“Kidney” does not mean kidney protection

Many people think that Chinese medicine has no toxic and side effects. In fact, the toxic and side effects of Chinese medicine are small. One is that it is not purified after all. Even if it is, it is very small. The other reason is that Chinese medicine should be used under the guidance of Chinese medicine theory. If it is used, it can indeed be matched to reduce the toxicity to a minimum, and it can even attack the poison with poison. 1. What is the relationship between the “kidney deficiency” of traditional Chinese medicine and the “nephropathy” of western medicine? “Kidney deficiency” is the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, and “kidney disease” is the concept of western medicine. These two concepts are completely different, and there is no necessary connection. The “Kidney Deficiency” of TCM is a comprehensive summary of the physical condition of TCM. It not only involves the kidney as an organ. If any organ has a problem and develops to a certain degree, the “Kidney Deficiency” that Chinese medicine says will appear, so the typical symptoms of kidney deficiency Yes: waist and knees are sore, hair loss and white hair, sexual function is reduced, etc… And “kidney disease”, which is the kidney of our waist minister, has a problem, it can be developed because of “glomerulonephritis”, it can also be The so-called “hypertensive nephropathy”, which is caused by the increase of high blood pressure, is now the most common development of diabetes, called “diabetic nephropathy”. First, because of the high incidence of diabetes, it is the disease with the highest incidence in China. At the same time, people are Not paying attention, especially when it “does not affect eating and drinking”, simple high blood sugar, because of no symptoms, it is easy to be ignored by people, but kidney function is in this kind of asymptomatic, it is continuously damaged until it reduces and even fails. Even people who do not understand medicine are particularly worried about kidney injury. For example, it is common to refuse to take medicine as prescribed by doctors because of fear of kidney injury. In fact, the severity of kidney damage caused by diabetes is much greater than those allowed to market through pharmacological research. It can be said that diabetes is one of the most common kidney diseases among all common diseases. There is a patient, diabetes, not only does not treat, but also not taboo, his theory is that diabetes is starving to death, he can not be a starving ghost. I usually feel good and never take it seriously. As a result, a physical examination revealed that creatinine was high. Although he didn’t feel it, he had severe kidney damage at that time. 2. Do people with “kidney disease” have “kidney deficiency”? People with “kidney disease” may not all have “kidney deficiency”. People with “kidney disease” may cause many different syndromes of traditional Chinese medicine when kidney function declines or even fails. It may be caused by pure kidney damage such as “kidney deficiency”. There is a mixture of virtual and real, even real. I have seen many such examples, especially young and middle-aged men, who have high proteinuria and creatinine, but they are not weak, their tongues are greasy and greasy, and their stools are as dry as sheep’s shit balls. Yes, tonic kidney medicine itself is much warmer, he has heat inside, warmer medicine helps heat more, secondly, tonic kidney medicine is much more greasy, his tongue coating, which indicates that the body is wet and greasy The medicine will be more humid. The medicine I gave him has rhubarb, even raw rhubarb, and the power of diarrhea is heavier. As a result, after the diarrhea, not only the symptoms improved, but the indicators also fell. There is a 23-year-old girl with “lupus nephropathy” caused by lupus erythematosus. When she came at that time, not only kidney failure, but also poor heart function and pericardial effusion, but the tongue coating was very greasy, I did not give the medicine All the kidneys are hot and dry, barley, poria, and the like are very cheap, and the results are very good. Later, she returned to normal. When I talked about this case on TV, she went together. People, if the kidney deficiency is compensated, the situation will even worsen. 3. When should people with “kidney disease” see Chinese medicine? Yesterday, there was a patient with more than a thousand creatinine who came to me. He was a kidney disease caused by diabetes. He had been to Union Hospital and Chaoyang Hospital before. The doctor there asked him He couldn’t accept dialysis. He felt that he was a waste person on dialysis. He had to take Chinese medicine. “Creatinine” is an important indicator to judge renal function. Creatinine is a product of muscle metabolism in the human body. Blood creatinine comes from both exogenous and endogenous sources: exogenous creatinine is the product of meat food after metabolism in the body; endogenous creatinine is the metabolism of muscle tissue in the body Product. When the meat food intake is stable, there is no big change in the body’s muscle metabolism, and the production of creatinine will be relatively constant. Its change is mainly determined by the glomerular filtration ability. If the filtration ability decreases, the creatinine concentration will increase. high. If the creatinine in the blood test is higher than the normal value, most of them mean that the kidney is damaged. The blood creatinine can more accurately reflect the situation of renal parenchyma damage, but