Is kidney repair a compulsory course for middle-aged men?

Under normal circumstances, adult men’s sexual function begins to decline gradually after reaching a sexual peak at around 35 years old. With the increase of age, protecting male reproductive health has become an urgent matter (male health issues, click here for online consultation ) But in fact, “Kidney Deficiency” is mostly caused by psychological pressure. The concept of kidney in TCM is mainly from a functional perspective, covering various tissues and organs such as human reproduction, urinary, nerves, bones, etc. 、 Provide the functions of “vitality” and “primitive power” for life activities. Moreover, regardless of whether “yin deficiency” or “yang deficiency”, the method of blindly replenishing the kidney is also the wrong kidney deficiency points of “kidney deficiency” and “kidney deficiency”. “Yin Deficiency” is manifested as insufficient nutrition and hyperfunction. Because “Xu Huo” causes excessive consumption of substances in the human body and leads to insufficient yin qi, that is, “yang qi” is excessive. Traditional Chinese medicine has always emphasized the balance between the yin and yang of the human body. If the “yin deficiency” is supplemented when the “yin deficiency” is supplemented or vice versa, it will seriously damage the balance of the human body and aggravate the condition (male health problems, click here for online consultation). From the perspective of Western medicine Look, the concept of kidney is just the kidney from the perspective of anatomy. The “virtual” is mainly the result of low function and nutritional deficiencies. Kidney deficiency will show the decline of kidney-related functions such as slow brain, not long, low sexual function, easy to fracture, anemia, unable to hold urine, soft waist and legs, etc. These are also common conditions for middle-aged people, but they cannot be generalized. It is said that any of the above symptoms must be caused by kidney deficiency. Many middle-aged people go to specialized hospitals for help to help solve their sexual dysfunction, and Strongly implies request for kidney. In fact, carefully discussing their condition is mostly caused by psychological pressure. Therefore, in such patients, if there is no primary organic cause, it is not possible to use drugs at will (male health problems, click here for online consultation). In actual life, there are many misunderstandings in kidney supplementation, and many people are not necessary at all. Reinforcing the kidney, fatigue, and age are not the criteria for defining the kidney. Therefore, people who do not need kidney supplements take kidney supplements. Not only can nutrients be supplemented, but they also add to the burden of detoxification. Others think that “people must have kidneys when their spleen and stomach are bad in middle age.” This is inadequate. In addition, “the medicine is a three-point poison.” The medicine for kidney is more harmful to people with bad spleen and stomach. It ca n’t be absorbed, but has side effects. Therefore, men ’s health problems cannot be simply attributed to “Kidney Deficiency” and “Needing Kidney and Aphrodisiac.” In middle age, when they find that their fighting strength is not as good as before, on the one hand, they must adjust their mentality to face positively. In terms of finding the cause of the disease, if it is caused by organic factors, you need to go to a specialist hospital (male health problems, click here for online consultation)