Qi, so long-term failure to regulate it may cause liver damage, such as stagnation of liver qi in the body and blockage of the liver, resulting in poor blood vessel circulation in the liver and eventually cirrhosis. Needless to say how terrible this disease is, if it is not treated in time, it will transform into liver cancer. At that time, it will be more than just recuperating to restore the body. So male friends don’t think that lack of yang is a trivial matter. 4. Discomfort in the digestive tract. Many people with insufficient Yang Qi still have diarrhea in normal times, which is mainly caused by the degradation of digestive ability. Even with many delicious things in front of me, I don’t feel much appetite. Even after eating some spicy food, the stomach and intestines will respond immediately, such as bloating and abdominal pain, or even pain. If you do not pay attention to improvement and adjustment, it will affect the intake of nutrients. What to do if a man lacks Yang Qi? 1. Exercise more for men with insufficient yang energy. It is recommended to do more outdoor exercises at ordinary times to improve the yang energy in the body and achieve the effect of nourishing yang. Especially for some men with insufficient Yang Qi in their bodies, if they often do some soothing exercises in their daily life, they can effectively activate the blood and meridians of the body. At this time, it can also help the body regulate the internal organs. It can help men improve yang energy to a certain extent. At the same time, regular exercise can also effectively enhance a person’s physique and reduce the occurrence of various diseases. Therefore, it is a very good way to keep on exercising. 2. Diet and yang patients need to avoid food, and never eat greasy cold food to avoid aggravation of clinical symptoms. You can eat more leeks, spinach, mutton, beef, red dates, etc. in your daily life. These foods can effectively warm the human body. Therefore, regular consumption of these foods can effectively help men replenish the yang energy in the body, enhance the person’s ability to resist cold, and prevent the occurrence of various diseases. If you continue to eat for a period of time, the yang energy in the body will become more and more sufficient. . Men with insufficient Yang Qi usually have low immunity and are prone to various diseases. Lao Zong suggests that after the symptoms of insufficient Yang Qi appear, please choose some old Chinese medicine treatment, strengthen exercise, and pay attention to diet!

The kidney is good, everything is good, the kidney is bad

The kidney has three main functions: one is to store essence, the other is to hold qi, and the third is to produce bone marrow. That is to say, the kidney is responsible for the growth of bones, and the birth is the marrow. According to the ancient Chinese medicine “Huang Di Neijing”, the marrow is divided into brain marrow, bone marrow and spinal cord. Bone marrow is used for hematopoiesis. Bone marrow deficiency is due to insufficient kidney essence and kidney qi. The kidneys decide whether the body is good or bad! Kidney is not good before aging! The kidney is good, everything is good, the kidney is bad, and the disease is full of kidney deficiency. It is a general term. It is mainly divided into kidney yang deficiency and kidney yin deficiency. These two symptoms are different. Patients with kidney yang deficiency are afraid of cold and edema, cold and pain in the waist and legs, frequent urination, chronic diarrhea accompanied by sexual dysfunction, impotence, nocturnal emission, and premature ejaculation. Patients with kidney yin deficiency are mainly haggard, sore back, and weakness of lower limbs. Diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, cerebral thrombosis, uremia, renal failure, etc. are all complications of nephropathy caused by the late stage of kidney deficiency. In the early stage, they only felt a bit of kidney deficiency. Most people think they are not sick and will not pay attention, so they ignore The maintenance of the kidneys. As everyone knows, nourishing the kidneys, in fact, is often supporting their own lives! The following three, beware, your kidneys may have developed symptoms of weakness. Symptoms of kidney deficiency in men 1. Excessive sexual intercourse When you are in bed with your girlfriend or wife, “please do not think of Shu” Kidney deficiency phenomena such as forgetfulness, backache and so on! If this balance is broken, men will develop impotence, premature ejaculation, synovial fluid, semen disease and other diseases. 2. Hair loss and gray-haired mental workers have been under high pressure for a long time, and have no time to take care of exercise. In addition, the imbalanced diet causes weak kidney qi and weak blood and qi. Both are causes of gray hair. If the hair turns white or the kidney qi is weak, . 3. Backache and backache Chinese medicine believes that “the waist is the palace of the kidneys”, and kidney deficiency can be reflected as backache, which is characterized by painful pain after fatigue! Low back pain is basically due to kidney deficiency, chronic illness, or excessive fatigue. Long-term work in the same fixed posture (using a computer, driving, etc.) will damage kidney qi over time, resulting in insufficient kidney essence. 4. When the fatigued kidney function is not good, many wastes are difficult to be excreted from the urine, and there will be feelings of lack of energy, fatigue, fatigue, etc. Kidney disease, protein and other nutrients leak from the kidneys, and excreted through the urine, there will be boring performance. 5. Loss of appetite does not want to eat, anorexia, or even nausea, vomiting, is also a common symptom of kidney disease. Some patients always go to the Department of Gastroenterology or Hepatology first to see if they have stomach or liver disease. If they don’t have stomach or liver disease, they leave it alone and forget to see a nephrologist, which delays their condition. Many women think that kidney deficiency is only a man’s business. Kidney repair is a man’s patent. If you often have pain in your lower back, you may find that your face is dull, dark circles around your eyes, and lack of luster after removing makeup. This may be the cause of kidney deficiency. The kidneys are good, everything is good, the kidneys are not good, the symptoms of kidney deficiency in women with a variety of diseases 1, hair loss, a lot of hair on the pillow when you wake up in the morning. The woman’s breasts began to sag, and fat accumulation in the waist and abdomen. 2. Insufficiency of blood and energy, he looks dauntless and yellow every day. He doesn’t dare to go out without makeup. He has dry skin, dying hair, dry and cracked nails, dizzy eyesight, numbness of hands and feet, tiredness, insomnia, dreaminess, forgetfulness, palpitation, and trance. Kidney deficiency causes qi and blood to fail to function properly. 3. Decreased sexual performance Your husband clearly expressed sexual requirements for you, but you often feel exhausted and have no desire. The husband even suspects that you have an affair. Teacher Zhelong 4. Urinary problems: I often get up at night. I have frequent urination during the day (deficiency of kidney yang) or symptoms of low urine volume (deficiency of kidney yin). 5. Insomnia often can’t sleep at night, even if asleep, and always dreaming, the quality is very bad. 6. The memory has dropped. What I thought about yesterday is not remembered today. Teacher Zhelong 7. Irregular menstruation Irregular menstruation, often pushed back or more than a week in advance, menstrual leak, menstrual period is long, the amount is small but dripping, even leading to infertility. 8. The waist and knees are sore and stooped for a long time or a little exercise will feel backache; a little standing time will feel leg pain. 9. Dark circles and bags under the eyes wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and find that your eyes become fisheyes, and there are terrible bags under your eyes and dark circles. You often feel pain in your eyes, and your eyes are dazzled. There is no longer a bright sense of seeing things. Kidney is good, everything is good, kidney is bad

Medical knowledge you don’t know

People with Yang deficiency love to sleep and love to sleep, which means that they can fall asleep at any time regardless of the place and location, regardless of occasion, day and night, they can wake up when they wake up, and then fall asleep after waking up. The main pathogenesis is lack of yang. Insufficiency of yang leads to sleepiness, mostly refers to spleen and kidney yang deficiency, manifested as mental fatigue, lethargy. The spleen master is clear, and spleen yang deficiency and clear qi will not let you sleep. In addition, spleen yang deficiency, weakened spleen and stomach luck ability, will also lead to phlegm endogenous, phlegm block the rise of clear air, will appear to be drowsy, with a heavy head. The causes of spleen yang deficiency are mostly due to excessive or too little diet, overwork, and other acute and chronic diseases that consume spleen and lead to the development of spleen qi deficiency, or excessive eating and cold can also cause spleen yang deficiency. Kidney yang deficiency will be manifested by low body function, yang weakness and invigoration, mental depression and sleepiness. The cause of kidney yang deficiency is mostly due to the fact that it is due to yang deficiency, or long-term injury to the kidney, and excessive labor. Yang deficiency constitution is mainly characterized by chills and colds, cold hands and feet. The muscles are soft and unreliable, and the character is quiet and introverted. Regarding treatment, “Rhythm Candles of Miscellaneous Diseases” summarizes very systematically. “Weight may be floating and sleepy, wet is also good. Yipingweisan plus windproof and Atractylodes. The food side is already sleepy and weak, and the temper is weak… The common name is drunk, Yiliuzitang plus hawthorn, divine song, malt. Limbs are more lazy Sleeping, weak breath, Yirenshen Yiqi soup.”

Kidney deficiency, can’t eat tonics indiscriminately!

Kidney deficiency, can’t eat tonics indiscriminately! Spermatorrhea belongs to kidney yin deficiency, and impotence belongs to kidney yang deficiency. Do you know? The performance of kidney yang deficiency: the waist and knees are sore and painful, cold and cold limbs, especially the lower limbs, or male impotence, female palace infertility; or prolonged bowel discharge, Wuxian diarrhea; or edema, lower waist Very much, palpitations and coughing. The tongue is pale, fat and white, and the pulse is weak. Treatment: Jinguishenqi pills. Symptoms of kidney yin deficiency: waist and knee pain, dizziness and tinnitus, insomnia and dreams, men’s spermatorrhea and premature ejaculation, women’s menorrhagia and amenorrhea, or seeing alopecia, weight loss, hot flashes and night sweats, five upset and hot, dry throat and zygote The stool is dry, the tongue is red, and the pulse is counted. Treatment: Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, Zuo Gui Wan.